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Manchester Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the United Kingdom in terms of the total number of passengers carried as of 2021. Founded in 1938, the Manchester Airport is located at Manchester M90 1QX, United Kingdom which is just 13.9 km away from Manchester city center.

The total area of this airport covers 1,400 acres which includes two runways and three passenger terminals (T1, T2, T3). In the beginning, this airport was known as the Ringway Airport and still local people use the old name call Manchester Airport. Daily Manchester Airport provides service of over 500 flights to more than 200 destinations worldwide.

Popular airlines that operate flights regularly in Manchester Airports include Aer Lingus, Air Canada, Air France, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Eastern Airways, EasyJet, Emirates, Finnair, Icelandair, KLM, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Ryanair, Saudia, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Vueling, TUI Airways etc and more.

The top three busiest routes from Manchester Airports are Amsterdam Airport, Dubai International Airport & Dublin airport. Each year more than sixty million people travel through Manchester Airport.

To facilitates its busiest passengers, Manchester Airport has free Wi-Fi Facility which is limited to a maximum of four hours. You can enjoy Wi-Fi facility throughout the airport areas. Also at Manchester Airport, you can enjoy premium(paid) Wi-Fi service as per your convenience.

Overview – Manchester Airport

Airport nameManchester Airport
Owned & Operated ByManchester Airport Holdings
Focus City ForAer Lingus UK ,easyJet UK, AirTanker,, Ryanair UK, Ryanair, TUI Airways, Virgin Atlantic
City/StateRingway, Manchester
AddressManchester M90 1QX, United Kingdom
Airport Phone+44 808 169 7030
Social MediaTwitter
WebsiteManchester Airport

Manchester Airport Wi-Fi Service

As one of the busiest airports in England, Manchester Airport provides high-quality Wi-Fi service for free. Wi-Fi service is available throughout the terminals(T1, T2, T3), lounges, runway visitor park and other public gathering areas.

You can use the free Wi-Fi service for up to four hours within twenty-four hours period. The Wi-Fi SSID name of Manchester Airport is ‘_FreeWifi’. You can use any kind of Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices like personal phones, tablets, laptops, and other personal gadgets to connect to this Manchester Airport’s free Wi-Fi.

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Manchester Airport – Wi-Fi Information Detail

Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi is available for 4 hours among 24 hours throughout terminals, runway visitor park, and lounges.
WI-FI ProviderManchester Airport
Hotspot name‘_FreeWifi.’
Manchester Airport Passenger Terminal

Premium Wi-Fi Access At Manchester Airport

At Manchester airport, you can enjoy premium Wi-Fi facility if you need faster Wi-Fi. Premium Wi-Fi service can be used as long as you stay inside the Airport area. This premium Wi-Fi service is 10x faster than the regular free Wi-Fi service.

You can use the premium Wi-Fi service to play uninterrupted games, watch your favorite movies, and stream other online content. The premium Wi-Fi service is available at pay as you go rate. This premium Wi-Fi service can be used anywhere from the airport.

For accessing the premium Manchester Airport Wi-Fi service select the Wi-Fi SSID ‘Spectrum’ or ‘MAG Airports WiFi’ and connect any of these two. After completing the registration process you can purchase your desired premium data plan. These plans are as follows.

£5.00Each Hour
£10.00Each day
£30.00Each Month

Manchester Airport – Electronic Device Charging Facility

At Manchester Airport you can charge your electronic device on various charging ports and power stations available in various seating places in public gathering areas.

Mainly you can find electronic device charging facility in the Terminal 3 arrival area where charging ports and power points available under the table and information desk.

If your problem finding charging points then ask the airport authority or any inside worker. However, you can carry your own power bank to stay safe in case if you don’t have any option of charging your electronic device inside the airport.

Sleeping In Manchester Airport

There are plenty of sleeping places available at Manchester Airport. You will find the most comfortable sleeping place in Terminal 1 airside areas where armrest-free benches and other seating facilities are available. However, in Terminal 3 fewer sleeping facility available compare to Terminal 1.

In terminal 2 you can sleep in various seating places. Plenty of benches are available throughout the terminal areas. Just try to avoid departures level. The Manchester Airport is very noisy and cold too.

So if you are planning to sleep in this airport then don’t forget to bring your sleeping gear like earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, eye mask etc if you want uninterrupted sleeping. Also near Terminals 1 And 2, you will find hotels where you can sleep comfortably.

Other Facilities You can Enjoy At Manchester Airport

Except for free and premium Wi-Fi facility and electronic device charging facilities, you can enjoy these facilities at Manchester Airport.

  • Baby care facilities are available in both Terminals 1,2 & 3.
  • Children’s play area is available at Terminal 2.
  • A breastfeeding facility is available in Terminal 1.
  • Food and drinks facilities are available in Terminal 1 & Terminal 3.
  • Grocery store available for urgent shopping located at the landside area of Terminal 1,2 & 3.
  • Baggage trolleys are available just at  £1 coin or 2 euro coin. Luggage storage is available in Terminals 1 & 2. Rates applicable.
  • Pharmacy is available in Terminals 1 & 2.
  • ATMs are available in all three terminals.
  • Prayer rooms are available for Muslim visitors in Terminals 2 & 3. Christian praying facility is available at Terminal 1.
  • Showers are available in Terminal 2.
  • Spa & Salon services are available in Terminal 1 7 terminal 2.
  • Smoking zone are available in Terminals 1,2,3.
  • Also, you can enjoy take-off and landing scenarios of various planes from Runway Visitor Park. Don’t miss this facility if you do have children with you!

There are many more facilities you can enjoy at Manchester Airport.


Is There Any Wi-Fi Facility Available At Manchester Airport?

Yes, at Manchester Airport you can enjoy Wi-Fi facility.

Is The Manchester Airport Wi-Fi Facility Free?

Manchester Airport provides both free and paid Wi-Fi facility for its visitors.

How Long Can I Use Free Manchester Airport Wi-Fi?

You can use Manchester Airport’s free Wi-Fi service for up to 4 hours and 24 hours.

What Is The Free Wi-Fi SSID Name Of Manchester Airport?

Manchester Airport Wi-Fi SSID Name is  ‘_FreeWifi.’

What Is The Name Of Paid Wi-Fi Service At Manchester Airport?

Paid Wi-Fi service name of Manchester Airport is ‘Spectrum’ or ‘MAG Airports WiFi’.

Where Can I Enjoy Manchester Airport Wi-Fi Services?

You can enjoy both free and paid Wi-Fi services throughout the terminal areas, lounges, and railway visitor park.

What Kind Of Devices Are Allowed To Connect Manchester Airport Free Wi-Fi?

You can use any smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other smart gadgets to connect to Manchester Airport’s free Wi-Fi.

How Good Is The Manchester Airport Premium Wi-Fi?

The premium Wi-Fi facility is 10x faster than the free Wi-Fi facility. You can enjoy watching movies, tv shows, and streaming other online video content by using the Manchester Airport premium Wi-Fi Facility.

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