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Lufthansa(LH) is worlds one of the largest airlines based in Germany. The airline was founded on January 6, 1953 and it is one of the five founding members of Star Alliance.

This Airlines’s primary hub is located at Frankfurt Airport. Until February 2022, Lufthansa airlines have 257 active airlines in service which excludes all subsidiaries.

Currently, the airline provides service to more than 250 destinations in 77 countries. As a part of their inflight service, Lufthansa provides inflight wifi service which is paid for.

Lufthansa – Quick Overview

Airlines nameDeutsche Lufthansa AG
Founded6 January 1953
Commenced operations1 April 1955
HeadquarterCologne, Germany
Parent CompanyLufthansa Group
AddressLufthansa Aviation Center, Airportring, 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
AllianceStar Alliance
Main HubFrankfurt Airport
Frequent-flyer program      Miles & More
Main SubsidiariesAir Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings: Eurowings Europe, Eurowings Discover,  Lufthansa Cargo, Lufthansa City Line, Swiss International Air Lines and more etc.  
Wi-Fi ProviderFlyNet
Active aircraft in service257
Service Centre Phone Number+49 – 69 – 86 799 799
Lufthansa on Social MediaFacebook
Lufthansa(LH) Airline

Lufthansa Wi-Fi Packages & Cost

Lufthansa wifi service is paid and depending on the flight duration the charge is applicable. Their wifi package offers:

For Short Medium-haul Routes:

Flight DurationFlyNet® Mail and SurfFlyNet® Stream
Under one hour€3 or 1000 miles€7 or 2300 miles
1-2 hours€5 or 1700 miles€10 or 3400 miles
Over two hours€7 or 2300 miles€12 or 3400 miles
Maximum speedUp to 600 KbpsUp to 15 Mbps

For Long-haul Flights And Routes:

 FlyNet® Chat                       FlyNet® Mail and SurfFlyNet® Mail and Surf Plus
Price7 EUR / 8 USD / 56 CNY or 2300 miles17 EUR / 20 USD / 137 CNY or 5500 miles29 EUR / 34 USD / 233 CNY or 9500 miles
Maximum SpeedUp to 64 KbpsUp to 400 KbpsN/A
Data limitN/A500 MB1 GB

How To Connect To Lufthansa WiFi?

  • At first turn on the flight mode of your device.
  • Open & enable your device’s Wi-Fi and connect to Telekom FlyNet® network.
  • Launch your device browser and select Telekom HotSpot service in the FlyNet® portal then confirm the security check.
  • Now Select any of the available payment methods: credit card, voucher, PayPal, Miles & More miles, roaming or Deutsche Telekom customer data. If you choose and select roaming then your wifi usage will be charged as per your service provider’s international roaming rate. If you are a customer of Deutsche Telekom then you will be charged €1.49 for every 10 minutes of wifi use(both fixed-line and mobile phone).
  • Now follow individual login steps then set up your personal registration details which will easily be remembered for later login use.
  • Start browsing as you wish!

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Lufthansa TV Screens

All Airbus A380 aircraft of Lufthansa have MedialWorld with seatback TVs. These TVs have both audio and video on demand(AVOD) screens in all classes including the economy classes. Also, 10.4 inches TV screens are available in their business classes.

All Airbus A340 and A330 aircraft as both audio-video TVs(AVOD). Economy classes do have seatback TVs but these TVs are not as large as Airbus A380.

Some Boeing 747-400 aircraft have Seatback TVs and AVOD.

On their Video Screen, you can enjoy more than 150 latest blockbusters movies as well as classic movies. Also, you can watch more than 200 popular TV shows.

These movies and tv shows are available in 10 various languages including German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Also, 20 different language subtitles are available. You can enjoy music from their personal playlist by using “myAudio”. Music covers rock, pop, and classic music.

For details, Inflight Entertainment of Lufthansa visit this page and for overall onboard service visit this page which listed all their onboard services. Also for detailed information about device charging visit this guide page.


Does Lufthansa (LH) Provide Inflight WiFi?

Yes, they provide wifi service for their passengers.

Is The Lufthansa WiFi Free?

No. Their internet service is paid.

Is Lufthansa WiFi Limited?

Yes. Depending on your package you will have some specific limitations.

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