A Simple Way To Connect To Icelandair WiFi

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Icelandair is a flag carrier airline based in Iceland. It was founded in 1937 & its headquarters is at Keflavík International Airport near Reykjavik. The FI Airline airline uses Keflavík International Airport as its main hub & operates flights to different domestic and international destinations in Europe & North America.

The FI Airline has a total of 43 fleets which includes fifteen Boeing 757-200 aircraft, fourteen Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, four Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft, two Boeing 757-300 aircraft, three Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, two De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 aircraft & three De Havilland Canada Dash 8-200 aircraft. In total, it has over 3000 employees. Like other internationally renowned airlines, Icelandair provides onboard Wi-Fi service for its clients.


Quick Overview Of Icelandair

Airlines NameIcelandair
Frequent-flyer ProgramSaga Club
HeadquarterReykjavík, Iceland
Main HubKeflavík International Airport
Parent OrganizationIcelandair Group
Wi-Fi ProviderViasat
Wi-FiPaid (inflight)
Total Aircrafts43
AddressReykjavík Airport, Reykjavík, Iceland, 101
Customer service number1 (800) 223-5500
Icelandair On Social MediaFacebook
Focus CitiesReykjavík Airport

Iclelandair Inflight WiFi: Does Icelandair Have Free WiFi?

Icelandair provides paid inflight Wi-Fi service to certain aircraft including Boeing 757, 767 & 737. You can enjoy paid Wi-Fi only on international flights as domestic flights(including flights to Greenland) do not provide Wi-Fi service. If you are an economy class passenger then you can purchase the Wi-Fi for a single device which will cost you a small amount of fee. Passengers of both Saga Premium and Saga Premium Flex can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi service on two devices. Also, Saga Gold Members can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi on any of the two devices. If you are an IcelandAir frequent flyer program then you can purchase Wi-Fi by using your Saga Points.

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Icelandair Inflight WiFi Cost – How Much Is WiFi On Icelandair?

AircraftWhat You Can DoSpeedIceland – EuropeIceland – North America
Boeing 737 MAXRead & send emails, web browsing & streamingHigh speed, not impacted by the number of users€10€20
Boeing 757 / 767Read & send emails, web browsingModerate speed. Impacted by the number of users€6 €12 

How To Connect To Icelandair WiFi?

Icelandair provides a high-quality gate-to-gate inflight Wi-Fi service to certain aircraft that fly on international destinations. By using Icelandair Wi-Fi you can browse the web and check your emails or stream your own media content smoothly. Your wifi speed won’t be impacted by how many passengers are using the wifi with you. Also, the Wi-Fi will be available until you leave the aircraft.

However, internet speed can be similar to 3G in Boeing 757 or 767 aircraft. And its Wi-Fi speed can be impacted by how many users are using the wifi with you. To connect your device to Icelandair Wi-Fi follow the steps below…

  • At first, set your mobile device to flight mode & activate your mobile wifi network.
  • Then choose the Wi-Fi SSID “Icelandair Internet Access” from available networks.
  • Launch your browser and go to icelandair.viasat.com (Boeing 737 MAX) or wifi.icelandairwifi.com (Boeing 757/767) to connect to the Icelandair portal.
  • Follow the portal instructions and connect.
  • Enjoy emails, web browsing & streaming.

Icelandair WiFi Refund Policy

If you want to refund Icelandair Wi-Fi, then you have to contact them on their website and request a refund. For this, you have to know your Iceland air ticket and flight number. For detailed information visit this page.

Icelandair Entertainment: Does Iceland Air Have Inflight Entertainment?

Icelandair provides inflight entertainment service for its passenger’s benefit. However, the airline does not provide inflight entertainment on their domestic flights and flights to Greenland. On any Icelandair International flight, you can enjoy the latest movies and TV shows, listen to a large collection of music and more. All Icelandair flights have personal inflight entertainment centers (personal touch screen in front of each seat) that include more than 350 hours of films, TV shows, and music. Special content for children is also available. Also if you don’t bring headphones then you can purchase one while you are on board.

Can You Charge Your Phone On Icelandair?

Yes, you can charge your smartphone via the USB charging ports available on each seat’s inflight entertainment system. All you need is to plug your cable into the USB port.


Does Icelandair Have WiFi?

Yes, Icelandair has inflight Wi-Fi.

Does Icelandair Have Free WiFi?

No, Icelandair does not provide free Wi-Fi on any of their flights. Only paid Wi-Fi service is available on Icelandair which starts from €6(on Boeing 757 / 767).

How Many Paid WiFi Packages Are Available At Icelandair Flight?

Currently, there are four types of paid Wi-Fi packages available on Icelandair flights for European destinations and for USA/Canada. If you are flying with Boeing 737 MAX then you can enjoy paid Wi-Fi for €10(Europe) and for €20(USA and Canada).If you are flying with Boeing 757 / 767 then you can enjoy paid Wi-Fi for €6(Europe) and for €12(USA and Canada).

Can I Stream Videos By Using The Paid WiFi Package On Icelandair?

Yes, you can stream videos on Icelandair flights if you are flying with their Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in Europe or USA or Canada.

How Many Devices Are Allowed To Connect To Icelandair WiFi?

Economy class passengers can connect to Wi-Fi on a single device. Other passengers can connect at least 2 devices.

What Is The Name Of Icelandair WiFi?

Icelandair Wi-Fi Network SSID name is “Icelandair Internet Access”.

Does Icelandair WiFi Support Netflix?

Yes, it does. For this, you have to choose a high-quality Wi-Fi service.

Who Provides Icelandair Inflight WiFi?

Viasat provides inflight Wi-Fi on all Icelandair flights.

Does Icelandair Have Outlets?

Yes, Icelandair provides power outlets with each seat to charge the mobile phone.