Privacy Policy

Airways Wifi Guide ( takes the privacy and data collected on our visitors seriously. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us. Our policy is to notify you of personal information collected and how it is used. For the Ezoic privacy policy used on this site as well, please visit here.

Information We Collect

An IP address is a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each visitor using the internet. An IP address is a generic/anonymous way of tracking for better security and marketing practices. The following entities that collect and use information are linked below.

  • Google Analytics – By knowing what content you find useful will allow us to create more of it. (Note: Google does not have access to this data.)
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking – Allows us to retarget our ads to other students/researchers. (Note: Only anonymous IP’s – NOT email address)
  • Cloudflare – Allows the Content Delivery Network to prevent bad bot attaches.
  • YouTube – When a YouTube embedded video is watched on our site, that is the same as watching it directly on YouTube. So YouTube will receive the IP information to record that viewing of the video.

Contact Form

A contact form is used on our “Contact Us Page” page.

The form will send us your question via email, so no information entered in the fields will be held in the site’s database. However, your email address is recorded in GSuites so we may be able to get back to you with an answer.


If you would like to disable cookie tracking, please review your internet browser settings.

Third-Party Link

Airways Wifi Guide includes links to the sources where our information was found. Those 3rd party links may collect and share information about you on their site when clicked on. We are not responsible for their privacy policy as we do not have any control over those websites.