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Korean Air(KE) is South Korea’s largest airline and flag carrier in terms of fleet size. The airline’s headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea. This airline serves both domestic & international destinations. Which covers 13 domestic destinations and 126 domestic destinations in 44 countries.

Established in 1969, it is operated by Hanjin Group. KE used Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport as its international hub. This airline has over 20000 employees and most of its pilots, flight attendants & other ground staff are based in Seoul.

However, KE Airlines does not have onboard Wi-Fi services & streaming services on all of their flights. Only international flights with brand new Boeing 737-8 and Airbus A321-Neo aircraft have inflight Wi-Fi facilities. The airline has a plan to implement an inflight Wi-Fi facility on all of their flights very soon. Currently, there are two types of Wi-Fi plans you can enjoy on any Korean Air International flight. These two plans are Internet and Messaging. Internet plan will let you surf the web, check your emails, and stream low-quality videos and music(below 480p). Whereas you can use the Messaging plan to receive and send text messages via chat apps like Kakao Talk, WhatsApp, and Line(sending photos and videos are not allowed).

Korean Air International Flights Wi-Fi Cost

With the help of Panasonic and Viasat Korean Air has recently started providing inflight Wi-FI service on some of their international flights(Boeing 737-8 and Airbus A321-Neo aircraft). For international flights, you can purchase any of the two plans which are either Internet or Messaging. These two plans are available for short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul flights. Details are given below.

Internet Plan NameLong HaulMedium HaulShort Haul
InternetFull Flight – $20.95, 2 Hours $10.95Full Flight- $13.95, 2 Hours $10.95Full Flight- $11.95, 2 Hours (not available)
MessagingFull Flight-$5.95Full Flight- $4.95Full Flight- $4.95

Note: The above Wi-Fi prices can change at any time depending on the flight distance. Also, all fees are applicable in USD currency and can be paid with any credit or debit card that allows for use abroad.

Korean Air

How To Connect To Wi-Fi On Korean Air Flights(International)?

Korean Air inflight Wi-Fi service on some of their select international flights can be used as long as the flight goes above 10000 feet. The Wi-Fi service is prohibited in some specific areas including Syria, Cuba, India and Israel and polar routes.

The Wi-Fi service can only be purchased while you are on board on the day of your flight, meaning you can not purchase any package in advance. If you want to access the Korean Air website and app then you won’t have to purchase any of the Wi-Fi packages. To connect to the Korean Air International flights inflight Wi-Fi follow these steps.

  1. Turn on Airplane mode on your device.
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi option and connect to the Wi-Fi network name “Korean Air In-Flight”.
  3. Now select your desired Wi-Fi package from the “Internet” or “Messaging” Plan option.

Quick Overview Of Korean Air

Airlines NameKorean Air
Legal NameKorean Air Lines Co., Ltd.
HeadquartersGonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
CountrySouth Korea
Fleet Size164
Total destination108
Frequent Flyer ProgramSKYPASS
Parent CompanyHanjin Group
Main HubsIncheon International Airport Gimpo International Airport  
Focus CitiesJeju International Airport Gimhae International Airport  
AllianceSkyTeam & SkyTeam Cargo
Hotline Number1-800-438-5000
Office Email Addresscustomersvc@koreanair.com
Wi-Fi SupportPanasonic
Phone:080-880-0350 (Free), +82-2-3498-5904(rates applicable)
Phone:080-870-3116 (Free), +82-2-2071-7363(rates applicable)

Korean Air Entertainment – Does Korean Air Have Inflight Entertainment?

Korean Air provides high-quality inflight entertainment facilities for its passengers. In each seatback, various-sized monitors are available where you can enjoy attractive audio and video materials. You can watch blockbusters movies, TV shows, documentaries and sports events from Asia, Europe and other continents. If you are a passenger on a first-class flight then you can enjoy complimentary headphones.

In 2021 to enhance its passenger inflight entertainment facility Korean Air joined Dublin-based inflight entertainment services(IFE). Although their A220 aircraft do not have the in-seat screen to enjoy inflight entertainment. If you are flying with A220 or B737-8 aircraft then you can connect your inflight Wi-Fi network on your personal device like mobile and can enjoy a variety of AVOD(advertising-based video on demand) options. For details options, you can visit this link.

How Can You Connect To Korean Air Inflight Entertainment?

Apple iOS:

  • First turn on your device airplane mode.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Use your mobile menu to access the inflight entertainment portal.


  • Turn on your device to airplane mode.
  • Open the Wi-Fi network and connect to “Korean Air In-Flight” network.
  • Now copy the URL from the screen.
  • Paste the URL on your device’s browser search box and start enjoying various entertainment videos.

Korean Air Mobile Charging Option: Does Korean Air Have Charging Ports?

Yes, Korean Air has USB Charging ports and power outlets available at each seat to easily recharge your mobile, tablet or laptop.


Does Korean Air Have WiFi?

Yes, Korean Air Has an inflight Wi-Fi facility available on some select aircraft on international flights.

Does Korean Air Have Free WiFi?

No, Korean Air does not provide free Wi-Fi on any of their flights.

How Much Does It Cost For Korean Air Inflight WiFi?

Korean Air inflight Wi-Fi costs vary depending on flight distance and time. You can purchase an internet plan for $20.95(long haul full flight), $13.95(medium haul flight) and $11.95(short haul flight). Messaging plan is available for $5.95(long haul full flight, $4.95(medium haul flight) and $4.95(short haul flight).

Which Korean Air Flights Have WiFi?

As of now only Korean Air Boeing 737-8 new aircraft and Airbus A321-Neo aircraft have inflight Wi-Fi facilities on international flights.

Who Is The Provider Of Korean Air WiFi?

Panasonic and Viasat provide Wi-Fi on some Korean Air International Flights.

Does Korean Air Show Movies?

Yes, it does! You can enjoy Hollywood movies, TV shows, and sports from Korea, Asia, Europe, etc countries.

Can I Use My Phone On Korean Air Flights?

On A220 and B737-8 flights you can use your phone and connect to the inflight Wi-Fi network to enjoy a wide range of AVOD options.

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