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Thai Airways or simply known as THAI is an international airline based in Bangkok Thailand. The airline is also known as the Thai Airways International Public Company Limited. Thai Airways corporate headquarters is located at  Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok.

The airline was founded in back 1960 and it is the founding member of Star Alliance. It uses Suvarnabhumi Airport(BKK) as the main hub. As of 2022, Thi Airways International has a total of 43 passenger aircraft in service that flies to over 84 destinations in 37 countries.

Thai Airways’ international destinations cover Europe, Oceania and different parts of Aisa. Thai Airways International’s longest route is from Suvarnabhumi Airport(BKK) to Heathrow Airport(LHR) which is 5950 miles. As a part of the inflight service, Thai Airlines provide Wi-Fi service for their passengers.

Thai Airways – Quick Overview

Airline NameThai Airways International
headquarters89 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10900, Thailand
Parent companyMinistry of Finance
Frequent-flyer programRoyal Orchid Plus
Airlines  Phone NumberHead Office –  (66) 2545-1000 Contact center(reservation): Tel : (66) 2356-1111 Fax: (66) 2356-2222 E-Mail : contact@service.thaiairways.com Customer relations: Tel  :   (66) 2545-4216,  (66) 2545-4217 Fax  :  (66) 2545-3841 E-mail : customer@thaiairways.com
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/ThaiAirways https://twitter.com/ThaiAirwaysFr
Official Websitehttp://thaiairways.com/
Thai Airways

Thai Airways WiFi Service – THAI SKY CONNECT Detailed Guide

The inflight Wi-Fi service of Thai Airways is known as the THAI Sky Connect. You can use Thai Airways Wi-Fi service anywhere in the world it flies. Panasonic Avionics and SITAONAIR are the two companies that are providing Wi-Fi service on Thai Airlines.

By using Thai Airways inflight Wi-Fi you can enjoy social medial surfing, checking emails, browsing the website on your mobile phone and laptops etc electronic devices. Note that Thai Airways provide inflight Wi-Fi service on some of their selected aircraft.

As of now inflight Wi-Fi service is available on these aircraft: Airbus 380-800, 350-900, selected 330-300 & Boeing 787.SITAONAIR provides Wi-Fi service on Airbus 380-800 & selected 330-330 aircraft. After getting on board you can buy your desired Wi-Fi data plan from the available options.

Special Note: Wi-Fi services on Thai Airways is prohibited when their aircraft flies through India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Korea.

SITAONAIR: Airbus A380-800 & Selected A330-300

Data planPrice (usd)
10 MB4.99
20 MB8.99
30 MB12.99
100 MB34.99

For Airbus A330-300 (33R)

30 MB9.99
50 MB14.99
100 MB19.99

Panasonic: Airbus A350-900 & Boeing 787  

30 MB9.99
100 MB19.99
500 MB34.99

Note: You can purchase any of the above inflight Wi-Fi data plans by using your debit card and credit card.

How To Connect To Thai Airways WiFi?

  • At first turn on your device’s Wi-Fi option.
  • From the Wi-Fi network select and connect to “On Air” or “Thai_Sky Connect”.
  • Open your device browser and it will automatically take you to the Wi-Fi portal from where you can purchase your desired Wi-Fi data plan. If you are to be redirected automatically to the Wi-Fi portal then visit “On Air” or Sky Connect.
  • Purchase your desired Wi-Fi plan by using your debit card or credit(enter the promo code if you do have one).
  • Start enjoying Wi-Fi service on Thai Airways Flight!

In case you face any problem related to the Thai Airways International inflight Wi-Fi then contact any of the following:

Thai Airways Inflight Entertainment

Thai Airways have updated the inflight entertainment facility for its passengers. In each seat, a large personal screen is available for each passenger where you can enjoy more than 10000 hours of popular movies, TV shows, short films, video games etc.

Also, you can listen to your favorite music and read newspapers or magazines. Your kids won’t have to just sit too. Children of various ages (ages under 3 to up to 12 years) can play with a wide range of toys. Games and books are also available for your children. If you need any help then knock to the cabin crew the will help your children as they are specially trained to help small children during flights.

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Thai Airways – Power Options

On Thai Airways flights you won’t have to worry about your device charging. Each seat of Thair Airways aircraft has power outlets or USB charging ports where you can easily charge your electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. You can also charge up your power bank. Power options are available on the following aircraft.

A350-900 Cabin Version: 359 PC power outlet (110 VAC), USB Port777-200ER Cabin Version: 77E PC power outlet, 110 VAC   777-300ER Cabin Version: 77B PC power outlet, 110 VAC, USB Port   787-8 Cabin Version: 788 PC power outlet, 110 VAC, USB Port   787-9 Cabin Version: 789 PC power outlet, 110 VAC, USB Port

Power Options Are not available on the Following Aircraft

A320-200 Cabin Version: 320 & A320-200 Cabin Version: 32S

For details information about electronic device charging at Thai Airways visit this link.


Do Thai Airways Have Inflight Wi-Fi Facility?

Yes, Thai Airways provide a high-quality Wi-Fi facility on board.

Do All The Thai Airways Aircraft Have Wi-Fi Facility?

As of now, not all Thai Airways Aircraft have inflight Wi-Fi Facilities.

Who Provides Thai Airways Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

Thai Airways’ inflight Wi-Fi service is provided by Panasonic Avionics & SITAONAIR.

Can I Purchase Thai Airways Inflight Wi-Fi Service When I Am On Board?

Yes, you can purchase your desired Wi-Fi data plan when you are on your flight.

Does The Thai Airways Inflight Wi-Fi Service Have Time-Based Options?

Yes, Thai Airways inflight Wi-Fi services are mainly based on daily subscriptions.

In Which Routes Thair Airways Inflight Wi-Fi Service Available?

Thai Airways Airbus A380-800 aircraft that flies to Frankfurt, Paris, Osaka, Hong Kong, and Tokyo have an inflight Wi-Fi Facility. Also, Airbus A330-300 aircraft that fly to Osaka, Perth, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Osaka have an inflight Wi-Fi facility.

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