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Iberia is a Spanish international airline that was founded in back 1927. Its headquarters is located at Ciudad Lineal, Madrid, Spain. From its main base, Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport(MAD) the airline operates domestic & international flights to more than 120 destinations in 45 countries.

Among these international destinations covers the Americas, Europe, Asia & Africa. Iberia is also the main international airline between Europe and Latin America. In 1999 Iberia joined worlds one of the largest airline alliances OneWorld.

As of 2022, Iberia has tota 79 passenger aircraft in service and all of them are Airbus aircraft. As a renowned and oldest airline in Europe, Iberia has an inflight Wi-Fi facility for its domestic and international passengers.

Airlines NameIberia
Started operation1927
HeadquarterCiudad Lineal, Madrid, Spain
Main HubAdolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
Frequent-flyer programIberia Plus
Parent companyInternational Airlines Group
Passenger aircraft in service79
Wi-FIBoth free(business class) and paid Wi-Fi are available
Network SSID“Iberia Wi-Fi”
Customer service number(+1) 800-772-4642
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/iberia_en https://www.facebook.com/iberia https://www.instagram.com/iberia

Iberia – Inflight Wi-Fi Service and Costs

Iberia provides good quality Satellite-based Wi-Fi facility for the passengers. The Wi-Fi facility at Iberia Airlines is provided by Sita OnAir and the Wi-Fi network SSID name is “Iberia Wi-Fi”. Passengers of Iberia Plus customers & business class can enjoy a complimentary Wi-Fi facility(messaging).

Other passengers have to purchase paid Wi-Fi plans whose price varies depending on the routes, aircraft and world economy. As of now, Iberia airlines provide inflight Wi-Fi service to all long-haul flights and on these aircrafts A330-300, A330-200, A340-600, or A350-900 aircraft.

Also, most short-haul & medium-haul flight aircraft are equipped with inflight Wi-Fi facilities. By using the Iberia inflight Wi-Fi Facility you can enjoy messaging, texting, and other necessary tasks of yours. You can use any smart devices that have Wi-Fi connection to connect to the Iberia inflight Wi-Fi. Due to high data consumption, they recommend not to use laptops.

As soon as your flight reaches over 10000 feet altitude you can access to the Wi-Fi service. So, whether you are a passenger of economy, business, or premium class, you can enjoy the inflight Wi-Fi service provided by Iberia Airlines. Below are the example of the Iberia Airline A330 aircraft Wi-Fi costs.

  • 1 hour messaging: €3.49
  • Full flight messaging: €3.49-€5.99
  • 1 hour browsing and streaming: €5.99
  • 4 hours browsing and streaming: €13.49
  • Full flight browsing and streaming: €5.99-€24.99

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How To Connect To Iberia WiFi?

To connect to Iberia inflight Wi-Fi wait until your flight reaches above 10000 feet altitude. Then follow the instructions given below.

  • First turn your device to airplane mode and switch on the Wi-Fi option
  • From the Wi-Fi network connected to the Iberia Wi-Fi network SSID name “Iberia WiFi”. (note: by scanning the QR code you can connect to the Wi-Fi network. Can be found on your front seat pocket or at shop.iberia.com).
  • Open your device browser and it will take you to the Iberia Wi-Fi portal.
  • If you are a passenger of Iberia plus and business class and flying long distances then you can choose a free Wi-Fi plan otherwise purchase your desired Wi-Fi Data plan.
  • Start enjoying your Wi-Fi service on the Iberia flight!

Iberia Inflight Entertainment Facility

If you are planning to travel with Iberia then you won’t have to worry about passing your time. As Iberia has a collection of the latest Hollywood movies in various genres like comedy, action, drama etc. Also, you can enjoy Spanish movies and TV shows (both international and Spanish), documentaries, sports, travel programs etc on your front seat individual screen.

There are also options for listening latest music, audiobooks and podcasts etc. Also from your screen, you can choose and play various types of games. Available games include Bejeweled, Solitaire, Poker, Who Wants To be a Millionaire etc. There are also games available for your children. Why you will miss reading newspapers? There are many local and international newspapers and magazines(more than 150 countries) available in 60 languages.

Note: to choose your desired entertainment facility just select it from the easy simple use intuitive menu.

Mobile Charging At Iberia

Universal power adapter options(USA, UK, EU) and USB charging ports both are available on Iberia long-haul flights.

On the medium and short haul flights(upgraded A320 and A321), USB charging ports are available for economy class and both USB charging ports and Universal power adapter(USA, Uk, EU) are available for business class.


Does Iberia Have Inflight Wi-Fi?

Yes, Iberia has an inflight Wi-Fi facility on board.

Who Provides Iberia Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

Sita OnAir is the provider of Iberia inflight Wi-Fi service.

Is The Wi-Fi Service Of Iberia Free?

No, only passengers of business class or members of Iberia plus can enjoy free Wi-Fi service.

What Kind Of Devices Can I Use To Connect To Iberia Free Wi-Fi?

You can use any smart device like mobiles, laptops etc to connect and use Iberia inflight Wi-Fi.

What Is The Name Of The Iberia Wi-Fi SSID?

Iberia Wi-Fi SSID name is “Iberia Wi-Fi”.

Is Iberia Inflight Wi-Fi Service Available For All Passengers?

Yes, passengers of Economy class, business class, and premium economy class can enjoy the inflight Wi-Fi facility at Iberia Airlines.

What Is The Average Download Speed At Iberia Inflight Wi-Fi Facility?

Inflight Wi-Fi service at Iberia completely depends on the number of devices used and the number of people that are connected at the same time. So, that’s why minimum connection speeds are not guaranteed and they recommend you to use your mobile phone instead of a laptop to save your Wi-Fi bandwidth.

How Can I Purchase Iberia Inflight Wi-Fi Facility?

You can purchase Iberia inflight Wi-Fi facility by using your credit card or debit card.

Which Iberia Aircraft Have Inflight Wi-Fi Facility?

As of now, Iberia Airlines provide Wi-Fi facility for A330-300, A330-200, and A350-900 that flies to long haul distance and all short and medium-haul flights.

Can I Use VPN By connecting To Iberia Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can.

Can I Access Iberia Inflight Wi-Fi Facility Via Personal Screen?

No, you can not use the aircraft’s personal screen to access inflight Wi-Fi.

When Can I Start Enjoying Iberia Inflight Wi-Fi?

You can enjoy Iberia inflight Wi-Fi when your flight reaches to 10000 feet altitude.

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