Does Frontier Have WiFi Service? | Frontier WiFi Guide 2023

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Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low-cost American Carrier based in Denver Colorado. The airline was founded in 1994. It uses Denver International Airport as its main hub and uses other airports as its focus cities. Currently, the airlines operate flights to 116 domestic & international destinations. Which covers USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Costa Rica,El Salvador,Guatemala, Dominican Republic etc.

The airlines have more than 3000 employees & as of January 2023 the airlines have 111 aircraft in service and all of them are Airbus aircraft. However, the airlines do not provide free wifi service inflight. Also, it does not provide inflight video streaming services & other entertainment. So you have to purchase paid wifi packages when you are onboard.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines – Quick Overview

Airlines Namefrontier airlines
Airlines Code(IATA)F9
Headquarter Address4545 Airport Way, Denver, CO 80239, USA.
CountryUnited States of America
Total Aircraft In Service111( as of January 2023)
Fleet size112
Frequent-flyer programFRONTIER Miles
EmployeeMore than 3000
Parent companyIndigo partners

Which Frontier Airlines Planes Have WiFi?

Paid wifi service available on these aircraft:

Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A321neo, Airbus A321XLR.

Frontier Airlines – WiFi Cost

Laptop650 miles$4.95
Laptop651-1150 miles$9.95
Laptop1,151 miles and longer$12.95
Mobile650 miles$4.95
Mobile650 miles to longer$7.95

Also Frontiers pax has 15-minute wifi options to buy for $1.95 on inflight as long as the distance is 650 miles.

If you need any kind of WiFi support or inflight wifi connection help then call frontier airlines hotline number 801-401-9000.

Frontier Airlines Paid WiFi Packages

Package nameCostDescription
GOGO unlimited$49.95/monthUnlimited internet access to all GOGO-equipped airlines.
GOGO All Day Pass$1424 hours internet access is available on the same airline.
1-Hour Pass$5Internet access is available on all single domestic GOGO-equipped flights.
The Travelers Pass$39.95Unlimited monthly subscription (internet) on one GOGO-equipped airline.

How To Connect To Frontier Airlines WiFi?

When you are in flight, check your seat pocket and you will find a Frontier magazine. In the magazine details, information on frontier wifi service is given. Also, you will find the wifi connecting instructions. Just follow the navigation instructions & you will easily be able to connect to the wifi. There you will get WiFi apps & WiFi passwords.

How Fast Is Frontier Airlines Wifi Service?

For an individual user, the download speed is 500-600 KB & the upload speed is 300 KB.

Wifi Refund Policy At Frontier Airlines

To refund wifi, visit Frontier Airlines’ official website & fill up the contact us form then request a wifi refund. You must provide flight numbers, ticket numbers & other tracking details.


Does Frontier Have WiFi Service?

Yes, paid inflight wifi service is available on Frontier Airlines.

Who Provides Frontier Airlines WiFi?

GOGOAIR provides wifi service on Frontier Airlines. Also, you can stream GOGO inflight movies.

Can You Watch Netflix By Using Frontier Airlines WIFI?

Yes, you can. When you are in flight you can use your smartphone & laptop to watch Netflix videos.

Does Frontier Airlines Have A WiFi Coupon?

Yes, from time to time they offer coupons & promo codes. For more check their social media pages.

What Is Frontier Airlines Good At?

They are good at low-cost trips.

How Does Frontier Airlines Provides Service So Cheap Rate?

As it is a budget airline, it won’t serve you food, extra luggage facility, any inflight entertainment etc. So if you want to add these services then you will have to pay extra for the ticket. 

Why Sometimes Frontier Airlines Delays?

Due to weather, connecting flights, ATC instructions, etc flights of Frontier Airlines are delayed. 

Is It Safe To Travel At Frontier Airlines?

Yes, it is safe to travel.

What Is The Contact Number Of Frontier Airlines?


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