A Guide To Connect Alaska Airlines WiFi(Basic And Fast Satellite WiFi)

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As one of the renowned airlines in the USA, Alaska Airlines flights provide both inflight Wi-Fi service & satellite Wi-Fi service with the help of Gogo Air.

You can purchase inflight basic Wi-Fi service on E175 aircraft(regional flight) for $8 only. On 737s(All Boeing 737-700s and one Boeing 737-900) flights the basic Wi-Fi cost will be $24.99. You can enjoy basic Wi-Fi for keeping in touch on your email, shopping online, browsing on the web, and other light tasks. However, the basic Wi-Fi option does not allow passengers to stream and download large files or videos.

You can also enjoy super-fast streaming satellite Wi-Fi which is 20x faster than the basic Wi-Fi and available for $8 for most of the flights. Satellite Wi-Fi is suitable for streaming Netflix, Hulu and other video plant forms. Also, you can chat with others and browse on the web with this plan. Currently, Alaska Airlines have satellite Wi-Fi on All Boeing 737 MAX, All Boeing 737-800s, All Boeing 737-900ERs and all but one Boeing 737-900 aircraft.

Note: You can also purchase a monthly plan and check advanced options. For this visit the inflight internet passes and subscription plans at wifionboard.com.

If you are an eligible T-Mobile customer then you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on any Alaska Airlines flight. You can enjoy unlimited free sessions or four free full-flight sessions and sixty minutes of unlimited sessions.

Alaska Airlines

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How To Connect To Alaska Airlines Basic WiFi?

  • At first, turn on your device’s Wi-Fi network while the device is in airplane mode.
  • Then choose network SSID “Alaska_WiFi” or “gogoinflight”.
  • Now open your device browser(Google Chrome, Safari etc) & visit AlaskaWiFi.com.
  • Now choose what options you will use: free texting, entertainment & internet browsing.

How To Connect Alaska Airlines Satelite WiFi?

  • At first turn on your device’s Wi-Fi network & select Wi-Fi SSID  “Alaska_WiFi”.
  • Now open your device browser and visit AlaskaWiFi.com & choose your available options.

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What Are Alaska Airlines InFlight Entertainment?

You can enjoy free texting & watch over 1000 free movies & TV shows from their entertainment library free on your own device. (For this you have to connect to Alaska Airlines’ Wi-Fi network & visit AlaskaWiFi.com to browse their library).

Note that: Free texting is completely free. And you can use chat apps like WhatsApp, iMessage & Facebook Messenger only. Also, you can not send photos & videos with your text(available in heavy Wi-Fi service).

Alaska Airlines MObile Charging Facilities

Almost every Alaska Airlines plane has standard and USB power outlets to charge your electronic devices.

Support Centre & Contact Information

Customer Service(Reservation & preflights)1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR)
Text82008 (you can use a maximum of 160 characters)

Alaska Airlines – Overview

Headquartered in SeaTac Washington, Alaska Airlines is the sixth-largest major airline in the US according to fleet size, total passengers carried & total destination served. It was founded in 1932 as McGee Airways then commenced operations in 1944. The airline uses Seattle–Tacoma International Airport as its major hub. Also, it uses Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Portland International Airport, San Francisco International Airport as other hubs. As of 2021, it has a total of over 20000 employees. Daily this airline serves almost nearly 1200 flights to more than 117 destinations across the USA, Canada, Mexico & Costa Rica. It has a total of 318 aircraft. In 2020 it ranked the highest customer satisfaction airline for twelve consecutive years.

Airlines NameAlaska Airlines
Founded1932 (as McGee Airways)
HeadquartersSeaTac, Washington, United States
CountryUnited States
HubsAnchorage, Los Angeles, Portland(OR), San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma.
Focus CityBoise (ID), San Diego, San Jose (CA)
AllianceOne World
Frequent-flyer programMileage Plan
Parent CompanyAlaska Air Group


Does Alaska Airlines Have WiFi?

Yes, Alaska Airlines has inflight Wi-Fi on both short and long distance flight.

Does Alaska Airlines Have Free WiFi?

No, Alaska Airlines does not have free Wi-Fi.

How Much Does Alaska Airlines Charge For Wi-Fi?

On most flights, Alaska Airlines charges basic and satellite fast Wi-Fi for $8.

Does Alaska Airlines Have USB Ports?

Yes, They are the only US airline that provides power outlets at every seat(seatback in front of each passenger) on their aircraft. Those outlets supply 110-volt & USB power options for charging your smartphones & tablets.

Can I Stream My Own Movies By Using Alaska Airlines WiFi?

Yes, you can use the Alaska Airlines inflight Wi-Fi to enjoy video & audio streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime & Spotify on your personal devices.

Can I Use Alsaka Airlines WiFi To Make Phone Calls?

No, the airlines do not allow travelers to make voice or video calls using phone or Zoom apps.

What Should I Do If I Face A Problem With Alaska Airlines Inflight WiFi?

You can try to use their live chat option or email them at support@wifionboard.com.

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