Complete Guide To Singapore Airlines WiFi(Complimentary & Paid)

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As a renowned airline, Singapore Airlines provides inflight Wi-Fi facilities for its passengers. However, the airline provides inflight Wi-Fi on all of its aircraft except for 737-800 NG. If you are a passenger traveling in Suites, First Class, and Business Class then you can enjoy the complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi maximum of three devices at a time. The facility is also available for PPS Club Members, Supplementary Cardholders, and KrisFLyer Members(can connect only one time at a time). The Airline also provides three types of paid Wi-Fi plans which start from $3.99 for one hour and the maximum price is $15.99 for a full flight.

Unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi At Singapore Airlines

The SIA Airlines’ unlimited inflight Wi-Fi facilities are available for some selected passengers which are:

Passenger Type PPSKF MemberNon-KF Member
Suites / First Class: Unlimited Wi-Fi
Business Class: Unlimited Wi-Fi
Premium Economy / Economy Class: Unlimited Wi-FiIf you are not a KrisFlyer Member then join KrisFlyer and start enjoying complimentary Wi-Fi on your flight.

How To Connect Unlimited Complimentary WiFi?

You can enjoy unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi at SIA Airlines by following two steps. If you are a KrisFlyer member then you can book before your flight or you can connect in two steps during your flight.

Before Your Flight: If you are a KrishFLyer member then you can add your number while booking through Manage booking on the airline’s home page or mobile app. Also, you can inform your details on the check-in counters. If you are not a KrisFlyer Member then join here and add your number to your booking.

During Your Flight: You can connect to unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi in two simple steps once your flight reaches altitude. First, connect to “Krisworld” Network then provide your email address in the complimentary Wi-Fi section of the Wi-Fi portal to enjoy unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi. For more information, you can use the inflight Wi-Fi card that can be found in your seatback pocket.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Paid WiFi Plans & Costs

If you want to enjoy the fastest Wi-Fi service then, purchase a plan that suits you most. Singapore Airlines offers three different types of paid Wi-Fi plans for its inflight passengers. The three Wi-Fi plans are known as 1-Hour Surf Plan, 3-Hour Surf Plan, and Full Flight Surf Plan. You should keep in mind that these are time-based and data-based plans. Note that: You can not use the purchased wifi plan for one route to another. For example, if you purchase a Wi-Fi plan for Singapore to Tokyo routes then you can not use it for the flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles routes.

PlanServices You Can Enjoy MostPrice($)
1-Hour Surf PlanText-only messaging on different chat apps(WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Messenger, InstaChat, iMessenger etc).3.99
3-Hour Surf PlanSending & receiving emails, Web browsing.8.99
Full Flight Surf PlanSuitable for work15.99

Do Note That These Wi-Fi plan prices can be changed from time to time. So, look for the latest Wi-Fi plans & promotions. Also 1-Hour Surf Plan and 3-Hour Surf Plan can not be paused once purchased. Also, keep in mind you can enjoy inflight Wi-Fi when your flight reaches above 10000 feet. Wi-Fi speed may vary depending on location. The airlines some selected aircraft(Airbus A380 and A350-900 medium-haul aircraft, Boeing 777-300ER aircraft) won’t provide Wi-Fi while flying over Irna, India and Turkey due to satellite coverage issues.

How Can You Usage The Paid WiFi Most?

If you want to usage your pad Wi-Fi data plan at Singapore Airlines then follow these instructions.

  1. Enable low data mode.
  2. disable any software updates.
  3. Disable cloud backup.
  4. Disable background app refreshing.
  5. Avoid high bandwidth activities like sending large files, playing games, and streaming is completely prohibited.
  6. Disable any media download.
  7. Also try to surf only safe and secured HTTPS websites.

Inflight Data Roaming And Texting SMS At Singapore Airlines

If your sim operator has roaming agreements with OnAir & Aeromobile then you can use inflight mobile data. Mobile data roaming will be charged as per your mobile operator & will be added to your mobile phone bill. To connect:

1. First turn off the flight mode & enable roaming then connect to OnAir or Aeromobile network.

2. Wait to receive a welcome SMS that will notify you that your service is available.

3. You are connected now and can send & receive texts, and emails & browse the web.

Note that: If you are a customer of Singtel or Starhub then you can enjoy unlimited data roaming at the following rate:

1. Singtel (29 SGD for 24 hours)

2. StarHub, M1(25 SGD per a day: time reset daily 00:00 hours of Singapore time which is GMT+8).

Singapore Airlines Mobile Charging Facility

Singapore Airlines provides an inflight mobile charging facility to some of its aircraft. Boeing 777-200 & 200-ER have USB charging ports in first-class & Business class. Also, the Airbus A380 has USB charging ports in all classes. Airbus A350 & 777 have USB charging facilities in business classes. Airbus A350, A380 & Boeing 787 have at least two USB ports in each seat in all classes including premium economy class.

Singapore Airlines Entertainment

Singapore Airlines’ inflight entertainment system is known as KrisWorld and has more than 2000 on-demand entertainment facilities available on their flight. You can enjoy movies, and the latest TV shows, listen to music, play games, and more on the front seatback 10.6-inch wide LCD screen.YOu can enjoy KrisWorld on your personal electronic devices. Also, the airline provides the latest magazines and newspapers that can be viewed on its mobile app.

Singapore Airlines Support Centre & Contact Information

Panasonic – wifi
Customer Service1-800-742-3333

Quick Overview – Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines or simply SIA Airlines is the flag carrier airline in Singapore. In 1947 the airline was founded as Malayan Airways and in 1972 commenced operation as Singapore Airlines. The airline has been ranked as the world’s best airline for the fifth time by Skytrax. In 2023 it was awarded the Best First Class Airline. The airline uses Changi Airport as its main hub & daily serves 137 destinations in 32 countries around the world. Also, it has a total of 161 passenger aircraft among these mostly used aircraft are Airbus A350-900(56), Boeing 777-300ER(26), Airbus A380-800(14), Boeing 787-10(21) etc.

Airlines NameSingapore Airlines
Founded1947 (Malayan Airlines)
HeadquartersAirline House, 25 Airline Road, Singapore 819829
HubsSingapore Changi Airport
Aircraft size146
Boeing71 in service
Airbus75 in service
AllianceStar Alliance


Does Singapore Airlines Have WiFi?

Yes, Singapore Airlines provides inflight Wi-Fi.

Does Singapore Airlines Have Free WiFi?

Singapore Airlines provides complimentary(free) Wi-Fi for passengers traveling in first class, business class, and suites. Also, PPS club members and KrisFLyer members can enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi.

Does Singapore Airlines Have Paid WiFi?

Yes, Singapore Airlines have paid Wi-Fi plans for inflight passengers which start from $3.99(1-Hour Surf Plan), $8.99(3-Hour Surf Plan) and $15.99(Full Flight Surf Plan).

Can I Stream Videos By Using Singapore Airlines WiFi?

No, the airline’s inflight Wi-Fi does not allow passengers to stream video on platforms which include Netflix, YouTube and other video platforms.

How Fast Is Singapore Airlines WiFi?

Usually, the download speed is 10 Mbps depending on the number of users, location, etc.

How Many Devices Can I Connect To Singapore Airlines Inflight WiFi?

You can connect and enjoy unlimited free complimentary Wi-Fi for up to three devices if you are a passenger of First class, business class, or suites. KrisFlyer members in economy class and premium economy class can connect a maximum of one device to unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi. Also, you can connect paid Wi-Fi to a maximum of one device at a time.

Who Provides Singapore Airlines Inflight WiFi?

Panasonic and SITAONAIR provide inflight Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines flights.

What Should I Do If I Face A Problem With Singapore Airlines Purchased WiFi Plan?

You can email Panasonic at or SITAONAIR at

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