A Complete Guide To Connect Japan Airlines WiFi

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Japan Airlines provides inflight Wi-Fi service on international flights with the help of Panasonic Avionics. Any first class, business class, economy class, and premium economy class passengers can enjoy inflight Wi-Fi while traveling on international flights with JL Airlines. You can connect JAL inflight Wi-Fi to a smartphone or tablet and PC and enjoy web browsing, checking important emails, surfing on social media, and more tasks. The airline’s Wi-Fi network name is “Japan Airlines” and has no data limit although a time limit is applicable. To find out if your flight will have an inflight Wi-Fi visit this link.

Japan Airlines (JAL) WiFi Cost 

PlansCostFor JAL CARD Holders
1-Hour Plan$10.15$9.15
3-Hour Plan$14.40$12.95
Flight Plan(24-Hour)$18.80$16.80

Do note that the above Wi-Fi plans have no data limits but time limits are applicable. Since your first login, the duration of your purchased Wi-Fi plan will start counting. JAL Airlines inflight Wi-Fi purchase only accepts Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and JCB. All purchased bills are made in USD. If you are a JAL Card holder then you will get a 10% discount purchasing any inflight Wi-Fi plan.

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How To Connect To Japan Airlines Inflight WiFi On International Flights?

Follow these basic simple steps to connect to Japan Airlines inflight Wi-Fi.

1. At first turn ON airplane mode on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or other Wi-Fi enabled device that you want to connect to JAL inflight Wi-Fi.

2. Now turn on Wi-Fi mode on your device select the Wi-Fi SSID name “Japan Airlines” from the wireless network list & connect.

3. Launch your browser & it will automatically show you the JAL inflight Wi-Fi portal page. However, if the page does not open automatically, please visit JAL WiFi.

4. To purchase a Wi-Fi plan for you click on “Purchase access” then follow the given instructions & proceed with your confirmation payment.

5. Now start enjoying inflight Wi-Fi!

Japan Airlines WiFi On Domestic Flights And How To Connect To?

Japan Airlines provides free Wi-Fi on its domestic flights. You can enjoy inflight-free Wi-Fi for web browsing, checking emails, checking real-time flight status, and streaming videos. To connect to free JAL Airlines Wi-Fi on a domestic flight follow these easy steps.

  • First, turn on airplane mode on your device before taking off.
  • On your devices Wi-Fi option connects to “Japan Airlines” Wi-Fi. If you don’t have a personal screen then connect to “JAL-WiFi” network.
  • Open your device browser and visit jal-wifi.com.
  • Provide your email address on the Wi-Fi portal site and choose Connect.

Japan Airlines WiFi Support Center

For any information about Japan Airlines inflight Wi-Fi please call +1-213-221-6130 (International call rate applicable) or 0120-959-033(Toll-free call only in Japan). Also, you can email Panasonic Avionics customer support at jal-wifi@panasonic.aero.

Japan Airlines Entertainment: Does Japan Airlines Have Inflight Entertainment?

Japan Airlines provides a wide range of inflight entertainment facilities for its passengers which are known as MAGIC. You can enjoy popular movies that released recently. TV shows that include drama, various other shows, and more services are available. You can listen to many audio programs including the latest pop music and play games. Also, you can read e-books and text news. You can enjoy all of these services on your screen(located on your front seat back).

Japan Airlines Mobile Charging Facility: Do JAL Flights Have USB Ports?

Ac power outlets and USB charging ports with Type A and C are available in all economy class seats on Japan Airlines international flights(Boeing 787-9/787-8 aircraft). Premium economy class and business class passengers also can charge their devices on in-seat power outlets. Domestic flight passengers can enjoy charging their devices on USB ports/AC power outlets on JAL J Class and economy class flights.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) Overview At A Glance

Japan Airlines Co. Ltd or JAL is a flag carrier & international airline based in Japan. Its headquarters is located in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. The airline was founded on 1 August 1951 as Japan Air Lines. However, it commenced its operations on 25 October 1951 & became Japan’s national airline in 1953. This airline serves 220 destinations across 35 countries worldwide. International destinations cover Asia, the Americas, Europe & Oceania. JAL Airline uses Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport & Itami Airport as its main hubs. Like many other inflight facilities, Japan Airlines provides Wi-Fi service on both domestic and international flights which is only free on domestic flights.

NameJapan Airlines
Founded1 August 1951
Commenced operations25 October 1951
HeadquartersShinagawa, Tokyo
Main HubsNarita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport & Itami Airport
Focus Cities ForFukuoka Airport, Naha Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport & New Chitose Airport
Total Destinations220
Frequent-flyer Program     JAL Mileage Bank & JAL Global Club


Does Japan Airlines Have WiFi?

Yes, Japan Airlines provides inflight Wi-Fi on both domestic and international flights.

Does Japan Airlines Have Free WiFi?

Yes, Japan Airlines provides free inflight Wi-Fi only on their domestic flights. International flights Wi-Fi service is not free.

Can I Borrow WiFi Enabled Device On Japan Airlines Flight?

No. Japan Airlines does not provide such a service.

How Do I Know I Am Travelling In A WiFi Enabled Aircraft On Japan Airlines?

If your flight is Wi-Fi enabled, you will find seatback instructions cards for Wi-FI connecting. Also, check whether any WiFi mark is available in your flight schedule column during the booking.

How Secure Is The Japan Airlines Inflight Internet Service?

Japan Airlines provides the same security to their inflight Wi-Fi service as you get at any ordinary access point. However, it is recommended that you use an appropriate firewall, anti-virus, etc on your devices.

What Kind Of Devices Do I Need To Use Japan Airlines Inflight WiFi Service?

You must have smartphones, laptops or tablets to use JAL inflight WiFi service. Also, these devices must have the following applications: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Can I Use Multiple Devices To Connect To Japan Airlines Inflight WiFi?

Connecting multiple devices to Japan Airlines inflight Wi-Fi is not possible at the same time during a session. Although you can switch between devices.

Can I Use My Phone For Voice Calls While Traveling On Japan Airlines Flights?

No. They don’t allow inflight voice communication by using cell phones.

Can I Send Or Receive Text Message Using Japan Airlines Inflight WiFi?

No, currently the airline does not allow sending or receiving text messages by using their inflight Wi-Fi.

Can I Stream Videos Using Japan Airlines Inflight WiFi?

No, you can not stream videos using Japan Airlines inflight Wi-Fi as it requires extensive bandwidth and won’t work on any of the airline’s flights.

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