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Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. or simply CPA Airline is a flag carrier based in Hong Kong. It transports both passengers and cargo services. Founded in 1946 by Sydney H. de Kantzow and Roy C. Farrell.

The airline provides services to more than 60 countries and 190 destinations. Based on sales it is the world’s 5th largest airline and based on market capitalization it is the world’s fourteenth-largest airline.

Cathay Pacific provides paid Wi-Fi service on board. However, the Wi-Fi service is available in Airbus A350 and A321 Neo Aircraft. Very soon Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 are going to introduce the Wi-Fi service. However first-class passengers will get access to free complimentary Wi-Fi service.

So when you are onboard check whether the aircraft has enabled Wi-Fi service. If its Wi-Fi is enabled then you can purchase your data package as you need. Before your flight, you can check your flight status by flight numbers and look for whether the aircraft is enabled with Wi-Fi.

Cathay Pacific

How To Connect Cathay Pacific Inflight WiFi?

Connecting to Cathay Pacific inflight Wi-Fi is very simple and requires some steps. 

  • First turn on the Airplane mode of your device.
  • Now enable your devices(Android, iPhone, MAC, laptop etc) Wi-Fi option.
  • Look for the Wi-Fi network SSID named “Cathay Pacific” and click to connect it.
  • A portal will pop up and if it does not then type wifi.cathaypacific.com.
  • Now select your desired Wi-Fi data package and start enjoying web browsing.

You Should Keep In Mind:

  • A Wi-Fi coverage map is available in each seat pocket.
  • Cathay Pacific does not provide wifi service in the northern polar region.
  • If you are disconnected from Wi-Fi then this can be because of a beam switch. So please be patient, wait and try again. 
  • Wi-Fi service is not available during the take-off and landing times.
  • All Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft have no wifi enabled. However soon they will be Wi-Fi enabled.

Cathay Pacific Inflight WiFi Cost – How Much Is WiFi On Cathay Pacific?

When the aircraft reaches above 1000 feet you can get internet access on your Wi-Fi enabled devices which include mobile, tablet, laptop etc. You can browse on the web, send and receive important emails, shop online, use your social media accounts etc. Cathay Pacific has paid Wi-Fi services available based on an hourly basis. These are as follows:

Flight times: 6 hours or less$12.95
Flight times: Above 6 hours$19.95
One hour of uninterrupted use$ 9.95
Flight times: 6 hours or less(Massage Pass: you can send and receive messages via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line and iMessage)$3.95

Note that: CPA Airline only accepts the following forms of payment: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, China UnionPay (credit) and AliPay.

Alternative Ways To Connect

You can also connect SMS or data roaming(the roaming charge will be applicable as per your local mobile service provider) while you are on a Cathay Pacific flight. When you are on board you can enable your data roaming and on your personal phone and can enjoy services like sending and receiving SMS, checking emails, browsing on the internet and more. The aircraft must reach 20000 feet if you want to enjoy roaming services.

WiFi roaming option is also available and you can enjoy it when your flight reaches 10000 feet or above. First, you will have to log in to your internet during the flight. As of now at Cathay Pacific Airlines only Boingo and Telekom roaming partners are available. To know more about Cathay Pacific Wi-Fi visit this link.

Who Is The Provider Of Cathay Pacific Airlines WiFi?

Panasonic provides inflight Wi-Fi connectivity to Cathay Pacific (A350 aircraft) and GOGO provides Wi-Fi connectivity to Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft.

AircraftWiFi Provider
A350 aircraftPanasonic
Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft.GOGOAIR

Note that the Wi-Fi service provided by Panasonic is not satisfactory according to customer experience. However, GOGOAIR’s Wi-Fi service achieved passengers praise compared to the Panasonic service.

Customer Support – WiFi

Panasonic WIFI Customer Support: If you face any problem connecting Wi-Fi service provided by Panasonic then you can contact them via this email: CPAWIFIHelp@panasonic.aero

or hotline numbers:

  • Hong Kong toll-free at +800-906-284.
  • US toll-free at +1-855-752-0055.

GOGOAIR WIFi Customer Support: For any kind of GOGOAIR Wi-Fi support you can live chat with them by

Or email them at: hksupport@gogoair.com

Or contact them at:

  • Hong Kong toll-free at 800-961-983.
  • US toll-free at +1 571 465 5960.

Cathay Pacific Airline Quick Overview

Airlines nameCathay Pacific
Flag carrierHongkong

Cathay Pacific Entertainment Facilities

Cathay Pacific has won the world’s best inflight entertainment award for 2023 by Skytrax. They have the world’s largest inflight movie and TV library available in Asia Pacific. Also, seatback entertainment is available on each seat of every aircraft. The airline’s long-haul flights have a huge media library which includes Airbus A350-900, A350-1000, and Boeing B777-300ER aircraft. All A321 Neo Aircraft of this airline have 4k resolution display and Bluetooth audio available so that you can get the best experience throughout your journey. You can also enjoy live sports which includes premium league, UEFA Champions League, NBA, and Formula One while on board via channel Sport 24 if you are traveling on an A350 aircraft.

Can I Charge My Electronic Device During The Flight?

You can charge certain devices by using seat power when you are in flight. However, this is not permitted during the landing and take-off. USB port voltage is 5V DC with  500 mA output. You should charge only one electronic device per seat power/USB port.


Does Cathay Pacific Have Inflight WiFi?

YesCathay Pacific has a Wi-Fi facility.

Does Cathay Pacific Have Free Inflight WiFi?

Yes, first-class passengers of Cathay Pacific Airlines can enjoy complimentary free inflight Wi-Fi if they travel in Airbus A350 or A321 neo aircraft.

How Fast Is Cathay Pacific WiFi?

Wi-Fi speed on Airbus A350’s is 3MBPS and on A321neo aircraft’s is around 10 MBPS due to the newly added faster Satellite system onboard.

Do I Need The Cathay Pacific App To Use Cathay Pacific WiFi?

No, you won’t have to use the Cathay Pacific app to use the wifi service.

What Is The Accepted Payment Gateway For Cathay Pacific WiFi?

PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.

Cathay Pacific Social Media Accounts