Complete Guide To Connect Norwegian WiFi OnBoard

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Norwegian Air Shuttle has high-speed inflight Wi-Fi service on most of their flights. The Wi-Fi system is gate to gate meaning you can access the Wi-Fi immediately you enter the Wi-Fi equipped flight(Currently Norwegian Air only provides Wi-Fi service on all of their Boeing 737-800 flights and Boeing 737 MAX 8 flights do not have inflight Wi-Fi facilities). The airline also provides high-speed paid Wi-Fi service which you can use to stream any videos, movies, or TV series. Also, you can conduct heavy tasks.

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA – Brief Overview

Norwegian Air Shuttle(ASA) or simply Norwegian is the 2nd largest airline in Scandinavia and the largest airline in Norway in terms of the number of passengers. It was founded in 1993 and is operated by the parent company the Norwegian Group.

The Norwegian Air Shuttle has received awards several times for its low-cost budget in Europe. The airline is integrated as a subsidiary company of the Norwegian Air Shuttle (ASA). The airline serves flights to both domestic and international destinations.

Airlines NameNorwegian Air Shuttle ASA
FoundedJanuary 22, 1993
AddressFornebu, Norway
Subsidiary NameNorwegian Air Norway Norwegian Air Sweden
Subsidiary foundedNorwegian Air Norway – 2013 Norwegian Air Sweden -2018
Fleet size26 – excluding subsidiaries
Destinations104(as Of January 2021)
Operating BasesBergen , Oslo- Gardermoen, Stavanger
Main HubOslo Airport
Social MediaFacebook Official, Twitter Official, Instagram Official
Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air WiFi Options With Costs

As of now, Norwegian Air provides inflight Wi-Fi only on their Boeing 737-800 aircraft flights. Currently, there are three Wi-Fi options or packages available on board.

WiFi Plan NameDetails
SURF You can enjoy fifteen minutes of free Wi-Fi under this package and Wi-Fi speed will be limited. The package is ideal for only sending and receiving emails and using messaging apps.
STREAM LIMITEDThis package will give you premium quality Wi-Fi service for thirty to sixty minutes during the flight. The Wi-Fi usage time of this plan depends on the length of your flight and it is perfect for streaming, surfing on social media and web browsing.
STREAM UNLIMITEDThis package will provide high-quality Wi-Fi service during your flight and it will let you stream, browse and surf on social media for unlimited time.

How To Connect To Norwegian Air Inflight WiFi?

  • At first turn on your device’s flight mode and enable your device’s Wi-Fi option.
  • Now connect to the Wi-Fi SSID name “Norwegian Internet Access” from the Wi-Fi network.
  • Then open your device web browser & it will automatically load the Norwegian web portal web page. If the web portal does not load automatically then search for (737-800).
  • Choose and select your desired Wi-Fi package & provide your details. Now start enjoying your Wi-Fi!

Norwegian Air Entertainment: Does Norwegian Air Have Entertainment?

Norwegian Air provides inflight entertainment facilities on overhead screens. You can enjoy video on demand on your personal device after connecting to the airline’s inflight Wi-Fi.

  • At first, connect to the “Norwegian Internet Access” Wi-Fi network by following the method described above.
  • Open your browser and it will automatically load the services provided by Norwegian Air Shuttle for its passengers as inflight entertainment.
  • From the options choose the movies or TV shows are gonna watch.
  • Pay with your credit card online.

What Is Video On Demand?

Video-on-demand service is available in Europe. The airline provides free high-speed internet services for most flights within Europe. So when you are onboard, stay connected with the Free wifi service and get access to the Video on Demand service. Enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows from the Norwegian Library.

How To Charge Electronic Devices On Norwegian Air?

On Norwegian Air, you will get a plug-in service for charging your mobile or laptop device. So if your devices are running out of battery, don’t panic just ask for help from your nearest cabin crew.

Norwegian Air Hotline Number For Queries

If you have any questions about the wifi service and payment system then visit this link.

Also call 1-800-455-9880 (USA) or email to

For general queries:  & 1-800-357-4159 (USA)

Hotline numbers of countries for flight queries:

  • Denmark +45 70 80 78 80
  • Finland +358 (0)9 231 01 600
  • France +33 (0) 97 07 38 001
  • Germany +49 (800) 5895000
  • Italy +390 694 802756
  • Norway +47 21 49 00 15
  • Spain +34 902 848 080
  • Sweden +46 (0)770 45 77 00
  • Other countries +47 2149 00 15

For details visit:


Does Norwegian Air Have WiFi?

Yes, Norwegian Airlines provides WI-Fi service on Boeing 737-800.

Does Norwegian Air Have Free WiFi??

The Norwegian Airline provides both free and paid Wi-Fi plans for its passengers. They are the first airlines that have been serving free Wi-Fi onboard to all European destinations since 2011.

Does Norwegian Air Have Paid WiFi?

Yes, Norwegian Air provides paid Wi-Fi service on all of their Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The paid Wi-Fi packages are known as Stream Limited and Stream Unlimited.

Does Norwegian Air Have WiFi On International Flights?

Yes, Norwegian Air provides Wi-Fi service on most of their international flights.

What Kind Of Service Can I Enjoy By Using Free Norwegian Air WiFi?

By using free Norwegian Air Wi-Fi you can enjoy 15 minutes of limited Wi-Fi which is perfect for web browsing, email sending or receiving and messaging with others.

What Is The Name Of Norwegian Air WiFi?

Norwegian Air’s Wi-Fi network name is “Norwegian Internet Access”.

Who Provides Norwegian Air WiFi Service?

Anuvu provides inflight Wi-Fi service on Norwegian Air flights.