Complete Guide To Connect The British Airways Wifi 2023

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British Airways or BA is a full-service airline in the United Kingdom based in London England that has been flying passengers for over 100 years. It is certified as a 4-star airline for quality products and onboard staff service and flies passengers to over 200 destinations. First it was founded as As Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited in 1919.

Like other renowned airports, British Airways (BA) has onboard wifi service. The wifi is not free and it will cost £8 for 1 hour, £18 for 4 hours and £24 for the whole flight for the “browse package”. The paid wifi is available for all classes of air tickets such as first-class, economy class, business class or elite class and premium economy class.

British Airways

British Airways Overview At A Glance:

British Airways is the second-largest carrier in the UK after Easy Jet. It started its journey in 1974 as “British Airways”(previously was Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited) and its central hub is at Heathrow airport, London. In January 2011 it merged with Iberia and created the International Airlines Group (IAG). Its International Air Transport Association(IATA) code is BA and the ICAO code is BAW.

Airlines NameBritish Airways
CountryUnited Kingdom
Parent CompanyInternational Airlines Group (IGA)
CEOSean Doyle
WebsiteBritish airways

British Airways WiFi Packages & Costs

Browse package (Basic Web Browsing)

1 hour 4.99GBP
4 hours10.99GBP
Full flight14.99GBP

Stream Package (High-speed Web Browsing And Video Streaming)

1 hour£8
4 hours£18
Unlimited Entire Flight£24
First HourFree provided by VISA

How To Connect With British Airways WiFi?

+When you are traveling on WIFI-enabled aircraft, your crew will help you to connect with wifi.

+Enable “flight or airline mood” on your device when your aircraft cruise above 10000 feet. Decide which device you are going to connect to the wifi as you won’t be able to switch the connection among devices.

+Now find out the wifi settings and join ‘BAWi-Fi’network. It is very simple to do.

+Now open your device’s web browser and it will automatically open the .air homepage. If it does not open automatically then type on your browser URL bar or the search box to register and log in.

+Then select and purchase your desired internet package that will suit your need.

Coupon Codes, Promo Code,s Or Discount Offers For Wi-Fi:

Currently, BA does not offer any coupon code. You can visit the BA Facebook page for detailed information. If we find any coupon codes or discount offers then we will update them here.

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British Airways Hotlines

You can contact British airways for any service which includes ticket issues, reissues, refunds, cancellations, general information, wifi information, and other related services.

From within the United Kingdom0800 123 111
Outside of the United Kingdom+44 191 490 7901


Is British Airways Wi-Fi Free?

No. British airways wifi is not free and it is always paid although recently it is trialing a free wifi package for first-class customers. If you are a first-class traveler then enter your seat number and surname or booking reference and it will be automatically connected.

Which Planes Of British Airways Have Wi-Fi?

Almost 90% of aircraft of British airways have onboard wifi facilities including Boeing 787 and Airbus A380.

How Fast Is British Airways WiFi?

British Airways provide high-speed internet service for onboard passengers. Its wifi speed is 500 to 600 Kibibits per second for all individual users for downloading anything and for uploads 300 Kibibits per second. You can watch any movie without buffering. Overall you will get a minimum of 250kbps for the browse package and 660 kbps or 0.66Mbps.

Who Provides British Airways Wifi?

.air provides wifi on British Airways.

Does British Airways Wifi Support Netflix?

Yes, British Airways wifi supports Netflix. It allows you to stream any Netflix’s content on your smart devices and laptops while you are onboard.

British Airways (BA) WiFi Refund System?

If you want to refund your British Airways wifi then you can do this by contacting the British airways website contact us form or through online chat. You will have to provide your British Airways flight number and ticket number to get the refund.

Which Devices Can I Use To Access Wi-Fi Onboard?

You can use any Android or iPhone device. BA wifi supports Chrome, Safari, IE11 and Microsoft Edge browsers. However, your browsers have to be up to date otherwise certain features may not work.

What Can I Use .air Wi-Fi For?

You can view flight information, book tickets, and stream any music or video content based on your internet package.

How Many British Airways Planes Have Wifi?

Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 747-400, Airbus A350-1000, Airbus A380.

British Airways Social Media Accounts

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