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Turkish Airlines is the national airline of Turkey that provides services to 315 destinations or 125 countries. The destinations cover the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia. It is also the world’s largest mainline carrier in terms of passenger destinations.

The airline’s headquarters is located in İstanbul, Turkey. However, it uses Istanbul Airport as its main base & uses Ankara Esenboğa Airport & İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport as secondary hubs. This airline has more than 350 aircraft in service. As of 2022, the airline has 37670 employees.

As one of the most popular and unique airlines in the world, Turkish Airlines provides some exceptional inflight services which attract every inflight passenger. Inflight entertainment includes live TV, Wifi Services etc. However Turkish Airlines’ wifi service is paid. Till 2020 Turkish Airlines was providing wifi service to its 131 aircraft & by 2024 it has planned to activate wifi service to 301 aircraft.

Turkish Airlines

Quick Facts – Turkish Airlines

Airlines nameTurkish Airlines
Founded20 May 1933
HeadquartersAtatürk Airport in Yeşilköy, Bakırköy; Istanbul
Fleet size373
Cargo Fleet24
WIFI providerTürk Telekom infrastructure
Employees37,670 (2020)

Turkish Airlines WiFi Cost

Turkish Airlines offer high-speed inflight wifi services to their A330, A350, A321 NEO, B787, B777 & B737 MAX aircraft. You can use your smartphone, laptop or tablet etc to connect to the broadband wifi service. The wifi service can handle any high-bandwidth apps easily.

Package For Business Class & Miles&Smiles Card Holder Passengers.

ClassComplimentary Access Limit
Business Class Passengers (
Miles&Smiles Elite or Elite Plus Card Holders)
Business Class1 GB
Miles&Smiles Elite &  Elite Plus Card Holders400 MB
Miles&Smiles Classic &  Classic Plus Card Holders10 MB

Note: You can select & use above mentioned packages on board wifi webpage. Also, you can sign up for Miles&Smiles Classic membership while you are inflight.

Packages For Economy Class Passengers

Data PlanCost
20 MB2.99 USD
50 MB4.99 USD
100 MB7.99 USD
250 MB14.99 USD
500 MB24.99 USD

Note: Passengers who already consumed complimentary wifi quotes can use any of these data packs by purchasing.

Also, passengers of A350, A330, B787 & B777 type aircraft can enjoy Live TVs & Roaming(roaming fees will apply as per mobile operator policy). Live TV covers six international TV channels. You can send and receive emails & browse the internet(including social media) by using your mobile device.

How To Connect To TK WiFi?

When you are on the flight, you will see Turkish Airlines (TK) magazine in your seat pocket. In the magazine, you will find detailed information on Turkish Airlines’ wifi service & how to connect to the wifi.

Just follow the navigation and you will be easily able to connect to the wifi successfully. Use the TK wifi app & password for connecting to the wifi.

Also, you can watch this video for more help.

Wifi Support:

tel:0 212 306 10 00

Customer Services: 444 1 444


Device Charging Option At TK Airport

B777-300ER & A330-300 aircraft have USB ports & power supplies available for all types of passengers. However, power supply & USB ports are available in Business class on B787, B737 MAX, B737-900ER, A350 & A321 NEO aircraft. Although on these aircraft passengers of Economy class can charge devices by using the monitor USB outlets.

So you can easily charge your smartphones, laptops & tablets by using the power sockets & USB ports using the above aircraft. Just be sure which classes you are traveling to.

Turkish Airlines (THY) Support Center:


Call center telephone: +90 212 463 63 63

Call Center: +33 1 579 79 849

Fax: +90 212 465 21 21

United States: +1-800-874 8875

United Kingdom  0844 800 66 66, 0203 991 1993

For more information visit this website


Do Turkish Airlines Offer Free Wi-Fi?

No, wifi on Turkish airlines is paid.

How Do I Get Wi-Fi On Turkish Airlines?

First, turn your device’s flight mode on & turn on wifi network. Then from the available wifi network list select & connect to “Türk Telekom WiFi Fly” wireless network. Open a browser and load a page then click connect and start using.

Who Provides Turkish Airlines WIFI Service?

Türk Telekom infrastructure.

Do Turkish Airlines Have Inflight WiFi?

Yes, THY provides onboard paid wifi access.

Does Turkish Airlines (THY) WIFI Support Netflix?

Yes, it does.

At What Altitude Wifi Service Available During The Flight?

At 10000 feet in height wifi service will be activated for international passengers.

What Is The Speed of Turkish Airline Wifi?

Minimum 250 Kbps download speed per passenger & no upper limit. Speed depends on no of users at a time and satellite using capacity.

Which Turkish Airlines Airplanes Have Wifi Access?

All Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787, Boeing 737 MAX, Airbus 330-300, Airbus 350 & Airbus 321 NEO aircraft.

Is Turkish Airlines Provide Wifi Service On Domestic Flights?


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