A Complete Guide To Connect Emirates WiFi(Free And Paid)

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Emirates provides inflight Wi-Fi service to passengers who travel with them. The airline’s inflight Wi-Fi service is paid and only Emirates Skywards Members can enjoy free Wi-Fi options. Paid Wi-Fi packages start from $2.99 and the maximum price is $9.99. Wi-Fi services at Emirates are provided by OnAir.

Emirates WiFi Plans & Price

Emirates Airlines has different Wi-Fi plans. Note that: Because of limited bandwidth & satellite data cost you may experience restricted media streaming and sync services. Emirates Wi-Fi plan for passengers are as follows.

Plan NameCostServices You Can Enjoy
Unlimited Chat For The Whole Flight $2.99 to $5.99(depends on flight length)You can enjoy chatting with family or friends via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, iMessage, Line or Viber. The service is only for text messages.
WiFi For Whole Flight $9.99 to $19.99(depends on flight length)Social media surfing, browsing on the web, streaming videos
Easy Connect – Selected Region $9.99 for 30 minutes no data limitSocial media surfing, browsing on the web, streaming videos

Free Wi-Fi for Emirates Skywards members

If you are an Emirates Skywards member then you can enjoy free Wi-Fi services for unlimited chat and free Wi-Fi for the whole flight. You need to book at least one day before your flight. For detailed information visit Emirates App.

Free Unlimited Chat: If you are an Emirates Skywards Blue member traveling in business class, premium economy class or economy class, and or you are an Emirates Skywards Silver or Gold member traveling in economy class or premium economy class then you can enjoy an unlimited chat option. YOu can chat with WhatsApp, Messenger and other kinds of text messaging services throughout the whole flight.

Free Internet Whole Flight: If you are an Emirates Skywards Blue member traveling first class or An Emirates Skywards Gold or Silver member traveling in first class or business class then you can enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the flight. The free Wi-Fi service is also available for Emirates Skywards Platinum members in any cabin throughout the flight.

Emirates Airline

How To Purchase Emirates WiFi Plan

  • At first, after take-off, turn On your device’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Now connect to Wi-Fi SSID “OnAir Wi‑Fi” from the Wi-Fi network.
  • Login in if you are an active member of Emirates Skywards.
  • If you are not a Skywards member then choose your desired Wi-Fi plan.
  • Pay Online.

Emirates Entertainment: Does Emirates Have Inflight Entertainment?

emirates have an award-winning ice(stands for information, connectivity, and entertainment) inflight entertainment facility available in every cabin class. The facility was launched in 2003 and in current days passengers who travel with them can enjoy more than 6500 channels full of high-demand movies, music, TV series, documentaries etc in over 40 different languages. In total, the airline has more than 3900 hours of movies and TV shows. Also, it has over 3300 hours of music and podcasts.

Along with these incredible entertainment facilities, Emirates Ice provides many practical features to its passengers. These features include checking your flight status including routes, real-time view of the sky, travel guide, inflight TV shopping channel, LinkedIn learning and more. All of these services you can enjoy on your Emirates mobile app.

Note: If you want to create an ice playlist before your flight then visit this link. After creating your playlist you can connect your device to your inflight seat-back TV screen and enjoy the entertainment.

Mobile Charging Facility On Emirates Flight

You can charge your mobile on a USB port available on all seats of 380s & 777s. All you have to bring is your USB charging cable.

Quick Overview- Emirates Airline

Emirates(EK) is the largest airline in UAE(United Arab Emirates) & Middle East and is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group. Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates is its headquarters. The airline was founded in 1985. Per week it operates over 3600 flights to more than 158 destinations in 85 countries.

Its main hub is located at Dubai International Airport. Its IATA code is EK & ICAO code is UAE with the Callsign EMIRATES. This state-owned airline is well known for its high-quality services throughout the world. It has onboard paid Wi-Fi services.

NameEmirates (Ṭayarān Al-Imārāt)
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
HubsDubai International Airport
HeadquartersGarhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Employees59,519 (March 2020)


Does Emirates Have WiFi?

Yes, Emirates Have inflight Wi-Fi for their passengers.

Does Emirates Have Free WiFi?

Emirates provides free Wi-Fi for only Emirates Skywards Members in certain conditions(they need to fly in some specific class). Other passengers must purchase a Wi-Fi plan to enjoy inflight Wi-Fi.

Does Emirates Economy Class Have WiFi?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available on Emirates Economy class flights.

Which Emirates Aircraft Have WiFi Service?

Including Airbus A380 and Boeing 777, almost every Emirates Aircraft have inflight Wi-Fi service. For more info check while booking.

Who Provides Emirates Inflight WiFi?

OnAir provides Emirates inflight Wi-Fi.

How Good Is Emirates WiFi?

On average all Emirates flights’ Wi-Fi download speed is 1.17 Mbps & upload speed is 0.33 Mbps. Speed quality depends on many factors like how many passengers are connected at a time.

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