A Complete Guide To Connect Dubai Airport WiFi

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Inside Dubai International Airport, both free & paid WiFi services are available. Boingo provides free Wi-Fi at Dubai Airport. You need a Wi-Fi enabled device to enjoy the WiFi service. WiFi service for the first 60 minutes is free.

If you need additional data, you can buy a paid package for your mobile device. The price for the mobile device package starts from AED 19.95 or $5.43 per hour. However, you can buy a package for one day to use WiFi on your laptops. This package costs AED 29.95 or $8.15 for one day. 

Also, if you are a regular traveler in this DXB Airport, then you can buy a package for one month provided by the Boingo World Wide Program. It will cost you AED 49.95 or $13.60 for one month.

Dubai Airport WiFi – Brief Overview

Information NameDetails
Dubai Airport Wi-Fi Network Name“DXB Free WiFi”
WiFi TypeFree & paid
Free WiFi Duration60 minutes
Free WiFi Speedaround 100 Mbps
Passwordno password required
Paid Wi-Fi Provider NameBoingo

Dubai Airport – WiFi Cost

FreeAED 060 Minutes
For MobilesAED 19.95 or $ 5.431 Hour
For LaptopsAED 29.95 or $8.151 Day
Boingo Worldwide ProgramAED 49.95 or $13.601 Month

How To Connect To Dubai Airport WiFi?

To connect to the free WiFi of Dubai International Airport (DXB), please follow the steps given below.

1. First make sure your device is Wi-Fi enabled.

2. Go to Settings & find Wi-Fi settings Under Wireless & Networks.

3. Turn on the Wi-Fi option and find the WiFi SSID “DXB Free WiFi” & tap to connect.

4. Now open your device browser.

5. Click on “Get Online Now” and enjoy web browsing.

Dubai Airport Mobile Charging Facility

Across the airport mobile charging stations with USB & three-pin plugs are available. You can find charging stations mainly in concourses & gates areas.

Dubai Airport Terminal Area

Interesting Facts About Dubai Airport

  • The Dubai Airport is over 60 years old!
  • The DXB Airport is the world’s one of the busiest airport & hold it for five consecutive years.
  • The total area of DXB Airport equals 297 football fields!
  • The Concourse A of the airport is fully dedicated to passengers of all Emirates Airlines A380 Aircraft!
  • Terminal Three(T3) has a huge indoor garden which is called Zen Garden! Inside the garden, you will find lush trees, fresh fish pods & many benches where you can relax and wait for your flight. Also, the garden has play areas for kids.

Dubai Airport – Overview

Dubai International Airport is world’s one of the busiest airports for international passengers. The airport is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Airport construction was begun in 1959 & officially opened for public service in 1960. The total area of the DXB covers 7200 acres. The airport has three terminals and 32 gates with three concourses. Emirates & Flydubai use this airport as their hub.

This airport weekly serves 8000 flights to over 270 destinations worldwide by 100 airlines. Also, the airport is the main economic contributor to the Dubai area. Around 90000 people are employed by this airport which is worth over $26.7 billion to the economy.

As a renowned airport in the world, Dubai International Airport provides different facilities for its passengers. Inside the airport, you can enjoy both free & paid WiFi services. In the below table, a brief description of Dubai International Airport has been given for your convenience.

DXB Seating Area
Airport NameDubai International Airport (DXB)
Airport TypePublic
AddressAirport Road, 2525, Dubai, United Arab Emirates(UAE)
LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Airport CodeDXB
OwnerGovernment of Dubai
OperatorDubai Airports Company
Hub ForEmirates, Flydubai, FedEx Express
WiFiBoth free & paid Wi-Fi available
WiFi ProviderBoingo Wireless
Total Area7200 acres
Elevation62 ft / 19 m
Phone+971 4 2245555 (24/7 call center)
Total EmployeesAround 90000
Passengers23.9 million (2020)
Coordinates25.2532° N, 55.3657° E
Social MediaTwitter, Facebook, Instagram


Does Dubai International Airport (DXB) Have WiFi?

Yes. Dubai Airport provides Wi-Fi service in the airport areas.

Does Dubai International Airport (DXB) Have Free WiFi?

Yes., Dubai Airport provides free Wi-Fi for the first 60 minutes. Then you need to buy a data package.

Is Dubai International Airport (DXB) Free Wi-Fi Limited?

Dubai Airport’s free sixty minutes of Wi-Fi has no data limit. You can use as much data as you can use within the sixty minutes.

Do I Need A Password To Connect To Dubai International Airport (DXB) Free WiFi?

No. To connect to Dubai Airport free Wi-Fi no password is required.

How Fast Is Dubai International Airport (DXB) Free WiFi?

Dubai International Airport has the super first Wi-Fi service according to an internet speed test report conducted by an independent company. The free WiFi speed is around 100 Mbps which is the fastest among all airports in the world.

How Many Devices Are Allowed To Connect Dubai International Airport (DXB) Free WiFi?

No limitations. You can connect as many devices as you want to connect to free Dubai Airport Wi-Fi.

What Is The Name Of Dubai International Airport (DXB) Free WiFi?

Dubai Airport’s free Wi-Fi Network SSID name is “DXB Free WiFi”.

Is There Any Paid WiFi Available At Dubai International Airport (DXB)?

Yes. Dubai Airport has paid Wi-Fi facilities. After the expiry of sixty minutes of free Wi-Fi, you can purchase a paid Wi-Fi data package at AED 19.95 per hour for mobile devices, or AED 29.95 whole day for laptop devices.

Is There Free WiFi At Terminal 3 Of Dubai International Airport (DXB)?

Yes. Like other places at Dubai Airport, Terminal 3 also has free unlimited Wi-Fi facility.

Dubai International Airport – MAP