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Indira Gandhi International Airport or simply Delhi Airport is the main international airport located in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 1962. The airport was named after former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi in 1986. As of now, Delhi Airport is the busiest airport in India in terms of passengers carried & second busiest airport in the world in terms of seating capacity.

GMR Group is the owner and operator of this airport since 2006. Popular Indian airlines like Air India(AI), and AirAsia India(I5) use this famous airport as their operating base. As of 2022, New Delhi Airport provides non-stop flight service to more than 138 destinations in 44 countries.

The longest nonstop flight from Delhi airport is to San Francisco airport(SFO) which is 7689 km or 4778 miles that are operated by United Airlines. The total area of this airport is 5,106 acres which covers three active terminals with three parallel runways.

So, if you are planning to travel to Delhi airport then the good news for you is that the airport has a free inflight Wi-Fi facility for its passengers.

Overview – Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)

Airport nameIndira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)
CityNew Delhi
Wi-Fi SSIDGMR Free Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Cost FREE Unlimited Wi-Fi service available for 120 Minutes
Wi-Fi providerIndira Gandhi  International Airport (DEL)
Airport Phone+91 124 337 6000
Social MediaTwitter 
WebsiteDEL Airport
Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal

Wi-Fi Service At Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport has a free Wi-Fi facility in all the terminal areas. The Wi-Fi SSID name of Delhi airport is “GMR Free Wi-Fi”. You can use any of your smart devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc to connect to Delhi airport’s free Wi-Fi facility.

However, the Wi-Fi facility of Delhi Airport is available for the first two hours only. After using the first two hours if you want to use the Wi-Fi for more time then just reconnect to the Wi-Fi SSID. The speed of the Delhi airport Wi-Fi service is high quality.

Note that you will have to use a SIM card(mobile number) if you want to use the free Delhi Airport Wi-Fi service. You will need a mobile number for receiving an OTP that will be needed to connect to the Wi-Fi service. Delhi Airport Wi-Fi service easily sends OTP to local Indian numbers and international numbers as well.

In case your mobile number is nonworking then please contact the nearest Wi-Fi team at the informational Kiosk.

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How To Connect To New Delhi Airport WiFi

• First open your device Wi-Fi and look for the Wi-Fi SSID name GMR Free Wi-Fi.

• Connect to the Wi-Fi SSID and it will automatically redirect you to the Delhi Airport Wi-Fi portal page.

• Just enter your mobile phone number on the portal page and you will be given an OTP by SMS then auto-fill the OTP and set a four-digit pin number.

• Just set the pin number then will be accessed to high-speed internet service for free.

• Start enjoying your free Wi-Fi service for more than 120 minutes.

Delhi Airport – Device Charging

Various power outlets are available throughout the Delhi Airport where you can charge your smartphone, laptops, tablets etc for free. You can find a charging station near the food court of Terminals 1 & 3. Also, mobile charging points can be found in other places like the 2nd-floor seating areas of Terminal 1.

Sleeping At New Delhi Airport

In the New Delhi Airport, you will find some sleeping areas. However, the main sleeping area is located at Terminal three where you will find various couches that can be stretched as per your requirement. You will also find plenty of seating areas without armrests and carpeted areas(near shopping areas).

The problem is Delhi Airport is not quiet all the time even at night. So it is recommended for you to bring your own earplug or noise-canceling headphones and a sleeping mask as well.

Throughout the airport, you will notice plenty of seating points and if you are lucky then you can get access to any armrest-free seating place, couches, or reclining chairs.


Is Wi-Fi Service Available At New Delhi AIrport?

Yes, at New Delhi Airport you can enjoy Wi-Fi service.

Is The Wi-Fi Service At Delhi Airport Free?

Yes, the Wi-Fi service at Delhi Airport is totally free of charge.

What Is The Name Of The Wi-Fi SSID Of Delhi Airport?

The Wi-Fi SSID name of Delhi Airport is “GMR Free Wi-Fi” which is provided by the Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL).

How Long I Can Use Delhi Airport Inflight Wi-Fi?

You can use the high-quality free Delhi Airport inflight Wi-Fi service for at least 2 hours then if you need to use more Wi-Fi service then just reconnect to the Wi-Fi SSID  “GMR Free Wi-Fi”.

How Many Devices Are Allowed To Connect To Delhi Airport Wi-Fi Facility?

You can connect any of your laptop, smartphone, tabs etc devices to Delhi Airport Wi-Fi.

Can I Use Delhi Airport Inflight Wi-Fi Facility Without Using The OTP?

No, you can’t. You have to use OTP for verification and this will require an active sim with the network connection.

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