Detailed Guide To Connect To Hong Kong Airport WiFi (Free)

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Inside the Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) you can use free unlimited Wi-Fi service at all the seating points & important public areas of the passenger terminals. To enjoy this airport Wi-Fi service you won’t have to go through any type of registration process. However, the airport authority recommends turning off your device data service to avoid the roaming service fee.

Also, they recommend initially not to enter any website or domain that starts with https://. Also if you forget to bring your laptop with you, still you can use the internet by using 94 desktop computers located in 36 different places around Terminal 1. Moreover, you can access complimentary broadband WiFi service through another six computers at the Internet Zone, North Satellite Concourse area.

Hong Kong Airport Inside

How To Connect To Hong Kong Airport WiFi?

If you want to use the free Wi-Fi provided by the HKIA, then please follow the steps given below. 

  • At first, confirm that you are using a Wi-Fi enabled device.
  • Now go to the Settings option and find Wi-Fi under Wireless & Network Settings. 
  • Turn on WiFi Settings.
  • Find out the WiFi network SSID name “#HKAirport Free WiFi” or “#HKAirport Hi-Speed WiFi” and connect to it.
  • Now open your internet browser & enter any valid website address except the website address starts with https://.
  • Read & review the terms and conditions then click “Agree and Continue”.
  • Start enjoying your unlimited web browsing!

Note: In case you are unable to connect to HKG Airport’s free Wi-Fi, just simply refresh the Wi-Fi setting by disabling and enabling it. If you don’t find the “#HKAirport Free WiFi” network in your Wi-Fi option, select “#HKAirport Free WiFi (legacy)”. Also for any Wi-Fi related help call this hotline number:2188 7799. Or you can reach any nearest customer service center at the airport area.

Device Charging Facility At Hong Kong International Airport

Throughout the airport passenger terminals, boarding gates, and transfer areas more than 6700 device charging points are installed. You can easily charge your personal electronic devices by using any of these charging points located near boarding gates, and transfer areas.

You can use either a three rectangular pin fused rated power socket or you can bring your own 13A three-pin rectangular adaptor. Also, USB ports are available in all suitable passenger locations. By connecting the USB cables to those USB ports you can charge your devices. However, you will have to bring your own USB Cable Connector.

Hong Kong Airport – Overview

Hong Kong International Airport(HKG) or simply HKIA or Chek Lap Kok Airport was opened in 1998. This Hong Kong International Airport is world’s one of the busiest airports in terms of passenger services. Also, it is the main international airport in Hong Kong that works as a gateway & hub for destinations between China & Asia. The HKG Airport covers a total of 1,255 hectares of area. It has a total of two terminals with 90 boarding gates. This public airport is owned and operated by the Airport Authority Hong Kong.

Many renowned international airlines use this airport as a hub. HKIA is hugely contributing to Hong Kong’s economy by employing around 650000 employees. Daily over 120 airlines use this airport to serve more than 1100 plus flights over 220 destinations worldwide. Yearly this airport serves more than forty million domestic and international passengers.

As the primary international airport, HKIA provides nonstop high-quality service to its millions of passengers. Free Wi-Fi is one of the services among these high-quality services. HKIA has available Wi-Fi service at every point inside the airport. Here is a quick overview of basic information about Hong Kong International Airport.

Airport NameHong Kong International Airport (HKG)
Opened6 July 1998
LocationChek Lap Kok, Islands District, New Territories, Hong Kong
Address1 Sky Plaza Rd, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
Total area1255 hectares
CityHong Kong
CountryHong Kong
Airport CodeHKG
Zip Code3P118
Airport TypePublic
OperatorAirport Authority Hong Kong
Time ZoneGMT+8
Hub ForPassenger: Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express. Cargo: Air Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Cargo, DHL Aviation Hong Kong Airlines Cargo, UPS Airlines
Focus City ForChina Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Singapore Airlines
WiFi Name“#HKAirport Free WiFi” or “#HKAirport Hi-Speed WiFi”
Total Terminals2
Total Gates90
Elevation9 m / 28 ft
Daily Flights1100+
Phone+852 2181 8888, 2188 7799(Wi-Fi)
Social MediaTwitter 


Does Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) Have WiFi?

Yes. You can enjoy Wi-Fi service at the Hong Kong International Airport.

Does Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) Have Free WiFi?

Yes, Hong Kong Airport has free Wi-Fi service available through the airport terminal buildings including boarding gates and arrival hall.

Is The Free WiFi At Hong Kong International Airport(HKG) Limited?

No. You can use Hong Kong Airport’s free Wi-Fi for as long as you want. No data limitation is applicable.

What Is The Name Of Hong Kong International Airport(HKG) Free WiFi?

Hong Kong Airport’s free Wi-Fi network SSID name is “#HKAirport Free WiFi” & or “#HKAirport Hi-Speed WiFi”.

How Fast Is Hong Kong International Airport(HKG) Free WiFi?

There are fifteen high-speed Wi-Fi zones available at Hong Kong Airport to provide high-speed Wi-Fi. HKG Airport’s free Wi-Fi download speed can be up to 400 megabits per second.

How Many Devices I Can Connect To Hong Kong International Airport(HKG)?

There is no limit for devices. You can connect as many Wi-Fi enabled devices as you want. 

What Should I Do If I Face Problem Connecting To Hong Kong International Airport(HKG) WiFi?

If you face a problem connecting the to Hong Kong Airport Wi-Fi of this airport then use the available leaflet on the airport website or call this hotline number 2188 7799. Also, you can approach the nearest customer care number.

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