Flydubai Inflight WiFi | How To Connect Flydubai WiFi?

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Flydubai is a low-cost airline based at Dubai International Airport. The airline is legally known as Dubai Aviation Corporation and is owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates(UAE). Founded in 2008, Flydubai started its operation in 2009.

Flydubai operates flights to more than 114 destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Africa & Europe. Despite being a low-cost airline, Flydubai provides some quality service for its passengers. Among these services, inflight Wi-Fi service and inflight entertainment service are mentionable. “Get Going” is the motto of Flydubai.

Facts – Flydubai

Name Flydubai
Started operation2009
Parent CompanyGovernment of UAE
Headquarter Dubai International Airport, UAE
Main HubDubai International Airport
Focus citiesAl Maktoum International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes (Paid)
Inflight EntertainmentYes
Passenger Destinations114
Operating Aircraft68 (as of 2022)
Social MediaFacebook

Flydubai Inflight Wifi Service

Flydubai provides inflight Wi-Fi service for its passengers. However, the Flydubai Wi-Fi service is paid and currently, there are three different types of Wi-Fi options available for passengers based on short haul, medium haul and long haul flights. The “30-minute pass” Wi-Fi option is available for flights over 2 hours. The “24 hours pass” Wi-Fi option and “One-way pass” Wi-Fi option are available for medium and long-haul flights.

To know details about Flydubai Wi-Fi cost visit the Wi-Fi page provided by Airtime inflight portal. MasterCard, Visa or American Express etc can be used to purchase for Flyduabi inflight Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi prices vary depending on the length of the flight, route and other things. By using the Flydubai inflight Wi-Fi packages you can spend your time checking and sending emails. Other services you can enjoy include browsing the web, surfing social media networks, and getting updates about the latest news around the world.

Note: You can monitor your flight progress and access to website by using the Airtime Inflight WI-Fi portal. For this you won’t have to purchase any Wi-Fi package. Easily you can get travel ideas, and book your trip without any charge!

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Flydubai Inflight Wifi Packages:

Packages NameTimePriceFacilities
30 minutes pass30 minutesDepends on the route & duration of the flightSurfing on social media, browsing the web, checking emails, getting updated news around the world
24-hour pass24 hours (during on flight)Depends on the route & duration of the flightSurfing on social media, browsing the web, checking emails, getting updated news around the world
One-way passone leg of the journeyDepends on the route & duration of the flightSurfing on social media, browsing the web, checking emails, getting updated news around the world

Flydubai Inflight Entertainment

Flyduabi provides awesome inflight entertainment packages for its passengers that includes popular blockbuster movies, TV shows, music and games. If you are a passenger of Boeing 737-800 aircraft(Economy Class) then you can enjoy complimentary entertainment services throughout the flights from your personal devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets etc.

If you are a passenger of 737 MAX aircraft(Economy Class) then you can enjoy exceptional inflight entertainment from the individual touchscreen attached to each seat. Business Class passengers of Flydubai can enjoy more than hundreds of popular movies, TV shows, award-winning documentaries, music, games etc on the personal touchscreen installed on each seat.

Flydubai Inflight Charging Facility

Passengers of Economy Class can charge their devices on the USB ports attached under the inflight entertainment screen. Business Class passengers can charge their devices on the seat’s power supply.


Does Flydubai Have Inflight Wi-Fi?

Yes, Flydubai offers inflight Wi-Fi service for its passengers who fly with them.

Is The Flydubai Inflight Wi-Fi Free?

No, Flydubai inflight Wi-Fi service is not free. There are currently three Wi-Fi packages available and all of them are paid.

Who Provides Flydubai Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

The Inflight Wi-Fi service of Flydubai is provided by AIRTIME.

How Can I Purchase Flydubai Inflight Wi-Fi?

To purchase Flydubai inflight Wi-Fi you have to visit the Airtime inflight Wi-Fi portal from where you can purchase any of your desired Wi-Fi packages by using your MasterCard or Visa Card or American Card.

What Services Can Be Enjoyed By Using Flydubai Inflight Wi-Fi?

By using Flydubai inflight Wi-Fi service you can send and receive emails, surf on social media, browse the web and get the latest news. However, you cannot enjoy Netflix streaming.

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