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Gulf Air is an international airline based in Bahrain that was founded in 1950. The airline’s headquarter is located in Muharraq. Gulf Air uses Bahrain International Airport(IATA: BAH) as the main hub and daily it provides service to 55 destinations in 30 different countries.

These countries cover Europe, Asia, Africa, the Indian subcontinent etc. As of 2022, Gulf Air has a total of 34 aircraft in service which are Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A321LR & Boeing 787-9. As one of the popular airlines in the Middle East, Gulf Air provides an inflight paid Wi-Fi facility for its passengers.

The Wi-Fi SSID name of Gulf Air is “Gulf AirWifi” & the Wi-Fi service is provided by Panasonic Avionics. In the below table we have provided some crucial information about Gulf Air for your convenience.

About Gulf Air Airline

AirlineGulf Air
Airline Code -IATAGF
Airline CountryBahrain
CallsignGULF AIR
Wi-FiInflight paid Wi-Fi service available
Wi-Fi SSID nameGulf AirWfi
Gulf Air Customer Service Number+973 17373737
Gulf Air Social Media
Gulf Air Official Website
Gulf Air

How Can You Be Benefited By Using Gulf Air Inflight WiFi?

The Wi-Fi service provided on Gulf Air is very high quality. You can enjoy nearly 56 kbps internet speed for both domestic & international flights. Details guide for connecting Gulf Air inflight Wi-Fi service can be found in your front seat pocket while you are on board.

If you follow the info card instructions properly then you can easily access Gulf Air inflight paid Wi-Fi facility. You can use any of your smartphones, laptops, and other smart personal gadgets for connecting to Gulf Air Wi-Fi. Once you are connected to the Gulf Air Wi-Fi service, you can access any social media networks, streaming any movies or videos.

Also, you can access any business conferences and corporate VPN. You can use Gulf Air inflight Wi-Fi for using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to talk with anyone in the world. By using the VPN service you can easily download and upload any files while you are on board.

Accessing your international cards will be safe too as the Wi-Fi connection is secured. You can also access to any authentic portals.

Paid Wi-Fi Packages On Gulf Air

Gulf Air provides two types of Wi-Fi packages for its inflight passengers. The packages are as follows.

Gulf Air WI-FI PackagesCostDurationPayment Mode
Unlimited MB (high-speed network)$15/ BHD 6Per HourCredit Card
Unlimited MB (high-speed network)$30/ BHD 1124 hoursCredit Card  

Gulf Air Wi-Fi Refund Policy

You can refund your Wi-Fi as Gulf Air offers a Wi-Fi refund policy for its passengers. If you are using any of their data packages then you can ask for a refund. To get a Wi-Fi refund please follow the steps given below.

  • At first visit to Gulf Airlines contact us page. From the page request for a Wi-Fi refund.
  • Provide your inflight number and ticket number as well so that you can get your refund.
  • If you face any kind of problem-related to connecting Gulf Air inflight Wi-Fi service or refund the Wi-Fi then you can contact their contact number at +973 17373737 (Bahrain).

How To Connect To The Paid Gulf Air In-Flight WI-Fi?

To connect to the Gulf Air inflight Wi-Fi service(For both domestic and international flights) please follow the steps given below.

WI-FI Access: Paid in-flight Wi-Fi service available.

WI-FI Provider:  Panasonic Avionics.

Hotspot Name:  Gulf AirWifi.

First, check your seat pocket where you can find Gulf Air magazine. In the magazine, details information about connecting to Gulf Air is given. In the information card, you can find Gulf Air Wi-Fi App and password as well. Or you can easily download the Gulf Air App for accessing the inflight Wi-Fi service. By using the App, you can purchase Wi-Fi packages as per your choice. Also by using another way you can purchase inflight Wi-Fi service via credit card.

Gulf Air – Inflight Device Charging Port

You can charge your devices on Gulf Air while you are on board. In-seat power supply and USB charging ports are available for every passenger.

Gulf Air Inflight Entertainment Facility

Gulf Air provides a top-class entertainment facility for its passengers. If you are a passenger of Economy Cabin then you can enjoy the world’s most popular classic movies and latest movies & TV shows on your infront 11.6 personal screens. Also, you can enjoy a lot of popular music. Various TV channels are also available in multiple languages for your convenience.


Is Gulf Air Provide Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

Yes, Gulf Air provides Wi-Fi service on Board.

Is The Wi-Fi Service On Gulf Air Free?

No, Gulf Air only provides paid Wi-Fi service on board.

Who Provides The Gulf Air Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

Gulf Air paid Wi-Fi service is provided by Panasonic Avionics and the Wi-Fi SSID name is Gulf AirWfi.

How Can I Connect To Gulf Air Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

When you are on board find a magazine in front of your seat pocket where details information about the Wi-Fi service is given.

How Long I Can Use Gulf Air Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

It depends on your Wi-Fi Packages.

What Kind Of Devices Are Allowed To Connect To Gulf Air Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

You can use any of your smartphones, laptops, smart gadgets etc to Connect to Gulf Air inflight Wi-Fi.

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