Omni Air International WiFi Guide: OY Inflight WiFi

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Omni Air International (OY) is a charter airline in the USA that was founded in 1993. Its headquarters is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. Also, its hub is at Tulsa International Airport. The airline has an IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) registration.

Its callsign is OMNI and its IATA code is OY. It has a total of 14 fleets which include three Boeing 767-200ER, nine Boeing 767-300ER & three Boeing 777-200ER.

Omni Air International does not provide onboard Wi-Fi service on any of its flights. No inflight Wi-Fi is available in economy class, business class, premium class & first class.

Omni Air International

Quick Overview – Omni Air International

Airline NameOmni Air International
HeadquarterTulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Parent CompanyAir Transport Services Group (ATSG)
Fleet Size14
CEOJeff Crippen

Does Omni Air Have Inflight Entertainment?

Yes, Omni Air has inflight entertainment facilities for the passengers who travel with them. However, their inflight entertainment is limited to old movies.

Omni Air International Address And Hotlines

3303 N Sheridan Road, Hangar 19, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115

Hotlines: USA – (918) 836-5393

TTY (for hearing impaired customers):



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5 Facts About Omni Air International 

1. Omni Air International’s previous name was Omni Air Express (OAX). In 1997 it changed the name to its current name “Omni Air International”.

2. In 1993 it received an Air Operating Certificate.

3. In 1998 the airline retired its B727 aircraft!

4. Omni Air International received Department of Defence(DOD) CARB approval IN 1999.

5. In 2010 Omni International participated in the Haiti earthquake relief effort and maintained its operation during the Icelandic volcano eruption the same year.


Does Omni Air International Have WiFi?

No, Omni Air International Does not have a Wi-Fi facility on any of their flights.

Is Omni Air International WiFi Free?

Omni Air International does not provide Wi-Fi(free or paid) service on any of its flights.

What Does Omni Air International Do?

Omni Air International provides passenger transportation in various charter flights. Also specialized in Aircraft crew maintenance insurance(ACMI).

Does Omni Air Have First Class?


How Much Does Omni Air International WiFi Cost?

It is not applicable as no inflight Wi-Fi service is available at Omni Air International flights.

What Omni Air International Planes Have WiFi?

No Omni Air International Planes have Wi-Fi service.

Does Omni Air International Have Movies?

Yes, Each Omni Air International airlines have an inflight entertainment facility in each seat which includes movies. To know details visit Omni Air

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