RYANAIR WiFi Facility | Does RYANAIR Have InFlight WiFi?

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RYANAIR is a low-cost airline that was founded in 1984. Its headquarter is located at Dublin airport, Ireland. Based on passengers carried, RYANAIR is the largest airline in Ireland. As of now, it provides service to more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East(Israel, Turkey, Jordan) and North Africa.

As of 2022, including its subsidiaries, RYANAIR has a total of 506 aircraft in service. As of now as a low-cost airline, RYANAIR does not provide inflight Wi-Fi service for its passenger. However, RYANAIR facilitates its passengers to access the Wi-Fi network on the flight by using the free RYANAIR App so that they can easily check their emails.

By using the free app you can access the inflight Wi-Fi facility when your flight reaches over 30000 feet altitude.

Quick Overview – RYANAIR

Airline NameRYANAIR
LocationSwords, Dublin Airport, Dublin
Airline  Phone0902 33 600
Social MediaTwitter 

RYANAIR Wi-Fi Facility

As of now, RYANAIR is not providing inflight free or paid Wi-Fi facility for its passengers. However, you can access to inflight Wi-Fi network by using the RYANAIR free App.

So, before your flight don’t forget to download the ‘RYANAIR App’. If you already have installed the app on your device, when you are on board you can find an info card in your seat pocket. In the info card, details information about the Wi-Fi network connection is given.

By using the app you can check the airport detail information, flight information, rental car service charge, banking services etc. You can use the  RYANAIR App to make any kind of online payment. You can use your smartphones, laptops, and other smart gadgets to access the ‘RYANAIR App’.

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RYANAIR WI-FI Facility Information

Airline NameRYANAIR (FR)
WI-FI Network ConnectionRYANAIR (FR) does not provide inflight Wi-Fi service. But you can access network connections by using the free RYANAIR app. By using this free app you can enjoy some services like mail checking, online payments, airport information etc.
App ProviderRYANAIR  (FR)

Note That: If you face any problem related to  RYANAIR App then you can call the RYANAIR customer service center at 0330 1007 838.

RYANAIR Inflight Device Charging

You can not charge your devices on RYANAIR flights as no USB sockets or Power options are available in any of your flights. So we recommend before your flights you should charge your device fully. Also, you can bring your power bank if you want to avoid the hassles.


Is There Wi-Fi Facility Available At RYANAIR (FR)?

No, as of now RYANAIR does not provide any paid or free inflight facility on any of its flights.

If WiFi Facility Is Not Provided By RYANAIR Then How Can I Get Access To The Internet At RYANAIR (FR)?

Despite Wi-Fi service not being provided by the RYANAIR (FR), you can still access to Wi-Fi connection by using the free RYANAIR App. You should download the app before your flight or you can get the details information about downloading and using the app in your in the seat pocket. By using the app you can enjoy email checking, online payments, airport information, car rental fees etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase RYANAIR Network Connection?

RYANAIR does not provide any paid Wi-Fi connection for its inflight passengers.

What Should I Do If I Face Any Problem Related To Connecting The Wi-Fi Network By Using The RYANAIR (FR) App?

So, if you face any problem related to downloading the free RYANAIR App or connecting to the Wi-Fi network by using RYANAIR App then you can contact to their customer care support number at 0330 1007 838.

What Types Of Devices Are Allowed To Access To The Wi-Fi Service By Using The RYANAIR Free App?

To use the RYANAIR free app and connect to the Wi-Fi network, you can use any of your smartphones, laptops, smart gadgets etc.

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