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Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes S.A is a low cost Brazilian airline headqartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Founded in 2000, Gol provides service to both domestic and international destinations. It uses São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport, Rio de Janeiro/Galeão International Airport, Belo Horizonte International Airport & Belo Horizonte etc as its main hub.

As of now, Gol Linhas operates flights to 69 destinations. All Gol aircraft are Boeing aircraft. Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes provide Wi-Fi service on board. However, the airline is a budget airline, it does not provide inflight WiFi service for free.

In the below table we have provided some necessary information about Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes for your convenience.

Airlines NameGOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes
Founded2000 and commenced operations in 2001
HeadquarterRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Frequent-flyer programSmiles
Main HubsSão Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport, Rio de Janeiro/Galeão International Airport, Belo Horizonte International Airport & Belo Horizonte etc
Wi-FIPaid inflight WiFI available provided by Gogo
Network SSID“gogoinflight”
Passenger aircraft in service140
Average Fleet Age10.5 years
Phone NumberUSA: 1 855 862 9190 Brazil: 0800 704 0465

Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes – Inflight WiFi

Gol inflight WiFi service is paid which is provided by Gogo. There are three different internet packages available on Gol that are Messages, Light(to navigate) & Max Flight Package (for streaming).

To know more information about inflight WiFI of G3, find a magazine in front of your seat pocket. Where everything about the G3 inflight WiFi facility is given including the connection process.

Gol Linhas Aereas WiFi Packages

They have three types of paid internet service. The internet services are:

PlanDurationCan be used for
Messagessuitable for only exchanging messages with others during the flight. You can use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & iMessage.   Note: This package can be purchased only via smartphone.
Light (to navigate)1h Light Package: 60 minutes’ continuous usage   Light Flight Package: Browsing the internet, surfing social media, and transferring files through emails for the whole flight.    Suitable for light web browsing, sending and receiving emails and surfing on social media.  
Max Flight Package (for streaming)Entire flightYou can access and stream any videos on Netflix or Spotify. Can use standard internet like checking emails, VPNs, surfing on social media etc.

Note: for the best experience of your wifi data package, and other passenger’s voice and video calls are not allowed by using apps like FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp & or others.

Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes S.A

How To Connect To G3 Inflight WiFi?

To Connect to the G3 inflight WiFi service please follow these three simple steps..

  • Once you are on board, turn on WiFi on your device and connect to “gogoinflight” network.
  • Open your browser and visit “”. If you face any problem visiting the URL then disable your private browsing or point your device camera on the QR code located in the front seat. This will redirect you to the page automatically.
  • From the available WiFi, data packages purchase your preferred WiFi package(by login into your Gogo account).

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GOL inflight Entertainment

When you are on a GOL flight, you can enjoy popular domestic and international TV channels like GNT, Globo, Multishow, Gloob, Canal Off & Globo News etc.

TV shows and cartoons are also available that can be watched on your personal devices. You can also listen to various music & podcasts related to world sports and business.

You can access to GOL inflight entertainment service by using the inflight paid WiFi service. Visit this link to explore more information about GOL inflight Entertainment.


Does G3 Provide Inflight WiFi?

Yes, G3 Provides an inflight wifi facility for its passengers.

Is The G3 Inflight WiFi Facility Free?

No, G3 only provides paid inflight WiFi service.

Who Provides G3 Inflight WiFi?

Gogo provides a G3 inflight WiFi facility.

Is All The GOL Aircraft WiFi Enabled?

Currently, GOL provides inflight WiFi service to their 114 aircraft.

How Do I Know My Flight Has WiFi Facility?

You can look for a WiFi sticker on your flight aircraft or a painted WiFi symbol on your aircraft belly. Also before the flights, the GOL Eagles team will announce whether your flight will have inflight activity.

Can I Charge My Device G3 On Board?

Yes, 114 aircraft of G3 have USB plugs available in front of each seat where you can charge your devices. To check whether your aircraft has a USB facility visit this link.

What Kind Of Devices I Can Use On G3 On Board?

You can use various devices on G3 on board. You can use smartphones, laptops, tablets, digital book readers, mp3 players, video game players etc on airplane mode throughout the flight including take-off and landing. However, cell phones are only allowed to make phone calls and send SMS or emails before they take off and after they take off. Also, devices that do not have Airplane mode should be operated with a WiFi facility and Bluetooth must be disabled.

What Electronic Devices Are Not Allowed On G3 On Board?

You can not use these devices when you are on G3 On Board:

AM/FM transmitters and receivers (including televisions and radios),  Electronic cigarettes, pipes and cigars, Remote control equipment, Wireless mouse, VHF scanners/receivers, Radio-controlled toys, Two-way communication equipment etc.

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