Does Avianca Airlines Have WiFi?

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Avianca Airlines (AV) provides paid high-speed WiFi service to its travelers. You need a Wi-Fi-enabled device to use their WiFi service. If you travel via Avianca Airlines, you can choose three types of WiFi plans.

The first Wi-Fi plan is known as the “Network and mail plan” & it is available for 2 hours. Under this plan, you can do social media works(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc), send and receive emails (via Gmail, outlook, yahoo, Hotmail etc) & exchange instant messages (via What’s App, Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Gmail, Snapchat etc).

The second plan is the “Navigation plan” which is for unlimited time. This plan includes web browsing along with all the services provided by the “Network and Mail Plan”.

Lastly, in the “All-inclusive plan”, you can enjoy downloading & watching videos by using apps like YouTube, Spotify & Netflix along with the service included in the “Navigation Plan”. Also, you can update or download any software or apps.

Do note that: These Wi-Fi services’ availability depends on aircraft models & flights. They are progressively available on international flights. So, when you are on board, you will know details about these plans and prices to connect to Avianca Airlines WiFi.

WiFi Plan NameWhat Can You DoDuration
Network and mail plan-Social Media activities.
-Send & receive emails.
– Use instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc.
2 Hours
Navigation plan– Social Media activities.
– Send & receive emails.
– Use instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc.
-Web browsing.
All-inclusive plan– Social Media activities.
– Send & receive emails.
– Use instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc.
-Web browsing. – Watching videos or listening to audio. Update software or download any apps.
Avianca S.A. Inside

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Wi-Fi service will be available when the aircraft reaches 10000 feet.
  • During take-off or landing, the service won’t be active.
  • You will get the Wi-Fi service instruction manual on the seat pockets of Aircraft that have onboard wifi service.
  • You can purchase packages by only using credit or debit cards(work like credit cards via Visa & Mastercard).
  • You can only use the wifi service on the device you have registered & paid the wifi bill.
  • You will probably travel on more than 30000 feet at 500 mph, so the wifi service won’t be as same as you find on the ground.
  • Make sure your device data roaming option is disabled to avoid unexpected data transmission charges.
  • For better experiences, activate cookies on your device.
  • To use less data, avoid browsers & use applications.

How To Connect To Avianca WiFi?

To connect to Avianca Airlines WiFi on your device follow the steps given below.

1. Make sure you are using a WiFi-enabled device & turn on your device’s airplane mode.

2. Now go to settings & find Wi-Fi under the Wireless & Network option.

3. Turn on Wi-Fi and look for SSID “Avianca” and tap to connect.

4. You will automatically be redirected to the onboard Wi-Fi home page.

5. If it does not happen then open your browser & visit “”. 

6. Now purchase your preferred packages from the available three options.

7. After being connected to the package, use & browse as per your wish.

Avianca Entertainment: Is There Entertainment On Avianca Flights?

Avianca Airlines provides inflight entertainment. You can enjoy the inflight entertainment with screens integrated in front of your seat. You can enjoy movies, and popular TV shows, listen to music and audiobooks, check flight information, and more.

Avianca Airlines Charging Ports: Does Avianca Have Charging Ports?

Yes. Avianca Airlines has USB power sockets to charge mobile devices. USB charging options are available on all “Premium”, “Plus” and “Economy” seats. A power plug is available on Premium seats.

Quick Overview Of Avianca Airlines

Avianca S.A. or simply AV is a Colombian flag carrier airline that is the largest airline in Colombia. The airline’s headquarters is located in Bogotá Colombia. Avianca was founded in 1919 under the name SCADTA & it is the world’s second-oldest airline after KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It uses El Dorado International Airport as its main hub. The airline serves more than 100 destinations. As an old and renowned airline, Avianca provides infight Wi-Fi service to its passengers. The airline offers multiple paid WiFi packages for passengers.

Airlines NameAvianca S.A.
Founded5 December 1919
HeadquarterBogota, Colombia
HubEl Dorado International Airport
AllianceStar Alliance
Parent companyAvianca Group
WiFiAvailable – Paid
Phone Number+57 3114006797


Does Avianca Airlines(AV) Have WiFi?

Yes, Avianca Airlines provides WiFi service for its passengers.

Is Avianca Airlines (AV) WiFi Free?

No. Avianca Airlines does not provide free Wi-Fi, all the WiFi plans are paid.

Is Avianca Airlines (AV) WiFi Limited?

It depends on the packages. Network and mail plan duration time is two hours & the other two plans’ duration time is unlimited as long as you are on the plane.

What’s The Name Of Avianca Airlines WiFi Network?

WiFi network SSID name Of Avianca is “Avianca”.

What Should I Do If I Face Any Issue Connecting Avianca Airlines WiFi?

If you face a problem connecting the Avianca Airlines WiFi then call  +34913337053. Also, you can email at

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