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PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines or simply known as Aeroflot is the largest Russian Airline that was founded in 1923. Aeroflot uses Krasnoyarsk International Airport(KJA) and Sheremetyevo International Airport(SVO) as its hub.

During the normal times, the airline operates flights to 159 destinations in 54 countries which include the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East etc. To keep the passengers entertained, Aeroflot provides an inflight Wi-Fi facility for its passengers. However, the Wi-Fi service is not free.

Necessary Information

In the table below some crucial information about Aeroflot has been given. These informations are as follows:

AirlineAeroflot Russian Airlines
Airline CodeSU
Airline CountryRussian Federation
Aeroflot Russian Airlines ICAOAFL
Aeroflot Russian Airlines CallsignAEROFLOT
AllianceSkyTeam,SkyTeam Cargo
Contact number+7 (495) 223-55-55
PJSC Aeroflot

Aeroflot InFlight WiFi Service

Aeroflot provides high-quality inflight paid Wi-Fi service for its passengers. WiFi price starts from $4.99 to a maximum of $59.99. Sita OnAir and STECCOM both provide inflight Wi-Fi service for Aeroflot. However, WiFi service is currently available on certain aircraft: Airbus A330, A350, & Boeing B777.

Sita OnAir:

PlanValidityData limitPrice
Messaging appEntire flight  5USD 4.99  
OptimumEntire flight  35USD 19.99  
SuperiorEntire flight  200USD 59.99  


PlanPriceValidityData Limit Service
MessagingUSD 4.90  Entire flightNoneSuitable for messaging
Light BrowsingUSD 8.901 hour50 MBAccess the websites, surf social media, and file transfer
SurfingUSD 16.903 hours120 MBAccess the websites, surfing on social media, and file transfer
FlightUSD 24.90Entire flight200 MBAccess the websites, surfing on social media, and file transfer


  • Wi-Fi service starting countdown begins from your first use. You can not pause or stop the Wi-Fi service midway. However, the WiFi service will be automatically turned off when the time limit is crossed.
  • No refund policy applies for this WiFi.
  • You won’t be compensated for any kind of interruptions.
  • You will be charged an extra 1 USD for every 1 MB if you use the WiFi after its limit is crossed.
  • You can purchase the inflight WiFi with both cash and using cards.

For more information about Aeroflot inflight WiFi visit here.

How To Connect To Aeroflot Inflight WiFi?

  • Turn on your device’s Wi-Fi when your flight reaches cruising altitude.
  • Now find and connect to FlyWIFI for A330 and B777 aircraft and OnAir for A350.
  • Open your device’s internet browser and choose your preferred internet pack.
  • Follow the instruction to purchase your desired WiFi pack and sign in after confirming the payment.


Does Aeroflot Provide Inflight WiFi?

Yes, Aeroflot provides inflight WiFi service for its passengers.

Does Aeroflot Provide Inflight WiFi Service On Aircraft?

No Aeroflot does not provide inflight Wi-Fi service to all aircraft. As of now, Aeroflot provides WiFi service on A350, A330 & Boeing 777 aircraft.

Is The Aeroflot Inflight WiFi Service Free?

No, Aeroflot does not provide WiFi service for free.

Who Provides SU Inflight WiFi Service?

Currently, Sita OnAir and STECOM provide SU inflight WiFi service.

Can I Use Zoom And Netflix Using The SU Inflight WiFi Service?

Yes, you can use zoom and Netflix both although Netflix is not recommended as it consumes bandwidth faster.

How Good Is SU Inflight WiFi?

Different WiFi packages are suitable for different tasks. Some packages are ideal for texting with others, while some packages are suitable for heavy tasking. So, overall internet speed is suitable for light tasking.

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