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AirTran Airways or simply known as AirTran was a low-cost airline in the USA. Its headquarters was located in Orlando, Florida, United States. Founded in 1993, Air Tran Airways were acquired by Renowned Southwest Airlines in 2011.

The airline was completely ceased its operations on 28 December 2014. Before being acquired by Southwest Airlines AirTran had 140 active aircraft in service and all of them were Boeing aircraft. The airline mainly served 69 destinations in the USA, and Puerto Rico.

The AirTran airline provides paid inflight wifi facility for its passengers. The wifi cost started from $7.95 to a maximum of $12.95. Inflight wifi of AirTran was provided by Gogo Inc.

Quick Information Of AirTran Airwasy

Airlines Name: AirTran Airways



Callsign: Citrus

Aircraft in service: 140

Frequent-flyer program: A+ Rewards

Destinations: 69

Ceased operations: 28 December 2014

AirTran Airways

AirTran – Inflight WiFi Service And Cost

Before ceasing in 2014, AirTran provided high-quality inflight WiFi service to all of its Boeing 737 and 717 jets for a fee. The paid WiFi was provided by Gogo Inc. and users were able to use the wifi service on any Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, laptops, tablets and personal digital assistants. Users were able to use the WiFi service when the flight reaches 10000 feet.

After reaching 10000 feet altitude passengers were able to see a pop-up on their devices or PDA screen. The AirTran Inflgith wifi service was suitable for light tasks including texting and chatting with others. This is because the wifi speed was not as good as now in airlines. So heavy tasking was not possible.

There were three internet wifi packages available for the passengers.

1. $7.95: suitable for any flight length and allowable devices were smartphones and tablets.

2. $9.95: suitable for flights lengths less than three hours.

3.  $12.95: suitable for flight lengths of more than three hours.

How Was The Process To Connect To AirTran(FL) WiFi?

To connect to AirTran inflight paid wifi service users needed to follow specific rules. It was recommended to keep the device’s airplane mode turned on. Also, there was a magazine in the seat pocket in which a detailed process of connecting to the WIFi service was given. Also, users, there were air hostesses to whom passengers can ask about the process.


Does All AirTran Airlines Have Had Wifi?

Yes, all of the AirTran aircraft have had inflight wifi service.

Who Was The AirTran Wifi Provider?

Gogo Inc was the inflight wifi provider of FL.

Was The AirTran Wifi Free?

No, the AirTran wifi service was not free to use. There were three wifi packages available for inflight passengers starting from $7.99.

How Good Was AirTran wifi?

AirTran Wifi service was not suitable for heavy tasks. Rather it was suitable for lite tasks like sending and receiving messages and chatting with family and friends. Heavy tasking was not recommended.

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