Complete Guide To Connect To JetBlue Airways WiFi- FlyFi

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JetBlue Airways is one of the major low-cost airlines in the USA. Also based on passengers carried, it is the seventh-largest airline in North America. Founded in 1998, the airline’s headquarters is situated in Long Island City, New York, United States.

Its main hub is located at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Also, it uses other renowned airports as its bases. Daily JetBlue airways operate over 1000 flights which cover 104 domestic & international destinations in the USA, Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, South America, Europe etc.

Until February 2022, JetBlue has a total of 282 active aircraft in service. Most of these aircraft are Airbus series. Served by more than 22000 employees, this internationally famous airline provides much high-quality inflight service for its passengers.

Among these services, WiFi is one of the major services. Although they are relatively new in this service line, they provide high-speed inflight WiFi service to all of its flights for free. JetBlue Airlines wifi SSID name is FlyFi. In the below table we have provided some important information about JetBlue Airways which includes address, hub, aircraft information, contact information, wifi information etc. Hope this information will help you.

JetBlue Airways – Profile

Airlines NameJetBlue Airways
FoundedAugust 1998
Commenced OperationsFebruary 11, 2000
HeadquarterLong Island City, New York, United States
Full Address27-01 Queens Plaza N, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States
Total Destinations104 (2021)
Destination coversUSA, Mexico, The Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe
Total aircraft in service282 (Airbus A220-300, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A321LR, Airbus A321neo, Airbus A321XLR, Embraer 190)
Average Fleet Age11.9 Years
Wi-Fi Servicein-flight-Free WiFi Available for Domestic Flights
Customer Care Phone Number00 1 801-449-2525
Main HubJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
SubsidiariesJetBlue Technology Ventures JetBlue Travel Products
Frequent-flyer programTrueBlue
Social MediaFacebook
JetBlue Airways Seating

JetBlue Airways – WiFi Service

JetBlue airways provide WiFi service to every passenger flying with them. They offer fast, free high-speed inflight wifi service to every passenger of every aircraft. From takeoff to landing you can do web browsing, buy anything, surf social media, stream videos and music etc, and more.

All of their aircraft provide wifi service to domestic areas. However recently they added wifi service to their Airbus A320 & A321 neo aircraft which cover the Caribbean & Central America including the USA. 

Also, Airbus A321 aircraft provides extended wifi service from/to London. Overall wifi coverage varies with route and aircraft. Internationally renowned wifi service provider ViaSat provides wifi service to JetBlue aircraft. From 2020 Viasat in-flight connectivity (IFC) system provides wifi service to Airbus A220-300 aircraft.

WiFi service is available from gate to gate so that you can enjoy the wifi service before takeoff or cruising altitude. You can start enjoying your free wifi service just after entering your selected flight.

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JetBlue Airways – WiFi Cost

JetBlue inflight wifi service is free of cost. You can send and receive emails, stream any videos, and can do other stuff for free. WiFi speed is very impressive. It is reported that the WiFi Speed of Jetblue FlyFi can reach up to 15 to 20 Mbps. Their domestic flights provide comprehensive wifi coverage in the USA.

However recently decorated Airbus A320, A321neo aircraft have included extended coverage throughout the most part of the Caribbean & Central America.

JetBlue’s new Airbus A220-300 aircraft will be served by Viasat’s latest Ka-band IFC kit which will provide almost global coverage which is almost eight times more capacity than Viasat’s current wifi capacity in fleets due to the forthcoming ViaSat-3 class of satellites.

At JetBlue Airways, you can enjoy wifi service on multiple devices. No time limit is applicable, so you won’t have to worry about the time frame.

WiFi Table – JetBlue Airways

Provider:  ViaSat
Cost:Free on all domestic flights &  some international flights.
Expected Internet speed:Up to 15 to 20 Mbps
Wifi SSIDFlyFi

How To Connect To JetBlue WiFi? 

  • To connect JetBlue Wifi SSID FlyFi, just follow the steps given below.
  • First, make sure you are using a device that is WiFi-enabled.
  • Open your device settings and turn on WiFi in WiFi and Network Settings.
  • From available wifi networks find and connect FlyFi.
  • Open your device browser & follow the instructions for signing in and start enjoying your web browsing.

You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows for free with Amazon Video. Just connect to the wifi by following the steps given above and download Amazon Video Apps on your phone or tablet. Open the app on your device and start enjoying selected movies and tv shows for your heart’s delight.

Device Charging – JetBlue Airways

JetBlue does not allow charging any electronic devices on any of its aircraft. Your devices must be disconnected from the charging system. So we suggest you better charge your device fully before entering your flight.

However recently they have installed AC power & USB ports to some of their Wifi-enabled aircraft so that the passengers can charge their devices while using the Wi-Fi.


What Is The FlyFi?

FlyFi is a free inflight high-speed internet service provided on JetBlue Airways.

Is The FlyFi Free?

Yes. FlyFi is completely free to use.

Is There Any Time Limit To Use The FlyFi Wifi Service?

No. No time limit is applicable. You can use the FlyFi wifi service for as much time as you want.

How Many Devices Can I Connect To FlyFi?

You can connect as many devices as you want. This includes your smartphones, tablets, and personal laptops.

What Kind Of Devices Are Compatible With JetBlue inflight WiFi?

You can use any type of wifi-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop for any JetBlue flight. You can enjoy Amazon’s online streaming service on any android and iOS device.

Does JetBlue WiFi Support Any Video streaming?

Yes. JetBlue airways’ wifi supports Amazon, Netflix and Live TV streaming services as a part of the free FlyFi service.

What Is The Wifi Speed Of JetBlue Airways?

The wifi speed of JetBlue airways can be 15 to 20 Mbps.

Is There Any Additional Facility If I Buy From The Amazon Using The FlyFi?

Definitely yes! For each Amazon inflight transaction you will receive 3 TrueBlue points for each dollar spent. However, you can redeem these points at your next transactions.

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