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Saudia Airlines or simply Saudia is the third largest airline in the Middle East based on revenue. Formerly known as the Saudi Arabian Airlines, the headquarters of Saudia is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The airline was founded in 1945. It uses King Abdulaziz International Airport(JED) as the primary operating hub. Other secondary hubs of Saudia Airlines are located at the King Fahd International Airport(DMM) & King Khalid International Airport(RUH).

Saudia Airlines mainly provide flight service to over 100 destinations in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa & the Middle East. Since 2012, Saudia is a member of the airline alliance SkyTeam.The government of Saudi Arabia is the owner of Saudia airlines.

As of now, Saudia has a total of 144 passenger aircraft in service. This airline was named the Worlds most improved airline twice in 2017 & 2020. As a part of the inflight service, Saudia provides Wi-Fi facilities for the passengers on board.

Airline NameSaudi Airlines  or Saudi (Formerly Saudi Arabian Airlines)
LocationJeddah, Saudi Arabia
CountrySaudi Arabia
Parent companyGovernment of Saudi Arabia
Alliance SkyTeam & SkyTeam Cargo
Frequent-flyer programAl Fursan Loyalty
Passenger aircraft in service144
Customer service number800 472 8342
Wi-FiWi-Fi service available on Board
Social Media
Saudia Airlines

Saudia WiFi Services & Costs

As one of the largest and most popular airlines, Saudia provides Wi-Fi service on board to facilitate its passenger’s time. However, the Wi-Fi service in Saudia is not free and it is paid. There are three different types of Wi-Fi data plans available at Saudia.

If you buy the Wi-Fi data plan via Saudia’s official website then you will get a discount price. You can easily purchase the Wi-Fi data plan during the booking of your ticket. Wi-Fi data plan starts from $9.49. Keep in mind that Saudia inflight Wi-Fi service does not cover the polar region.

Also, your flight will be eligible to use the Wi-Fi service after reaching 500 mph speed at 36000 feet above the earth. Also, you may face issues with using VPNs. If you face any problem with Saudia’s inflight Wi-Fi service then call them at +966 920022222 or email them at

Wi-Fi data plans and costs of Saudia are as follows:

Package NameData LimitPRICE (USD)
1 HRUp to 50 MB9.49
3 HRSUp to 100 MB14.49
FLIGHT PLANUp to 300 MB24.49

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Saudia Airlines Aircraft Equipped With Inflight Wi-Fi

As of now, a total of 98 Saudia Airlines aircraft have inflight Facilities. Just purchase any of your desired Wi-Fi data plans by using your credit card or Apple pay(if you are an iOS user).

Type Of Saudia AircraftNumber Of Aircraft That Are Connected To The Wi-Fi Facility On Board

How to Connect To The Saudia Airlines WiFi?

To connect to Saudia Airlines’ inflight Wi-Fi service follow the steps given below.

  • Make sure you have enabled your device in airplane mode and turned on Wi-Fi from the settings.
  • Now connect to the UON’s network blip showing on your screen.
  • Congratulations you are now successfully connected to the “Saudia Airlines Wi-Fi”.
  • start enjoying your Wi-Fi service on board!

Note: Remove background apps to get a better user experience at Saudia Airlines Wi-Fi.


Saudia Skyfi is a free Wi-Fi experience for its passengers as a part of inflight entertainment. This facility is available on some selected aircraft like Airbus A330 & Airbus A320 for free. For enjoying the Saudia Skyfi facility you will have to download the app on our iPhone or iPad and android devices.

You can use the app every time you fly with Saudia airlines Airbus A330 & Airbus A320 aircraft. Keep in mind Saudia Skyfi inflight streaming entertainment facility does not support devices with jailbreak or vulnerable operating systems.

Saudi Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Saudia Airlines provide various inflight entertainment facility for its travelers. It has the largest library of Islamic content like the holy Quran recitation in different voices, and other religious programs for Muslim travelers.

Also, you can enjoy more than 4000 hours of entertainment facility which includes popular movies, TV shows, Box set programs etc. Also on Saudia Airlines flights you can watch cartoons and listen to your favorite music. Saudia Airlines are fully committed to providing a first-class entertainment experience for its users.

They also provide audio descriptive movies facility for their visually inspired guests and closed caption movies for their hearing-inspired guests. These facilities won’t let you get bored while you are on any Saudia Airlines.

You can read various local and international magazines and newspapers to spend your time quietly.

Saudia Airlines Inflight Electronic Device Charging Facility

At Saudia airlines flights you can easily charge your personal devices like smartphones, laptops, notepads etc. In front of your wall outlet, you will find a type G USB power adapter and USB 2.0 Micro B cable where you can charge your devices easily. For details information about Saudia Airlines inflight device charging visit this link.


Does Saudia Airlines Provide Wi-Fi Facility On Board?

Yes, Saudia Airlines have an inflight Wi-Fi facility on board.

Is The Wi-Fi service At Saudia Airlines Free?

Saudia airlines have free Wi-Fi service for passengers of Airbus A330 and Airbus 320 aircraft where they can use the inflight wifi via Saudia Airlines’ specialized app on their device. This facility is known as the Saudia Skyfi. other passengers rather than Airbus A330 & Airbus A320 will have to use paid Wi-Fi facility on board.

Do All The Saudia Airlines Aircraft Have Inflight Wi-Fi Facility?

No, only 98 Saudia Airlines Aircraft have an inflight Wi-Fi facility.

Which Saudia airlines Aircraft Have Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

Following Saudia, Airlines Aircraft Have inflight Wi-Fi facility on board: A330-300, B777-300ER, B787-9, A320.

Can I Purchase Saudia Airline Wi-Fi Package While I Am On Board?

Yes, you can purchase your desired Wi-Fi plan while you are on Saudia Airlines on board.

Does Saudia Airlines Business Class Have An Inflight Wi-Fi Facility?

Yes, both Business class and first class passengers of Saudia Airlines can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi facilities on 47 different routes. You can purchase the Wi-Fi package in advance by using a code sent to your personal phone or email. Also, you can use your e-ticket number as your Wi-Fi access code.

What Should I Do If I Face Wi-Fi Related Problem At Saudia Airlines?

If you face any Wi-Fi-related issues while you are on board then you can contact Saudia Airlines customer care number +966 920022222 or email them at

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