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Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is located at 5000 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502, United States. Simply known as Anchorage Airport to the public, this airport is the main airport of Alaska that was founded in 1951. The airport is named after former US senator from Alaska,  Ted Stevens.

Total area of Anchorage Airport is almost 4,608 acres which covers three runways and two passenger terminals(One is known as the south terminal and another one is the north terminal). South Terminal Has Concourse A, B, and C and North Terminal has concourse N.

Popular USA Airlines that use this airport as their hub include Alaska Airlines, Atlas Air, FedEx Express, Northern Pacific Airways, Polar Air Cargo, Ravn Alaska & UPS Airlines. The airport provides flight service to around forty domestic and international destinations.

International destinations cover countries like Canada, Russia, Germany etc. In 2021, around 4,193,000 passengers used this airport for their travel. Anchorage Airport has free Wi-Fi facility for its passengers.

Airport nameTed Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Full address5000 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502, United States
Total land area4608 acres
CountryUnited States Of America
Airport typePublic
Zip Code99502
Owner & operatorState of Alaska DOT&PF
Passengers4,193,000 (2021)
Terminal & runwaysThree runways and two passenger terminals
HubAlaska Airlines, Atlas Air, FedEx Express, Northern Pacific Airways , Polar Air Cargo, Ravn Alaska & UPS Airlines
Wi-Fi nameANC Free WIFI
Contact number+1 907-266-2526
Social Media
Anchorage International Airport Passenger Terminal

Anchorage Airport WiFi Facility

Anchorage Airport has high-speed free Wi-fi facility for its incoming passengers. Passengers can enjoy Wi-Fi facilities throughout the terminal areas and concourses as well. The Wi-Fi network name is “ANC Free WIFI”. You can use ANC’s free Wi-Fi service as long as you stay inside the airport.

You can use devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks etc to connect to Anchorage Airport Wi-Fi. Connecting to Anchorage Airport Wi-Fi is very easy to follow.

Quick Detail OF Anchorage Airport WI-FI Facility

WI-FIFree Wi-Fi available throughout the terminals
WI-FI ProviderTed Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Hotspot name “ANC Free WIFI”

How To Connect To Anchorage Airport Free Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi at Anchorage Airport is available 24/7. To connect to the Wi-Fi facility follow the steps given below.

  • First, turn on the Wi-Fi setting from your device settings.
  • Make sure your device is not on Airplane mode and it is searching for available Wi-Fi networks.
  • From the available Wi-Fi network find and connect to “ANC Free WIFI”.
  • Your device browser will open automatically (if does not then open manually), and will show the terms and conditions page of Anchorage airport Wi-Fi. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • You are now connected to Anchorage Airport Wi-Fi and enjoy your free Wi-Fi service.

Anchorage Airport WI-FI Terms And Conditions

Anchorage Airport’s free Wi-Fi service is available for passengers without any warranties. Users will have to carry any kind of liability related to network violations (software or hardware damage).

Users must follow the guideline of Federal state and local laws. The Airport wi-fi service is totally free thus it has no privacy. The airport Authority, its employee and its principles won’t take any kind of hampers that occurred during the use of the Wi-Fi.

Sleeping In Anchorage Airport

ANC airport is completely clean, quiet and safe for its visitors. You will find a comfortable sleeping place in Concourse C where some armrest-free seating is available. Also, you can sleep near gate C1 and area C9 which is very quiet.

Also, near the Ravn Alaska ticketing area, you will find armrest free seating arrangement. Sleeping in there will be comfortable as the place is quiet. Without these places mentioned above, you can sleep in other places too but it will be noisy and you will have to use your noise-canceling headphones.

Also, the airport is very cold at the night so don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag or any kind of travel mattress & blanket if you are planning to sleep at this airport.

Electronic Device Charging At Anchorage Airport

At Anchorage airport, you can easily charge your electronic devices. Charging location(Charging Kiosks) available on Concourse B and Concourse C (Alaska Air).

You will find charging points near gates C1, C5 of Concourse C and near gate B1 in Concourse B which are visible to all arriving and departing passengers.

Overall total of 16 charging kiosks are available at this airport for charging cellphones, laptops, tablets etc.


Does Anchorage Airport Have WiFi Facility?

Yes, at Anchorage Airport Wi-Fi facility is available for visitors.

Is The Wi-Fi Service At Anchorage International Airport (ANC) Free?

Yes! Wi-Fi service is completely free at Anchorage Airport.

Who Provides Anchorage Airport (ANC) Wi-Fi Facility?

Anchorage International Airport itself provides Wi-Fi facility in the airport area.

What Is The Name Of The Wi-Fi Network SSID At Anchorage Airport?

Anchorage Airport Wi-Fi network SSID name is “ANC Free WIFI” which you can easily connect to any of your devices that are Wi-Fi enabled.

Is The ANC Free Wi-Fi Available At All The Areas Of The Airport?

Yes, the Anchorage Airport free Wi-Fi service is available throughout the airport terminal areas and all concourses as well.

Anchorage Airport Map

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