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Sacramento International Airport is located at 6900 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95837, United States. It was opened in 1967. Total area of this airport covers  6,000 acres which includes two terminals with 32 gates and two runways.

Mainly serving to  Greater Sacramento Area, SMF is mainly known as the gateway for the travelers of northern and central California. The County of Sacramento owned this airport and operated it by the Sacramento County Airport System.

Daily more than 300 flights are served by Sacramento County Airport and millions of passengers travel through this airport each year( 9,702,030 in 2021 and 4,558,206 as of May 2022). To facilitate its passenger’s valuable time, the airport has free Wi-Fi service available throughout the airport areas.

Overview Of Sacramento International Airport

Airport nameSacramento International Airport
City/StateSacramento County, California
Address6900 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95837, United States
CountryUnited States of America
Total area6,000 acres
Airport Phone+1 916-929-5411
Social MediaTwitter  
WebsiteSacramento International Airport 
Sacramento International Airport Passenger Terminal

Sacrament Airport WiFi Service

Sacramento International Airport has high-speed (130Mbps) wireless internet facility for its travelers. However, users’ Wi-Fi networks are limited to 5Mbps. Wi-Fi service of this airport is available throughout the terminals(terminal A & B), terminal gates(32), shopping malls, dining areas, rental car service areas, free waiting areas etc public gathering areas.

Although Wi-Fi may not be available in the garage and parking lots. Sacramento Airport Wi-Fi network name is “FlySacramento” which you can connect to your smart devices like cellphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks etc. Also, you can use the Wi-Fi service as long as you need to stay at Sacrament Airport.

Quick Overview Of Sacramento Airport WI-FI facility

WI-FIFree Wi-Fi is available in almost every public gathering area
WI-FI ProviderSacramento International Airport (SMF)
Hotspot name FlySacramento

How To Connect To Sacramento Airport Free Wi-Fi?

  • To connect to Free Wi-Fi at Sacramento Airport follow the steps given below.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi option from your device setting.
  • From the available Wi-Fi network connect to Sacrament Airport Wi-Fi SSID name FlySacramento(Speed is from 5Mbps up to 130Mbps).
  • Congratulations you are connected to the Sacramento Airport Wi-Fi facility and enjoy the Wi-Fi service as long as you want and stay at the airport.

Sleeping In Sacrament Airport

Terminal areas of Sacrament Airport remain totally clean and suitable for sleeping. You can find comfortable chairs that are located in various positions on landside areas. In Terminal B near the rail station, you can sleep on armrest-free benches or couches that are completely comfortable.

Also, you can sleep in Terminal A security checkpoint areas where comfortable couches are available. The Sacrament Airport remains cold and noisy even at night so you should bring your personal noise-canceling headphones, ear plug etc for comfortable sleeping.

Note that, At night passengers after security checkpoints remain restricted to the landside areas and must clear their security the next day morning before the checkpoint opens.

Mobile Charging

You can charge your electronic devices on various power outlets under the seating spots of different gate areas. These power outlets are double and can be used for charging smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.


Does Sacramento International Airport Have Wi-Fi Facility?

Yes! Wi-Fi service is available throughout the public gathering areas.

Is The Wi-Fi Service At Sacramento International Airport Free?

Yes, Sacramento International Airport Wi-Fi service is completely free and you can use the Wi-Fi as long as you want.

How Good Is Sacramento Airport Wi-Fi?

Sacramento Airport Wi-Fi speed is very good and users can enjoy speeds between 5Mbps to up to 130Mbps.

What Is The Name Of Sacramento Airport Wi-Fi SSID?

Sacramento Airport Wi-Fi SSID name is ” FlySacramento”.

Is There Any Paid Wi-Fi System Available At Sacramento Airport?

No, At Sacramento Airport you can only enjoy free unlimited Wi-Fi facilities.

In Which Areas Sacramento Intl Airport Wi-Fi Available Mostly?

You can enjoy Sacramento Airport’s free Wi-Fi throughout the terminals, concourses, jet centers, rental car areas, and waiting for areas(phone calls are also available). However, you may not access Wi-Fi service in the garage and parking lot areas.

What Kind Of Devices Are Allowed To Connect To Sacramento Airport Free Wi-Fi?

You can use smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other smart gadgets that are Wi-Fi enabled to connect to Sacramento Airport Wi-Fi service.

Sacramento Airport Map

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