A Guide To Connect Denver Airport WiFi – Denver Airport Free WiFi

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Denver International Airport or DIA is located in the Western part of the United States. The airport was opened in 1995 and it is the third-largest airport in the USA with six runways. However, it is the second-largest airport in the world by size behind King Fahad Airport and the largest airport in North America by covering 137.26 km² or 33,917 acres of land area. 

In 2022 DIA ranked as the world’s 3rd busiest airport in terms of passengers and 3rd busiest airport in the USA. Since 2000 the DIA Airport has been among the top 20 busiest airports in the world every year. 

Its distance from the center of NY is 2592 km and from London is 7549 km. While the airport is 1657.1m above sea level and is the hub of famous United Airlines and Frontier Airlines. The airport is located 40 km or 25 miles away from Denver downtown.

DIA Airport is providing service to 215 destinations via 25 different airlines. These destinations cover North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe. The airport is locally known as DIA and its ICAO code is KDEN.

Denver International Airport has available wifi in all the terminals with ranked as the fastest Wi-Fi in the United States. The Wi-Fi at Denver Airport is fully free when you are staying at any place in the airport. The Denver Airport free Wi-Fi is provided by AT&T. And the free session lasts for 240 minutes. Denver Airport Wi-Fi network name is “DEN Airport Free WiFi” or “DEN Airport Free WiFi 2.4“.Here I will expose everything about the DIA Wi-Fi system.

Denver Airport

How To Connect To Denver Airport Free Wi-Fi?

Connecting your device to Denver Airport’s free Wi-Fi is pretty simple. For this, you won’t have to watch any video tutorials rather just follow the following steps given below. 

  • First open your device and enable its wireless connection. 
  • Now look for the Wi-Fi network SSID name with “DEN Airport Free WiFi” or “DEN Airport Free WiFi 2.4”

and connect any of these from your wifi options. 

  • Congratulations you are now connected with Denver Airport free Wi-Fi and browse whatever you want!

Note that if you face any issues connecting to the Wi-Fi Denver Airport then turn off your device’s Wi-Fi connection and turn it back again. If it does not solve your problem then email to DENAirportWIFI@flydenver.com. Also, you can complain here.

Denver Airports – Brief Overview

Airport NameDenver International Airport
OwnerThe City and County of Denver
Terminal And GateOne Terminal and three concourses with a total 168 gates
Locally knownDIA
LocationNortheast, Denver, Colorado
CountryUnited States
Free Wi-FiYes
Wi-Fi ProviderAT&T
WebsiteDenver International Airport
EmployeesOver 35000
Total Area140 km²
Social MediaTwitter Official, Facebook Official, YouTube Official, Instagram Official

Denver International Airport Mobile Charging

You can charge up your electronic devices on the power outlets located in Jeppesen Terminal and all three concourses. You will find more battery charging stations on the seats and workspaces.


Does Denver Airport Have WiFi?

Yes, Denver Airport has high-speed Wi-Fi service available and provided by AT&T.

Does Denver Airport Have Free WiFi?

Yes, Denver Airport has free Wi-Fi.

How Fast Is Denver Airport Free WiFi?

Per a recent survey done by Ookla(a renowned internet speed testing company), the speed of free Wi-Fi at Denver Airport is around 78.22 Mbps while downloading which makes it the fastest among the twenty busiest airports in the USA.

What Is The Official Name Of Denver Airport WiFi?

The official name of Denver Airport wifi is “DEN Airport Free WiFi” or DEN Airport Free WiFi 2.4.

Does Denver Airport WiFi Have Time Limitations?

Yes, it has 4 hours or 240 minute time limitations. Then you can reconnect the Wi-Fi again.

Do I Need A Password If I Want To Connect To Denver Airport WiFi?

No, connecting to free Denver Airport Wi-Fi wont require any password.

Denver International Airport (DEN) Map