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Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport or ATL is an international airport situated in Atlanta, Georgia, US. This is the primary international airport in Georgia. The name of this airport is derived from the name of former Atlanta mayors Maynard Jackson & William B. Hartsfield.

Also, The ATL Airport is the most award-winner airport in the world. AtL Airport is located 7 miles or 11 km south of downtown Atlanta. The total area covered by the airport is 4700 acres or 1902 ha. It has five runways, two terminals, and seven concourses with a total of 195 gates.

Every day the ATL airport serves over 1000 flights to 225 international & domestic destinations. Delta Air Lines has the largest hub in this airport. The airport is operated by the Atlanta Department of Aviation. Each day on average more than 300000 passengers use this airport and over 100 million travelers use the airport per year. Directly or indirectly over 60000 people are employed by ATL Airport.

Free Wi-Fi service is provided by the airport authorities which makes social connectivity easier for travelers. The free Wi-Fi is accessible from any location of the airport including the transportation mall. You can use any kind of smart devices like laptops, android phones or tablets, apple devices, or any other types of devices that have Wi-Fi options. The free Wi-Fi at Atlanta Airport allows passengers to check their emails, surf the web, enjoy movies or series on Netflix or other platforms, listen to music, or download any presentations. You can also connect to VPNs.

How To Connect To Atlanta Airport WiFi(Free)?

  • First, open your device’s network signal.
  • Now select and connect to the Wi-Fi SSID named “ATL Free Wi-Fi” from your device’s Wi-Fi names.
  • Open your browser and fill out a form with the necessary information and read the terms and conditions then click the submit button and browse unlimited internet.

For any kind of Wi-Fi related problem, you can call (877) 452-9434 or fill out this form.

Brief Overview Of Atlanta Airport

ATL Airport Overview
Air Field NameHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Total Area4,700 acres (1,902 ha)
Operated ByAtlanta Department of Aviation
Coordinates33°38′12″N 084°25′41″W
Flights Destination Each Day225 for domestic & international destination(150 us, 75 international.
Flights Each DayOver 1000
PassengerMore than 100 million a signal year
Airlines Hub Delta
Terminal2 Terminal
ConcourseA-F, T Concourse. Total 7
Gates195 Gates
How Far From The City7 miles or 11 km south from downtown of Atlanta
Zip Code30320
Social MediaFacebook Official, Twitter Official, Instagram Official 

Does The Lounges At ATL Airport Have WiFi?

There are many lounges located at ATL Airport across all concourses. You can access any of these lounges and enjoy free Wi-Fi if you have a certain access method that fulfills their criteria. Some of them also accept paying at the door.

Lounge Name And LocationIs WiFi
How To Access The Lounge?
Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club and Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club (Gate A17), Concourse A Inside Security
Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club (Gate B18), Concourse B Inside Security, Concourse C Inside Security, Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club (Gate D12 and D27), Concourse D Inside Security, Concourse E Inside Security, Concourse F Inside Security, Concourse T Inside Security
YesIf you are a passenger of Delta Sky Club or Virgin Australia Velocity Platinum and Gold membership or Delta Air Lines passenger, if you are a first or business class passenger from SkyTeam airlines, SkyTeam Elite Plus member, American Express Platinum and Centurion credit cardholder
The Centurion Lounge, Concourse E Inside SecurityYesAmerican Express Platinum and Centurion credit cardholder
American Airlines Admirals Club, Concourse T Inside SecurityYesIf you are a passenger of American Airlines Admiral Club or you have an Alaska Lounge membership, if you are a first or business class passenger from American Airlines or Oneworld Airlines, Emerald or Sapphire member, or you can pay at the door
United Airlines United Club, Concourse T Inside SecurityYesIf you have a United Club or Air Canada Maple Leaf Club membership, or you are a first or business-class passenger from United Airlines or Star Alliance Airlines, United Premier Gold, Platinum, 1K, Global Services or Star Alliance Gold member, Also you can pay at the door

Atlanta Airport Phone Charging Station

The ATL airport has a mobile phone charging station installed by Monster Media which allows users to charge their devices throughout the airport.


Does Atlanta Airport Have WiFi?

Yes, Atlanta Airport has a Wi-Fi facility.

Does Atlanta Airport Have Free WiFi?

Yes, Atlanta Airport has free Wi-Fi facilities available almost everywhere at the airport.

Is there Any Time Limitation On Atlanta Airport Free WiFi?

No, Atlanta Airport’s free Wi-Fi has no time limitations.

What’s The Password For Atlanta Airport WiFi? 

Connecting to Atlanta Airport Wi-Fi won’t require any password although you have to go through the login portal where you will provide some information of yours.

What Is The Name Of Atlanta Airport WiFi Network?

Atlanta Airport’s free Wi-Fi network name is “ATL Free Wi-Fi”.

Who Provides Atlanta Airport WiFi?

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is the free Wi-Fi service provider of ATL Airport. The Wi-Fi service covers all the terminals and both departures and arrivals halls.

Can I Stream Videos By Using Atlanta Airport Free WiFi?

Yes, Atlanta Airport’s free Wi-Fi will allow you to stream any kind of video including Netflix videos, YouTube videos, and more.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) Map

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