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McGhee Tyson Airport(TYS) is located at 2055 Alcoa Hwy, Alcoa, TN 37701, United States. Opened in 1937, McGhee Tyson Airport is a public/military airport. The airport was named for world war United States Navy pilot Charles Mcghee Tyson who died in First World War.

To the local people, the airport is known as Knoxville airport and the airport is just 12 km away from Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. The total area of McGhee Tyson Airport covers 2,250 acres. It has two parallel runways and one main terminal building with two levels(top level and bottom level).

Passenger airlines like Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, United Express, Allegiant Air etc use McGhee Tyson Airport. To make its millions of passengers’ journeys easy and enjoyable, McGhee Tyson Knoxville Airport authority provides Wi-Fi services that are free.

McGhee Tyson Knoxville Airport

Airport name McGhee Tyson Airport
Full Address2055 Alcoa Hwy, Alcoa, TN 37701, United States
OwnerMetropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority
Focus city forAllegiant Air
Total area2250 acres
Total runwaysTwo runways and one terminal Terminal has two levels: Top level and bottom level Top level is used for security gates, ticket counters, restaurants, retail shops etc Bottom level is used for airline offices, airport offices, baggage claims, car rentals etc.
City/StateAlcoa, Tennessee
CountryUnited States of America
Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi service available
Wi-Fi SSIDMcGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)
Airport Phone+1 865-342-3000
Social MediaTwitter
WebsiteMcGhee Tyson Knoxville  Airport
McGhee Tyson Airport(TYS) Terminal

Knoxville Airport Wi-Fi Services Details

McGhee Tyson Knoxville Airport provides free high-speed Wi-Fi service throughout the airport terminal. The Wi-Fi service of Knoxville Airport supports by T-mobile. The Wi-Fi SSID name of Knoxville Airport is McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) and it can be up to 10 Mbps.

You can use the Knoxville Airport Wi-Fi service as long as you stay at the airport. Smart devices like android smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks etc can be easily connected to the McGhee Tyson Knoxville Airport WiFi.

However, if you face any problems using the Wi-Fi, then you can download the free McGhee Tyson Airport Mobile APP for easy access to airport information.

Quick View – Knoxville Airport Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi availableYes
Free Wi-Fi timeline24 hours
Wi-Fi providerMcGhee Tyson  Knoxville Airport (TYS)
Hotspot name (SSID)McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)
PasswordNo password is required to connect to Knoxville Airport’s free Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi Speed10 Mbps

How To Connect To Knoxville Airport Free Wi-Fi?

Connecting to  Knoxville Airport Free Wi-Fi service is pretty simple. You have to use a device that is Wi-Fi enabled. To connect to Knoxville Airport Wi-Fi,

  • First, from your device Wireless & Network Setting turn on the Wi-Fi option.
  • From the available Wi-Fi network find and Connect to the Wi-Fi SSID name McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS).
  • Congratulations you are now connected to McGhee Tyson Knoxville Airport (TYS)!

Mobile Charging In McGhee Tyson Knoxville Airport

Throughout the airport area, you will find various electronic device charging stations. In the terminal area, multiple plug-in charging stations are located where you can quickly charge your smartphone, laptops, tablets etc.

Sleeping In Knoxville Airport

At Knoxville Airport padded and armrest-free benches are available throughout the terminal where you can sleep conveniently. However, in the baggage claim area, you can sleep on carpeted nooks under the stairwells. The place is private and quiet too.


Does Knoxville Airport Have Wi-Fi Facility?

Yes, Knoxville Airport provides Wi-Fi service for its passengers and visitors.

Is The Wi-Fi Service Of McGhee Tyson Knoxville Airport Free?

Yes, the Wi-Fi service of McGhee Tyson Knoxville Airport is completely free for travelers.

How Long Can I Use McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) Wi-Fi?

You can use McGhee Tyson Airport’s (TYS) free Wi-Fi service as long as you stay inside the airport.

What Is The Name Of The McGhee Tyson Airport Wi-Fi SSID?

The Wi-Fi SSID name of Knoxville Airport is “McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)”.

What Types Of Devices Are Allowed To Connect Knoxville Airport Free Wi-Fi?

You can use any kind of smartphone, laptop, tablet, notebook etc to connect to free Knoxville Airport Wi-Fi.

Is There Any Paid Wi-Fi Service Available At Knoxville Airport?

No, there is no paid Wi-Fi service available at this airport as of now.

McGhee Tyson Airport Map

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