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Long Beach Airport is located at 4100 Donald Douglas Dr, Long Beach, CA 90808, United States. This public airport mainly serves to greater Los Angeles area and is owned by the City of Long Beach. Founded in 1923, Long Beach Airport is just three miles away from the northeast of downtown Long Beach.

The total area of Long Beach Airport covers 1,166 acres which include three asphalt runways and one terminal. The largest passenger airlines that use Long Beach Airport are American Eagle, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines etc. Every year more than twenty million passengers travel to this airport.

For the benefit of its passenger’s valuable time, Long Beach Airport has an unlimited free Wi-Fi facility accessible by all passengers.

Quick View – Long Beach Airport (LGB)

Airport nameLong Beach Airport (LGB)
Address4100 Donald Douglas Dr, Long Beach, CA 90808, United States
Total area1,166 acres
OwnerCity of Long Beach
City/StateLong Beach, California
CountryUnited States of America
Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi service available
Airport Phone+1 562-570-2600
Social MediaTwitter  
WebsiteLong Beach Airport
Long Beach Airport (LGB)

Long Beach Airport WiFi Service

At Long Beach Airport you can enjoy high-speed unlimited free Wi-Fi service. Wi-Fi service at Long Beach airport is available at baggage claim, terminal, concourses, boarding areas and rental car areas. The Wi-Fi SSID name of Long Beach Airport is SSID_LGB.

You can use the Wi-Fi service as long as you want to. Also, to use Long Beach Airport’s free Wi-Fi service, you won’t need any passwords. You can connect to Long Beach Airport with free Wi-Fi from smart devices like smartphones, laptops, smart gadgets, notebooks etc.

Brief Overview Of Long Beach Airport Wi-Fi

Long Beach Airport Wi-Fi is completely free for visitors. Also, its speed is around 10 Mbps.

Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi service is available at the passenger terminal, baggage claim, concourses, boarding areas etc places.
Period/time24 hours
WiFi ProviderLong Beach Airport
Hotspot nameSSID_LGB
Wi-Fi speed10 Mbps

How To Connect To Long Beach Airport Wi-Fi?

To connect to Long Beach Airport’s free Wi-Fi from any of your smart devices, just follow the steps given below.

  • First turn on your device’s Wi-Fi option from the Wireless & Network Settings.
  • From the available Wi-Fi networks find and connect to Long Beach Airport Wi-Fi SSID.
  • Congratulations you are ready to access Long Beach Airport’s free Wi-Fi service as long as you want to!

Electronic Device Charging At Long Beach Airport

At Long Beach airport you won’t find any dedicated electronic device charging stations near landside areas. However, you can charge your devices in the charging stations located at gates 2,4 & 8 in airside areas.

Sleeping In Long Beach Airport

You can sleep in various places at Long Beach airport. At night passengers of Long Beach airports are restricted inside the landside areas and must re-clear the security checkpoint. The Long Beach Airport remains clean all the time and is good for sleeping.

In the landside areas, you can find hard metal benches where you can sleep. Also, in upstairs, you can sleep on padded couches. As the airport remains cold at night so don’t forget to bring your travel mat, sleeping bag, and other sleeping gear.

Long Beach Airport Map


Is There Any Wi-Fi Facility Available At Long Beach Airport?

Yes, at Long Beach Airport Wi-Fi facility is available for travelers.

Is The Long Beach Airport Wi-Fi Service Free?

Yes, Long Beach Airport authority provides free unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi service for its passengers and visitors.

How Long Can I Use Long Beach Airport Free Wi-Fi Service?

You can use any kind of smart device like android phones, Apple iPhones, laptops, tablets, notebooks etc to connect to Long Beach Airport’s free Wi-Fi.

Which Places Are Most Convenient To Browse Long Beach Airport Free Wi-Fi?

You can enjoy Long Beach Airport’s free Wi-Fi in places like terminals, boarding area, baggage claim area, passenger concourses, rental car area etc.

Can I Enjoy Netflix Videos By Using Long Beach Airport Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can.

Are There Any Paid Wi-Fi Packages Available At Long Beach Airport?

No, as of now you can not enjoy any paid Wi-Fi packages at Long Beach Airport.

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