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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was founded on 1 May 1929. It is located at 100 Terminal Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, United States. It is a well known public airport that serves in Miami metropolitan area. The airport is owned by Broward County and operated by the Broward County Aviation Department.

Total area of this airport is 1380 acres or 558 hectares with two runways. The airport has four terminals with 66 gates.

Internationally renowned airlines that provided most passengers of this Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) include Spirit Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines etc.

IBC Airways & Silver Airways use this airport as their hub. Daily Fort Lauderdale Airport serves to over 700 flights to 135 international and domestic destinations.

As a well-known airport in Florida State, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is famous for its all-year-round high-quality services. Inside the airport, you can enjoy high-speed free wifi service as long as you want.

So if you have any plan to trip to this airport then please look at the below table for more basic information about this Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL).

Airport nameFort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
CityFort Lauderdale, Florida
LocationFort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America
Address100 Terminal Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, United States
Operated byBroward County Aviation Department
Airport codeFLL
Zip Code33315
Hub forIBC Airways, Silver Airways
Time ZoneUTC -5 (UTC -4 during Daylight Saving Time)
Total area1380 acres
Total runways2
Terminals4 terminals with 66 gates. Terminal-1: It is known as the yellow terminal. This terminal consists of Concourses A, B, C with 23 gates.   Terminal-2: It is known as the red terminal. This terminal consists of Concourses D with 9 gates.   Terminal-3: It is known as the purple terminal. This terminal consists of Concourses E & F with 20 gates.   Terminal-4: It is known as the green terminal. This terminal consists of Concoucrces G with 14 gates.
Elevation65 ft / 20 m
Focus City forAllegiant Air, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines
Wi-FiFree wifi available
Phone+1 954-359-1200
Coordinates26.0742° N, 80.1506° W
Passengers28,076,808 (2021)
Social mediaFacebook 
Fort Lauderdale Airport Inside

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) WiFi

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport provides WiFi services for free inside the terminal and concourse areas. Also, the wifi service is available in car center areas and throughout the baggage claim areas. The good news for you is that the WiFi service is completely free at FLL and there are no limitations too.

It means you can use the free FLL wifi service as long as you are staying at the airport. Also, you can use more than one device to connect to FLL wifi. So, as long as you are staying in the airport areas you can be connected with everyone via social media and can keep your necessary work by using FLL free wifi service.

You have to use properly configured electronic devices that must be compatible to connect to WIFI. The FLL airport authority suggests you to use a laptop computer that is running a newer version of OS Windows or MAC. Also, you should use newer versions of OS Android, Apple etc on your smartphones.

Note that if you forget to bring your smartphone to the airport then you can use internet kiosks that are available in terminals 1,2,3 etc but you will have to pay a fee.

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How To Connect To FLL Airport WiFi?

If you want to enjoy Free Wi-Fi service at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) then please follow the following steps to get connected.

  • First, make it confirm that you are using a device that is wifi compatible.
  • Open settings and turn on Wi-Fi from Wi-Fi and network settings.
  • From the available wireless network find out Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Wi-Fi SSID and connect to it.
  • Open your device browser.
  • Start using free wifi after completion.
  • If you face a problem connecting to FLL airport free wifi then you can send feedback.

Sleeping In Fort Lauderdale Airport

The Fort Lauderdale Airport(FLL) authority lets its passengers sleep inside the airport. However, passengers can only stay in the pre-security waiting areas. Those areas seating system consists of arm resting chairs.

As the areas are often cold airport authorities recommend passengers to bring a sweater or blanket. Also, you can find more sleeping spots in the car rental center that have padded seats and the weather is fairly quiet.

Mobile Charging – Fort Lauderdale Airport

You can charge your electronic devices like mobiles, laptops etc in different charging stations that are available in terminals 1 & 4. However, paid charging stations are available in terminal 1,2,3. They are adding more power kiosks for free.


Does Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport(FLL) has good quality WiFi service inside the airport.

Is The WiFi At Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Free?

Yes, at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport you can access and enjoy free wifi service without any charge. It means it will be cost-free.

Is The WiFI Service At FLL Limited?

No. You can use the FLL wifi service for as much data as you want.

Is The FLL WiFi Service Has Any Time Limitation?

No. YOu can use FLL free wifi service as long as you want. For this, you will have to stay inside the FLL airport areas.

How Many Devices Are Allowed To Connect FLL Wifi?

No limit. You can connect as many devices as you want to use the FLL wifi service. However, your devices must be wifi enabled otherwise you can not use FLL free wifi.

What Should I Do If I Face Any Problem Connecting Or Using FLL Free Wifi?

IF you face any problem connecting or using the free FLL wifi service or you are asked for credit card information to connect to the FLL airport wifi then you can contact this customer service number of FLL 1-866-I FLY FLL (1-866-435-9355). Also, you can send any feedback to FLL official website.


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