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Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) or Wold-Chamberlain Field is a famous international airport used for both civil and military public was first established in 1920 for animal services. Passenger services began in 1929. And in 1944 the airport was renamed “Minneapolis–St. Paul Metropolitan Airport/Wold-Chamberlain Field”. However four years later”International” was replaced by “Metropolitan”.

The MSP Airport expansion was started in 1958 designed by Lyle George Landstrom and completed expansion in 1962 and then started operations. Although Pier A (now Concourse G) was completed in 1972 and Pier D(now Concourse C) was completed in 1971.

The airport is centrally located at the Fort Snelling Unorganized Territory, Minnesota, the United States which is within 16 km downtown of both Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Its total area is 2930 acres or 1186 ha of land.

Supported by over 87000 employees and generates an estimated 16 billion USD per year. First, it was the Twin City Speedway rack truck when its original name was Speedway Filed.

Now MSP Airport is the 17th busiest airport in the USA and transports over 39 million passengers per year. Popular airlines like Sun Country and USA Delta operate most flights for this airport. Also, the US Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) and Minnesota Air National Guard use this airport field.

MSP Airport Walkway

Minneapolis Airport provides different opportunities to its guests such as shopping, banking, wifi service(available in both terminal’s public areas), entertainment etc. Minneapolis Airport WiFi service is one of the mentionable services among these services.

Airport NameMinneapolis–Saint Paul (MSP) International Airport
OwnerMetropolitan Airports Commission
Flight A Year400k
MSP Zip Code4300
Available ForBoth Civil and Military
Top International DestinatinationsCancún Airport Mexico, Amsterdam Airport Netherlands, Winnipeg Canada, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Montego Bay Jamaica, Calgary Canada, San José del Cabo Mexico,Toronto–Pearson Canada, Punta Cana Dominican Republic, Vancouver Airport Canada.
Social MediaFacebook Official, Twitter Official, YouTube Official, Instagram Official

Minneapolis–Saint Paul(MSP) International Airport WiFi System

MSP airport provides free wifi service on both terminals. Boingo makes the traveler’s life happier with unlimited wireless internet access across different places of the airport like all terminals, both arrivals and departures halls, concourse etc.

How Do I Connect To WiFi At MSP Airport?

To connect MSP Airport wifi network first go to your mobile device or laptop wifi connection and select “MSP Airport WiFi” or “Boingo hotspot” for network options. It will ask for terms of use to gain access. After selecting the network you will receive four hours of seasons(complimentary).

A timer will remind you how much season remains. After the season expires you will receive another four-hour season without any charge. You can enjoy as many free seasons as you want during your traveling time at MSP Airport. If you need any help or have any questions about MSP airport wifi service then feel free to call this number 612-726-5555.

Airplain Landing On MSP Airport

MSP Airport Exact Location

According to Minnesota state law, MSP Airport properties are not part of any school district or city. The MSP Airport is surrounded by Minneapolis Saint Paul and the cities of Bloomington, Eagan, Mendota Heights and Richfield. The airport is around 8 miles away from Saint Paul downtown.

MSP Airport Free Phone Charging Stations

Samsung provides free phone charging opportunities to MSP airport visitors on both terminals. Locations are as follows:

Location 1Terminal 1 “Lindbergh”: A2, B4, C1, C3, C5, C6, C8, C9, C12, C13 or 14, D3, D5, E2, E9, E8, F1, F8, F13
Location 2Terminal 2 “Humphrey”: H3, H4, H8, H10

You should keep a fuel rod when you travel at the airport because if you are out of luck charging your device at the airport free charging station then it will help you to charge your device. Also with that power charging luggage can be the best solution to charge your device.

Minneapolis–Saint Paul(MSP) International Airport Parking Availability & Pricing

MSP airport parking capacity is impressive and you can safely park your vehicle. For this, you will have to book your parking area 24 hours before your flight. MSP airport uses color code names to categorize their daily parking process.

MSP Airport Inside

MSP Terminal 1 Parking:

Terminal 1:Parking Ramps

Gold Parking Ramp

Blue Parking Ramp

Green Parking Ramp

Pink Parking Ramp

Red Parking Ramp

Brown Parking Ramp

Note that

1 MSP airport offers daily parking facilities in Gold, Green, Blue, Pink, Brown although gold parking facility is only hourly basis.

2. Gold and Green Ramps are connected to Terminal 1 via surrounding to skyways level 3.

3. Red, Blue, Pink and Brown parking rams are connected to terminal 1 via level T.

4. Daily parking ramps are covered. Also, have a clearance level of 7.

5. Electric vehicle charging stations are on level eight of the Red and Blue ramps.

6. Maximum daily parking price is $26. For the first hour $5 and $3 for the next additional hours.

Valet Parking:

Terminal 1 valet parking is temporarily blocked due to Cov-19. From inside the terminal try to use the elevator to pick up your vehicle.

MSP E-Park Elite:

You can sign up for MSP parking to save your time if you are a regular visitor to MSP airport. It will confirm your place at the parking lot no matter whenever you come. E park elite costs $65 for one month.

MSP Terminal 2 Parking:

MSP Terminal 2 has two options for parking which are value parking and hourly parking. However, it offers only hourly parking for up to four hours.

Note that:

1. MSP terminal 2 hourly parking price is $19 and clearance is 6’10”.

2. Electric vehicle charging facility is located at level 7.

3. MSP terminal 2 hourly parking price is $36 and clearance is 8’2”.


Does Minneapolis Airport Have WiFi?

MSP Airport has Wi-Fi service available in the public areas of the terminals.

Does Minneapolis Airport Have Free WiFi?

Yes, MSP Airport has a free Wi-Fi facility for passengers who want to spend quality time.

What Should I Do If MSP Airport WiFi Not Working?

If you face any problem connecting to the MSP Airport Wi-Fi or browsing on the web then you can call this number for help 612-726-5555.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul(MSP) International Airport Map

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