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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the world’s oldest airline that was founded in 1919. Its headquarters is located in Amstelveen, Netherlands. As of 2022, KLM flies to 140 destinations around the world which covers North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean etc.

Until 2022, KLM has a total of 106 passenger aircraft in service. KLM Airlines uses Amsterdam Airport Schiphol(AMS) as its main hub. Air France–KLM is its parent company and in 2004 it joined to SkyTeam. KLM won “Best Airline Staff Service” several times. As the oldest airline, KLM provides Wi-Fi service on board.

Airlines Name KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
HeadquartersAmstelveen, Netherlands
Main HubAmsterdam Airport Schiphol
Frequent-flyer programFlying Blue
Parent companyAir France–KLM
Aircraft in service106 (passenger aircraft)
Wi-FIWI-FI service available on board
Network SSID“KLM Portal”
Customer service number800-618-0104
Social MediaFacebook    
WebsiteKLM Official
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Inflight WI-Fi Service

KLM first introduced the Wi-Fi service on board in 2016 for long-haul flights. Currently, Viasat provides KLM inflight Wi-Fi facility.  KLM first installed the Wi-Fi facility on some of its Boeing 737 aircraft.

As of now (2022), KLM has Wi-Fi facility on most of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, Boeing 787 aircraft and Airbus A330 aircraft. Currently, it is installing Wi-Fi facility on Boeing 777 aircraft.

Overall, more than 81% of intercontinental flights have an inflight Wi-Fi facility. They have a plan to reach a 100% Wi-Fi facility on all intercontinental flights within 2022.

You will see a Wi-Fi logo on your aircraft if it is enabled with Wi-Fi facility. Currently, there are two Wi-Fi options on KLM flights. One is for flights within Europe & another one is for intercontinental flights.

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Wi-Fi Package For Flights Within Europe

Package NameCostService
Free messagingZeroSuitable for all flights within Europe. You will get access to 30 minutes of complimentary Wi-Fi service for messaging. You can send and receive messages via WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat etc. However, you can’t send and receive any photos, audio files or videos.
Surf 8 EuroWith the Surf package, you can browse the website, check your emails and send and receive text messages. Streaming any videos is not recommended.
Streaming12 EuroBy using the Streaming package you receive and send emails including large attachment files. You can easily send and receive any photos, audio files, videos etc. Streaming music, audio and videos are also allowed. Web browsing is also allowed.

Wi-Fi packages For Intercontinental Flights:

Package NameCostService
Free messaging  zeroThe free messaging package is eligible for all intercontinental flights. You can get complimentary messaging access for one of yours. Under this package, you can send and receive text messages via Messenger, WhatsApp, Wechat etc. Sending and receiving photos, videos and audio files are not allowed.
Streaming30 Euro For the entire Flight(Boeing 777 and Airbus A330)You can browse the internet. Also sending and receiving emails including attachment files are allowed. Sending and receiving messages via various apps can be done including photos, audio files and videos. You can easily stream music, audio file and videos.

How To Connect To KLM WiFi?

You can start using the KLM inflight Wi-Fi facility after your flights take off. By using the KLM inflight Wi-Fi portal you can check your flight’s latest status and book flights to other destinations.

  • First enable your device to Airplane mode.
  • Then turn on the Wi-Fi setting from the setting menu.
  • Connect to the KLM Wi-Fi network and it will redirect you to KLM on board Wi-Fi portal where instructions will be found.
  • Choose your desired data plan(you can choose a free messaging plan or purchase paid Wi-Fi data plan as per your wish).

KLM Inflight Entertainment Facility And Electronic Device Charging

At KLM inflight, you can enjoy popular movies and TV shows on your front 16-18 inch seat screen. You can enjoy this service if you are flying in economy class, premium comfort class & business class. In-seat power options are available in most KLM aircraft where you can charge your smartphone, laptops etc.


Do The KLM Airlines Have An Inflight Wi-Fi Facility?

Yes, KLM provides high-quality inflight Wi-Fi facility for its traveler’s benefits.

Do All The KLM Aircraft Have Inflight Wi-Fi Facility?

No, currently not all of the KLM aircraft are equipped with an inflight Wi-Fi facility. However, they are planning to provide an inflight Wi-Fi facility to all of their long-haul aircraft within 2022.

Is The KLM Inflight Wi-Fi Service Free?

No. Only the “Messaging” package is free for some time. For other heavy usages, you have to buy specific packages from the available paid options.

How Good Is KLM Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

KLM inflight Wi-Fi service speed is good quality. There are some certain packages like Messaging, Streaming, and Surfing that are suitable for respective tasks.

Can I Purchase KLM Inflight Paid Wi-Fi Facility When I Am on Board?

Yes, you can easily purchase your Wi-Fi plan when you are on a KLM flight. Keep in mind you can get access to KLM Wi-Fi service when your flight reaches 10000 feet altitude.

Who Is Currently Providing Inflight Wi-Fi service On KLM Flights?

As of 2022, Viasat is providing Wi-Fi service to most of the KLM aircraft flights.

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