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Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. which is simply known as Wizz Air is a Hungarian low-cost airline that was founded in 2003. Its headquarters is located in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport(BUD) is Wiz Air’s largest base along with Luton Airport(LTN).

Mainly serving in the various cities of Europe, the Middle East and North America, Wizz Air provide service to more than 40 countries and 150 destinations. As of 2022, Wizz Air has a total of 154 passenger aircraft in service and all of them are Airbus A aircraft. Wizz Air is the largest airline in Hungary in terms of total passenger aircraft. 

However, as a low-cost airline still Wizz Air does not provide any free or paid inflight Wi-Fi service for its passengers. However, the passengers can use Wizz Air App and can use the Wizz Air network.

Quick Look –  Wizz Air (W6)

Airline NameWizz Air
Parent companyWizz Air Holdings plc
CallsignWIZZ AIR
Frequent-flyer programWizz Privilege Pass Wizz Discount Club
Aircraft in service154 (as of 2022)
Airport Phone0330 977 0444
Social MediaTwitter 
WebsiteWizz Air
Wizz Air Hungary Ltd

Wizz Air Inflight Wi-Fi

As of now, Wizz Air does not provide an inflight Wi-Fi facility for its passengers. Although by using the Wizz Air App you can enjoy internet connection service for free. There will be an info card in front of your seat pocket where you will find details instructions for using the app.

The app can be used on any kind of smart device like smartphones, laptops, tablets and other smart gadgets. By using the free Wiz Air app you can enjoy these services: flight information, flight booking, airport information, rental car service, banking information, Banking payment, etc.

Note: It is recommended that before your flight you download the free Wizz Air app. If you face any problem downloading or using the Wizz Air app then you can contact their customer service number at 0330 977 0444.

Note: In March 2021, Wizz Air introduced a light Wi-Fi facility for its UK Airbus A321 passengers. A Bluetooth connectivity kit named Fflya is installed on the Airbus A321 aircraft that has a dual window antenna for providing basic Wi-Fi information. You can enjoy the Wi-Fi service provided by the Fflya kit for any contactless payments and basic messaging.

Overview –  Wizz Air Network Connection

Airline NameWizz Air (W6)
WI-FI Network ConnectionPaid or free Wi-Fi is not available. You can use the network connection by using the free Wizz Air app.
App NameWizz Air App
App ProviderWizz Air (W6)

Wizz Air USB Charging

On Wizz Air flights you can not charge any of your devices or their batteries. This is because aircraft of Wizz Air’s do not equipped with USB charging ports. However, after the approval from the Wizz Air authority, you can bring your own power bank on your flight.

Wizz Air Inflight Entertainment

Wizz Air does not provide TV screens for watching popular movies and TV shows on boards. Also, you can not play games. You can enjoy Wizz Air magazine. For reading the magazine of Wizz Air visits this link.


Does Wiz Air Provide Wi-Fi Facility On Board?

As of now Wiz Air does not provide paid or free inflight Wi-Fi facility for its passengers. However, passengers of Wizz Air UK Airbus A321 can enjoy limited Wi-Fi facilities on board.

If Wizz Air Does Not Provide Wi-Fi On Board Then Any Other Option To Get Connected To Internet?

By downloading & using Wizz Air free app you can connect to an inflight Network connection. In your front seat pocket, you will find a detailed guide to connecting the app to Wizz Air Inflight Wi-Fi Service.

How Much Does It Will Cost To Connect The Wizz Air Free App To Wizz Air Network Connection?

The Wizz Air Network connection cost is completely free of charge so you can connect to your free Wizz Air app.

What Types Of Devices I Can Use To Access Wizz Air Wi-Fi Connection Via Free Wizz Air App?

You can use any of your smartphones, laptops, tablets etc to connect to Wizz Air Wi-Fi connection By using the Wizz Air App.

What Types Of Services I Can Enjoy By Using The Wizz Air App?

By using the free Wizz Air app you can enjoy flight information, airport information, banking information, car rental services etc.

What Should I Do If I Face Any Problem Connecting Wizz Air App To Inflight Network Connection?

In case you face any problem related to downloading and using the Wizz Air inflight free app then you can call their UK customer service number at 0330 977 0444.

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