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Virgin Australia is an Australian domestic & international airline that was co-founded by Richard Branson a British billionaire &  Brett Godfrey an Australian Businessman. Founded in 1999 Virgin Australia is the largest airline of Virgin Brand in terms of fleet size.

Its headquarter is located at South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Virgin Australia mainly serves 32 different cities in Australia from its three hubs Brisbane Airport(BNE), Melbourne Airport(MEL) & Sydney Airport(SYD). Outside Australia, the airline provides service to different cities in Japan, New Zealand, the USA, UAE, Fiji, Indonesia etc country.

As of 2022, Virgin Australia Airlines has a total of 77 passenger aircraft in service for international flights and all of them are Boeing aircraft. However, it has a total of 15 aircraft in service for regional service. These are Airbus A320-200 & Fokker 100.

Every year more than 20 million passengers travel through Virgin Australia Airlines. For its large amount of passengers, Virgin Australia has both free and paid inflight Wi-Fi service which makes the passenger’s journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

Virgin Australia Airlines (VA) – Quick View

Airlines NameVirgin Australia Airlines (VA)
HeadquarterSouth Bank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Frequent-flyer programVelocity
Parent company  Virgin Australia Holdings
Customer Service Number00 61 7 3295 2296
Social MediaTwitter
WebsiteVirgin Australia
Virgin Australia Airlines

Virgin Australia Inflight Wi-Fi Service

At the end of 2012, Virgin Australia first launched an inflight Wi-Fi facility for its passengers. Passengers then can enjoy various movies, music, and TV shows on their personal devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. However, internet browsing was not permitted.

In 2018 Virgin Australia upgraded its inflight Wi-Fi service so that its passengers can access wireless internet. As of now passengers of Virgin Australia can enjoy both free and paid inflight Wi-Fi service by connecting to the Wi-Fi SSID Virgin Australia Wi-Fi network.

Virgin Australia inflight Wi-Fi service is provided by Gogo. Both domestic and international flights have an inflight Wi-Fi facility. The paid Wi-Fi service in Virgin Australia starts from $6.99 per hour. By using the free Wi-Fi service you can enjoy web browsing, email checking, social media surfing etc services. However, if you want to stream videos or work on large files then paid Wi-Fi service will be suitable.

Virgin Australia Inflight Wi-Fi Cost

If you want a high-speed limitless Wi-Fi facility for heavy tasks or video streaming then you can purchase any of the following paid Wi-Fi. The prices shown below are in Australian Dollars.

Category  PackagesDuration
Standard: Web browsing, social media surfing, light video, and instant messaging.Complimentary  For 1 hour
 Domestic for High-speed: This package provides fast Wi-Fi connection and users can stream YouTube videos and other standard tasks for unlimited time.A$11. 99For whole flight
Trans-Tasman/  short-haul International   Serves fast unlimited WI-FI connection$6.99   or $12.99$6.99 for per hour $12.99 for the whole flight
Long-range international (Los Angeles, Tokyo): Fast unlimited Wi-Fi service available for light to heavy tasks.$8.99 or $19.99$8.99 for per hour $19.99 for the whole flight

Which Virgin Australia Aircraft are Equipped With WiFi?

Virgin Australia still upgrading its inflight Wi-Fi system for some aircraft like Boeing 737 & Airbus A330.

VA aircraft   WiFi-enabled?  
Boeing 737 (domestic, international)Yes (VA’s 77 B737 aircraft have WiFi installed)
Airbus A320s, Fokker 100sNo (regional jets won’t get WiFi)

How To Connect To Virgin Australia WiFi?

To connect to Virgin Australia Airlines’ inflight Wi-Fi Facility please follow the steps given below.

  • First turn on your device’s flight mode and enable the Wi-Fi network.
  • From the network, the option connect to Virgin Australia Wi-Fi network SSID VirginAustraliaWI-FI network.
  • Now visit and bookmark the URL so that you can visit it later.
  • From the available Wi-Fi, plans purchase your desired one depending on your flight duration. You will need to provide your email address & other payment details like seat number surname etc.
  • Within a few minutes, you will be connected to the inflight WI-Fi network of Virgin Australia and you can enjoy Virgin Australia’s sky-high satellite service.
  • Note that the payment can be done via Virgin Australia App.

Inflight Wi-Fi Connection Via Virgin Australia App

You can connect to Virgin Australia Inflight Wi-Fi facility by using the Virgin Australia App. First, you have to download the app if you have not done it already then you can access the free Wi-Fi service. Also as per your destination period, you can purchase paid Wi-Fi facility.

So, if you have not downloaded the app yet then before your flight makes sure that you have downloaded the app. To connect to the Virgin Australia Wi-Fi on board by using the App first active your device in flight mode and enable the Wi-Fi network.

From the WiFi network connection to Wi-Fi SSID VirginAustralia Network. Open the app and start enjoying online news, video streaming and browsing the web with the fast and free Wi-Fi service.

Device Charging At Virgin Australia Flights

Business class, premium and Economy class passengers of Virgin Australia Airlines can charge their devices on board. In-seat USB connectivity and power sockets are available where you can charge your devices.


Is There Any WI-FI Facility Available At Virgin Australia Airlines On Board?

Yes, for facilitating its travelers Vergin Australia provide inflight Wi-Fi service on board.

Is The Virgin Australia Inflight Wi-Fi Service Free?

Yes, Virgin Australia provides both free & paid services. However, Virgin Australia’s inflight Wi-Fi service is free for all domestic and Trans-Tasman flights. The speed of the free domestic Wi-Fi service is around 1Mbps which is suitable for light web browsing, email checking and social media surfing.

Who Provides Virgin Australia Inflight Wi-Fi Service & What Is The Name of The Wi-Fi Network SSID?

Virgin Australia Inflight Wi-Fi service is provided by Gogo and the Wi-Fi network SSID name is VirginAustralia Network. In your seat pocket, you will find an information card where details information about connecting to the Virgin Australia Wi-Fi service is given.

How Fast Is The Virgin Australia Inflight WiFi?

Virgin Australia’s inflight Wi-Fi speed depends on how many passengers are connected to the network at the same time. You can expect free Wi-Fi service speed on the domestic routes around 1Mbps which is suitable for light works like email checking and social activities. However, paid Wi-Fi service speed can reach up to 13Mbps which is suitable for video streaming, downloading large files etc. You can also do heavy web browsing but unfortunately, voice calls and video chats using the apps are not allowed.

What Kind Of Devices Are Allowed To Connect To Virgin Australia Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

You can use any of your smartphones, laptops, tablets, or other smart gadgets to connect to Virgin Australia inflight Wi-Fi.

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