VOLARIS Airlines WiFi | Does Volaris Airlines Have WiFi On Board?

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VOLARIS Airline or simply known as Volaris is a low-cost airline based in the Mexico City of Mexico. After  Aeroméxico Volaris airline is the second-largest airline in Mexico.

Founded in the August 2005 Volaris airline is the leading airline on the domestic route in Mexico. The airline uses Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport(GDL), Mexico City International Airport(MEX) & Tijuana International Airport(TIJ) as its hub.

Volaris Airlines provides service to different cities in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, United States & Peru. As of 2022, the Volaris Airline has a total of 104 Airbus aircraft in service that are used to serve around 500 flights each day. However, still, Volaris Airlines have not introduced any inflight Wi-Fi facility for its passengers.

VOLARIS Airlines – Quick Overview

Airline NameVOLARIS
LocationMexico City, Mexico
Parent company  Vuela Compañia de Aviación
Frequent-flyer programVClub
Airlines  Phone NumberMexico (55)- 1102 8000, the United States of America  1 855 VOLARIS -(8652747)Guatemala +502 2301 3939Costa Rica +506 4 0000 229 El Salvador +503 2504 5540
Social MediaTwitter 

VOLARIS Airline Inflight Wi-Fi Facility

As of now, Volaris Airlines has no inflight Wi-Fi facility for its passengers when they are on board. However, you can download the Volaris Airline app and use it to check various airport detail information, inflight airline services, check emails etc.

As a low-cost airline in Mexico, no inflight Wi-Fi facility is available on board except the app. The Volaris app is completely free and it is recommended that you download the app before your flight.

VOLARIS WIFI – Brief Information

Airline NameVLOARIS (Y4)
WI-FI Network ConnectionWhile you are on board you can’t enjoy any free or paid Wi-Fi Service. However, you can use their Wi-Fi connection for only downloading the free Volaris Airline app or getting their information card.
App NameVOLARIS Airlines  App(free)
App ProviderVOLARIS (Y4)

How Can I Connect To Volaris Wi-Fi Network While On Board?

Volaris does not provide any Wi-Fi facility on board. However, you can access to the Wi-Fi connection via inflight entertainment service for checking your emails, flight information and airport information etc.

Wi-Fi Connection: No paid or free inflight Wi-Fi connection available.

Wi-Fi Connection Access Process: By using the Volaris Airlines free App you can access to the network connection.

While you are on board Volaris Airline’s flight, you can find the info card in your seat pocket. In the info card, you will find flight change information, airport details & other service information etc. Just read the information card very carefully to get a complete idea about the airline’s services.

If you face any problem connecting to the network then you can call Volaris Airline’s customer care number at 855-865-2747.

Through Volaris App WiFi Connection Procedure

You can access to Volaris Airline inflight network connection by using the App. The process is as follows.

Before your flight download the Volaris Airline free App. After downloading the app you can know various information like the airport’s latest updates, flight updates, car rental services, and banking services. Also, you can enjoy any kind of online payment by using the free Volaris Airline App.

So, if you face any issues related to downloading or using the free Volarish Airline App then you can call their customer service number at 855-865-2747.

Does Volaris Have An Entertainment Facility?

Like Wi-Fi, Volaris Airlines does not provide any inflight entertainment facility for its passengers. So, if you want to enjoy and pass your time quickly on Volaris flights then you can bring some good books to read or you can load your devices with your favorite movies or tv shows.

Keep in mind that you can’t charge your devices at Volaris Airline flight as no USB charging options or power sockets are available. You can bring your smart bag or power bank for charging your device on board. However, there are some restrictions. Visit this link for details information about smart bags and restrictions.


Does Volaris Provide Any Wi-Fi Facility On Board?

No, Volaris Airline does not provide an inflight paid or free Wi-Fi facility for its passengers.

If Volaris Does Not Provide Inflight Wi-Fi Then How Can I Get Access To The Internet On Board?

You can access to Volaris Inflight Wi-Fi network connection by downloading the Volaris Airline free App. You can use the app for only sending or receiving emails, checking flight information, airport information and updates, guidelines etc. Also, you can find an info card in front of your seat pocket where you can find details guidelines about airports and airlines.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase Volaris Inflight Wi-Fi?

No paid Wi-Fi connection system is available on Volarish flights for the passengers. You just can download & access the network by using the free app.

What Types Of Devices Are Allowed To Connect To Volaris Airline WiFi Facility?

You can use any of your smartphones, laptops, smart gadgets etc to use the Volaris free app for connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

What Should I Do IF I Face Any Problem Connecting To Volarish Wi-Fi Network By Using the Free Volaris App?

Just call to this Volaris Airline customer service number at 855-865-2747 in case you face any problem related to downloading and using the free app provided by the Volaris Airline authority.

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