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Beijing Capital International Airport is located in Chaoyang and Shunyi District, Beijing, China. Known to the public as Beijing Capital Airport, the airport is one of the two international airports besides Beijing Daxing International Airport(PKX) that serve the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

The total area of this airport covers 487,000 sq ft. The Beijing Capital Airport has three terminals(Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3) and three runways. Over the last few decades, Beijing Capital has become one of the busiest airports in the world.

Every year more than eighty million passengers travel through Beijing Capital International Airport. In 2021, Beijing Capital handled 32,639,013 passengers.

Popular international airlines Aeroflot, Air Astana, Air China, Air Canada, Air France, All Nippon Airways, Dalian Airlines, Finnair, EVA Air, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Korean Air etc use Beijing Capital to carry their passenger on various international and domestic destinations. At Beijing Airport you can connect to free Wi-Fi service.

Beijing Capital Airport And Its Wi-Fi Service

Airport nameBeijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
Airport typePublic
Owner and OperatorBeijing Capital International Airport Company Limited
City/StateShunyi District, Beijing
AddressChaoyang and Shunyi District, Beijing, China
Hub ForAir China, Hainan Airlines
Focus City ForSichuan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines
Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi service available
Wi-Fi ProviderBeijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
Wi-Fi SupporterBoingo
Hotspot Name“AIRPORT-FREE-WiFi”
Airport Phone+86 10 96158
Social MediaTwitter
WebsiteBeijing Capital International Airport  
Beijing Capital Airport - Passenger Area

Beijing Capital Airport WiFi Facility

Throughout the Beijing Capital International Airport free Wi-Fi service is available. You can use free Wi-Fi service by using your mobile phone or laptop in Terminal 1,2 & 3. However, you will need a Chinese mobile phone number(currently there are more than 223 countries’ mobile phone numbers available including the USA, France, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia etc) to receive an SMS that contains your user ID and password.

If you are an international traveler, then you can ask any information desk and they will scan your passport and will give you the user ID and password.

However, if you are an active member of the Boingo account then you can automatically access to the Boingo hotspots available throughout the airport. To connect to free Beijing Capital Airport Wi-Fi please follow the steps given below.

For Mobile Users:

  • First open your mobile Wi-Fi network option.
  • From the available Wi-Fi network connected to the Wi-Fi SSID name AIRPORT-FREE-WiFi.
  • Open your mobile browser and it will automatically take you to the Boingo Wi-Fi page.
  • Insert your mobile sim number(you can use the mobile phone numbers of more than 220 countries) and click on “get Verification Code”. You will get an SMS  in a few seconds. Provide the verification code then click on the “Log In” button to connect to the free Wi-Fi.
  • Congratulations you are now connected to free Beijing Capital Airport Wi-Fi for six hours!

***After using six hours you can reconnect your mobile device for more than six hours by following the process given above. For any kind of Beijing Airport Wi-Fi-related help call the customer care number at 400-003-5060.

For Laptop Users

  • Open your laptop wireless and network option then connect to free Wi-Fi SSID AIRPORT-FREE-WiFi.
  • A webpage will pop up and click on “Get Verification Code” by providing your mobile phone number.
  • You will get an SMS where you will find your username and password. Provide the User name and password and agree to the “I agree to Wi-Fi terms” tab.
  • Click on the “Log In” button and you are now connected to use free Wi-Fi for six hours.

***After using six hours you can reconnect your laptop device for more than six hours by following the process given above. For any kind of Beijing Airport Wi-Fi-related help call the customer care number at 400-003-5060.

Get Verification Code By Using Passport

If you have a passport then you can get the Beijing Capital Wi-Fi verification code by scanning your passport. For doing this please contact nearest WIFI dispenser in Terminal 1,2 & 3. Keep your passport on the scanning port and then click on the scan button on the display screen.

You will be shown one code from the Wi-Fi dispenser. Print the username and password for your convenience and then type the verification code on the webpage shown on your mobile or laptop device. Click on the “log In” button and now you are connected to free Beijing Capital Wi-Fi. Enjoy the free Wi-Fi for six hours then follow the same process to reconnect if you want to use more Wi-Fi.

Tips You Should Follow

  • If you face problem connecting free Wi-Fi by using your mobile sim number or scanning your passport then directly contact to the nearest information desk at every terminal and they will help you.
  • If you are a Boingo user then you can directly connect to the free Boing hotspot available throughout the Beijing Capital Airport.
  • Do not filter your message after receiving the username and password via SMS on your mobile phone.

Beijing Capital Airport – Mobile Charging

Throughout the Beijing Capital Airpot terminals(T1, T2, T3) and other lockable charging spots, multiple free power outlets are available. In these power outlets, you can easily charge your device. You can find power outlets in the following locations.

Terminal 1 (first and second floor: Airside and Landside).

Terminal 2(near the certain boarding gates).

Terminal 3(Landside and Airside).

Sleeping In Beijing Airport

Beijing Capital is a huge airport and has plenty of seating throughout the airport. You will find multiple wooden benches, and padded seats with armrests throughout the airport public gathering areas. Terminal 3 is considered as the most suitable place for sleeping.

You can sleep on the comfortable couches located at Burger King on Terminal 3 mezzanine level. Also, you can sleep in restaurants that remain closed at night where multiple seating places are available. Near the pre-security check-in halls(A/B counters and L/L counters) you can find some armrest-free benches where you can sleep.

The only problem you will face is the airport remains bright, cold and noisy at night. So don’t forget to bring your sleeping gear like a blanket, sleeping bag, noise-canceling headphones, sleeping mask etc.


Is There Wi-Fi Facility Available At Beijing Capital International Airport?

Yes, Beijing Capital has Wi-Fi facility.

Is The Wi-Fi Facility Free At Beijing Capital International Airport?

Yes, Beijing Capital Airport Wi-Fi is free for six hours. After six hours you can reconnect the free Wi-Fi on your device again. If you are a Boingo user then you can use the free Wi-Fi for unlimited time.

Where Can I Use Beijing Capital Airport Wi-Fi?

You can use Beijing Capital Airport’s free Wi-Fi on the terminals (T1, T2, T3) and other public gathering areas.

What Kind Of Devices Are Allowed To Connect Beijinig Airport Wi-Fi?

You can use any kind of smartphone, tablet, laptop etc devices.

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