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Hong Kong Airlines Limited which is simply known as Hong Kong Airlines is an international airline based in Hong Kong. Its headquarters is located at HKA Training Academy, Chek Lap Kok, Lantau, Hong Kong One Citygate, Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong.

Since its establishment in 2001, HX is providing high-quality services to over 25 destinations in different places of Asia. As an inflight service, Hong Kong Airlines(HX) has a wifi facility for its passengers provided by the OnAir.

So passengers can connect even when they are thousands of meters from the ground. In the below table some important information about HX is given.

Airlines NameHong Kong Airlines
Main hubHong Kong International Airport(HKG)
HeadquarterHKA Training Academy, Chek Lap Kok, Lantau, Hong Kong One Citygate, Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong
CountryHong Kong
Aircraft in service37 (all are Airbus A aircraft)
Frequent-flyer programFortune Wings Club
Customer service phone number+852 3916 3666(Hong Kong) Emails: call.center@hkairlines.com
Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines – Inflight WiFi

Hong Kong Airlines provides both free and paid wifi service on board. OnAir provides the inflight Hong Kong Airlines Wifi Service. So, when you are on board you can enjoy both free and paid wifi service. Free Wi-Fi service has 15 minutes time limit and no data limit.

However, to enjoy 15 minutes of free wifi service you will have to watch advertisements. There are three other WiFi data plans available among these “Flight Pass” data pack does not have any limitations. You can use this pack for the light tasks to heavy tasks like mail & large file downloading etc. you can use your smartphone, laptop, tablets etc devices to use Hong Kong INflight wifi service.

However other data packs including the “Free WiFi” pack are not suitable for a regular task. These packages are suitable for light tasking and the average speed of each package is around 60 kbps.

Data PlanCostTime LimitData LimitNet speedService
“Free Wifi” Free15 minutesUnlimited60-70KbpsChatting, social media surfing(need to watch one-minute promotional video)
“Chat Pass”$2.95Unlimited20 MB60-70kbpschatting social media and texting via media apps like WhatsApp, WeChat etc.
“1-hour pass”$4.951 hourUnlimited60-70kbpschecking emails, chatting, website browsing
“Flight Pass”$11.95UnlimitedUnlimited60-70kbpsLight task and heavy task

How To Connect To Hong Kong Airlines Inflight WiFi

You can connect your gadget to hong kong inflight wifi service when your flight reaches cruising altitude.

  • First make sure your gadget’s flight mode is on.
  • Open Wi-Fi settings and connect to the ‘Hong Kong Airlines hotspot.
  • Open your device browser and it will automatically show the Hong Kong airline’s login screen and if it does not then manually visit hkairlines.aero
  • Scroll down the page and you will see available Wi-Fi plans for your flight with detailed information like data amount and limit etc.
  • Click on the details link of your desired plan and purchase the plan by providing necessary information like voucher code, email address etc, and start enjoying the plan.


Does Hong Kong Airline Provide Inflight Wifi?

Yes, Hong Kong airlines have an inflight wifi facility.

Which Hong Kong Airlines Have Inflight Wifi?

Most Hong Kong Airlines aircraft have inflight wifi facilities including Airbus A350.

How To Know If My Hong Kong Airline Flight Has Wifi Or Not?

You will find all the information when you book your flight ticket. If your flight has an inflight wifi facility then you will see a filled wifi mark on your ticket. Also, You can find the information on hong kong Airlines ‘ official website about whether your flight has wifi service or not.

Does Hong Kong Airlines Provide Both Free And Paid Wifi?

At Hong Kong Airlines four free and paid wifi packages are available. You can enjoy each plan as per your preference.

What Is The Speed Of Hong Kong Airlines WiFi?

Hong Kong Airlines’ wifi speed is around 60 to 70 kbps. Except “Flight Pass” package other packages are not suitable for heavy work rather than texting and chatting on social media.

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