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Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. that is also known as ANA is a Japanese airline whose headquarters is located at Shiodome City Center Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1952, ANA provides services to both domestic and international destinations.

International destinations cover China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, the Western Part of Europe etc. Since 1999 ANA is a member of the Star Alliance and in 2013 it was achieved as a 5-star airline by Skytrax. ANA uses Narita International Airport as its main international hub. As of 2022, the airline has 214 active aircraft in service among these 203 passenger aircraft and 11 cargo aircraft.

As a popular airline, ANA provides free and paid wifi services on both domestic and international flights. Since 2018, first-class passengers of international flights can enjoy free inflight wifi service. Other types of passengers will have to pay fees for using the inflight wifi service at ANA. The unlimited wifi data plan starts from $6.95 and the limited data plan starts from $4.95. Sita On Air & Panasonic Avionics provides paid wifi service. However inflight wifi services are not available on all ANA flights.

To know more information about wifi service and other related services keep reading.

ANA Airline Quick Overview

Airlines nameAll Nippon Airways
Major hubsHaneda Airport(HND) & Narita International Airport(NRT)

All Nippon Airways – ANA Inflight WiFi

ANA is providing inflight Wi-Fi service for its passengers and the passengers can enjoy inflight wifi service smoothly. On the official ANA website, you can find out Whether your flight has wifi service or not. Also while booking your ticket you can check it. Passengers of first-class can enjoy ANA’s free Wi-Fi service which began on 11 June 2018.

However, passengers will be given a card for free WiFi access by the cabin attendants after boarding. The WiFI card is only used for specific flights means you can not use this particular WiFi card on other flights. Paid wifi service is provided by both SitaOnAir and Panasonics on international flights.

International flight wifi service is available on B777-300ER aircraft(although unavailable on some aircraft) and B767-300ER aircraft(202-seat configuration). Also, some other aircraft have inflight wifi facilities for international routes which are the B787-10, B787-9, A380 & B787-8 (184-seat configuration aircraft).

International flight’s wifi service can be used for internet access, sending and receiving emails, social media surfing etc. You can use your personal smartphone, laptop and tablet etc.

On domestic flights, ANA Wifi service is available on the following aircraft: B787-8 (78M) and A320 (32P). You can not access wifi services via tablet device on these aircraft.

SITA OnAir – WiFi Cost

TypeAllocated toPricingData Limitation
30 min planall$4.9515 Mb
3hr planall$8.9530 Mb
Full flight Planall$19.95100 Mb

Specific  B777-300ER aircraft have the following fees:

Plan NamePricingData Limitation
30 min plan$6.95No limit
3hr plan$14.40No limit
Full flight Plan$18.80No limit

Note that: Wifi data countdown starts from signing and it can not be stopped. When the time expires, the wifi service will automatically be turned off.

Apply To Service: To apply for Sita On Air Wifi service, check and see the  “TSUBASA -GLOBAL WINGS-” magazine in your front seat pocket and use it to apply on board. However, an advanced application is not necessary. All class passengers can apply.

Device Applicable: You can use smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc devices. ANA does not provide devices to its inflight passengers.

Payment Method: Only credit card payment is acceptable(VISA・MASTERCARD・DISCOVER・AMEX・JCB・DINERS). However, cash payment, e-money, debit card etc is not acceptable. You will receive a receipt to the email you used for registration for the service.

Service Operated Areas:

  • WiFi service is available in countries where using satellite connections is permitted.
  • Service is not available in countries that do not provide permission to use satellite connectivity.
  • Service can be turned off or unstable due to technical errors related to satellite communication reception.

Customer Support Information Regarding WiFi Service and Payment Method

If you face any problem related to wifi usage and connectivity then you can contact SITA OnAir customer care center tel: +41-31-5280423 which is available 24 hours per day. Also, you can email them at

Panasonic Avionics – WiFi Cost

Panasonic provides wifi service on

B787-10, B787-9, A380, B787-8 (184-seat configuration aircraft),B777-300ER (unavailable on some aircraft) aircraft.

Plan namePricingData Limit
30 min*1plan$6.95No limit
3hr*1 plan$16.95No limit
Full flight Plan(max 24hr*1)$21.95No limit

* Wifi service remaining time countdown begins from the first sign in and it will be expired automatically after time elapses. After starting countdown cannot be interrupted.

Service Duration: ANA inflight wifi service by Panasonic can be availability starts from ten minutes after departure to ten minutes before landing.

Payment Method: Only credit card payments are accepted and cash, electric money, debit cards etc are not acceptable. You will receive a receipt in the email you have used to register the service.

Note that wifi service can be interrupted or disconnected due to satellite communication reception errors, bad weather conditions, and other technical errors. Also in some countries or areas, wifi service won’t work as these countries do not provide permission to use their satellite connectivity.

Also, the inflight wifi service won’t be as same as on the ground. You may face interruption while sending and receiving emails or attachments, watching and downloading videos, playing games etc.

Panasonic Customer Care

You can contact Panasonic customer care for any problem related to wifi service.  You can call their customer care number tel:0120-921-918 (inside Japan, IP phone calling not available), or tel:+81-3-4589-9497 (outside Japan, toll charge applicable) and tel:+1-949-204-4523(English support available: toll charge applicable).

InFlight Mobile Charging At ANA

Passengers on international flights can charge their personal devices like laptops, mobile, video cameras, digital cameras, digital audio units, tablets etc by using the in-seat power supply.

Note that all first-class, business class, premium economy class, and economy class passengers can enjoy the charging facilities. However, an in-seat power socket is only available in some specific aircraft.

The power supply is only available during the flight and during take-off, and landing, the standby power supply will be turned off.

In-Flight Entertainment( ANA SKY CHANNEL) for International Flights

International passengers can enjoy various inflight entertainment via MY SKY CHANNEL on ANA official app, or in-seat individual monitors on the aircraft.

There are many popular Hollywood movies and Japanese movies available. TV shows, sports and music shows are also available. Kids can play games. e-Library is available for reading inflight magazines.

Note That: Official ANA app can be used on Boeing 777-300ER (new 212-seat configuration) & Boeing 787-10 aircraft. Tablets are not available and you are recommended to download the recent version of the ANA app before boarding.

How To Connect To ANA Wifi?

Download ANA App before your flight and follow the steps given below.

  • Turn on wifi on your device and select ANA wifi service.
  • Now On the app screen tap on the side menu in the top left corner(Android) or On the app screen tap more on the bottom right corner(for iPhone).
  • Tap to “Japan Domestic In-flight Wifi.” or “Japan International In-flight Wifi.”
  • There is also an in-seat magazine available that you can check too.


Who Provides ANA WiFi?

Panasonic Avionics and OnAir both provide ANA inflight wifi service.

Does ALL ANA Aircraft Have Wifi?

No, only some selected aircraft have wifi service.

Is ANA Inflight WiFi Free?

Only first-class passengers can wifi for free. Others have to buy paid data packages.

How Good Is Ana’s Inflight Wifi?

ANA inflight wifi service is suitable for texting and usual chatting and heavy tasks will create significant problems.

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