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AirAsia is a low-cost international airline based in Malaysia. The airline was founded in 1993 and its headquarters is located at Lapangan Terbang Kuala Lumpur, 64000 KLIA, Selangor, Malaysia. AirAsia is also the largest airline in Malaysia in terms of aircraft size and no of destinations.

It uses Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KUL) as its main base.  Thai AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, Philippines AirAsia, & AirAsia India are the affiliates of this airline. AirAsia has been regarded as the best low-cost airline by Skytrax for 11 years consistently. Daily it provides service to more than 165 destinations in 25 countries.

As a budget airline, AirAsia provides high-quality wifi service for its flights. The wifi service was introduced as their first onboard service. As of now, AirAsia is providing paid wifi service for its passengers. The wifi price begins from MYR 9($2.16) for 10 MB to a maximum of MYR 58 ($13.92) for 200 MB.

In the below table, some basic information about Air Asia is given for your convenience.

Airlines NameAirAsia
Founded20 December 1993
Parent companyTune Group
HeadquarterKuala Lumpur International Airport Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia
AddressLapangan Terbang Kuala Lumpur, 64000 KLIA, Selangor, Malaysia
CallsignRED CAP
Main HubKuala Lumpur International Airport(KUL)
Frequent-flyer programBIG Loyalty Programme
Aircraft in service100
Average Fleet Age7.5 years
Wi-FI ProviderROKKI
Wi-FIFree and paid available  
Social Media
AirAsia Seating

Air Asia – InFlight WiFi

Air Asia introduced its inflight wifi service many times ago. Currently, they are providing internet facilities to their inflight passengers. Its flights are equipped with Wi-FI facilities but not for free. Also, not all aircraft have wifi facilities.

So, if you want to enjoy Air Aisa inflight WIFI service then you have to pay a little amount. At AirAsia, you can enjoy two types of Wi-Fi plans. These are L-bank(AirAsia wifi) and Ka-bank(AirAsia wifi+ high-speed internet) that take signals from the satellite.

Also to make it confirm whether your flight has wifi service or not, visit Air Asia Wifi Official website and provide your flight number. The respective authority will help you or provide you with the necessary information regarding the wifi Service.

Air Asia is currently providing two types of inflight services and they are high-speed inflight wifi and free inflight entertainment service.

Their entertainment services include watching videos and cartoons, reading multiple contents like travel360 magazine and travel guides and playing games, and more.

As the Air Asia, wifi service is not fully free, you can enjoy free internet service by redeeming a complimentary 10MB free internet speed in just a few steps. To Connect to Air Aisa WiFi follow the steps given below.

  • Turn on your device to airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Now connect to free AirAsia Wifi by visiting on your browser.
  • It will automatically take you to the portal page and from there log in to your AirAsia big account.
  • You are done. YOu can enjoy 10 MB of the internet for free. Also, there are videos, music, games, magazines, shopping, and other internet services available.

Air Asia WiFi – Cost

AirAsia provides five different types of wifi packages for its inflight passengers. You can choose and use any of the five wifi packages as per your preference. These five inflight wifi packages provided by AirAsia are:

CostData LimitBest ForRedeem with BIG Points
MYR 9 ($2.16)10 MbChat apps. To utilize the plan fully don’t send and receive images & videos.900 points
MYR 18 ($4.32)20 MbSocial media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) surfing. To utilize this plan fully stop auto-play video.1800 points
MYR 38 ($9.12)50 MbEmails & browsing for research3800 points
MYR 48 ($11.52)100 MbLite streaming4800 points
MYR 58 ($13.92)200 MbBest for streaming5800 points

You can enjoy any of the above wifi plans with your smartphones, laptops tablets etc devices. Once your flight reaches 10000 feet in height you will be able to enjoy the internet service. However, if your flight comes below 10000 feet, your internet connection will automatically be turned off.

Overall Air Asia’s inflight wifi service is useable and can be used for chatting with others, sending and receiving emails, and other urgent tasks. For your betterment, it is recommended for you not to send big files via inflight wifi service.

Although the wifi speed at Air Asia is decent but due to many reasons it can get disconnected sometimes. So be patient and try to connect again or take help from your cabin crew.  To know more about the inflight wifi plan visit:

How To Earn Air Asia Redeeming Big Points:

At first log in to our Air Asia BIG membership portal then sign in to your account and then you will be able to earn and redeem your BIG points.


Does All AirAsia Have Wifi?

Yes, AirAsia provides an inflight wifi facility.

Who Provides WiFi At AirAsia?

AirAsia inflight wifi service is provided by ROKKI.

What Is The Process Of Connecting Air Asia WiFi?

just turn on your device to flight mode. Then turn on Wi-Fi and connect to “Free AirAsia Wifi” and visit and start enjoying your wifi after purchasing your desired plan.

Is AirAsia Wifi Free?

No. AirAsia provides five paid wifi packages for its inflight passengers.

Do All AirAsia Flights Have Wifi?

No. Some selected AirAsia flights have inflight wifi service.

How To Get AirAsia Big Points?

At AirAsia, you can get big points from your daily shopping as AirAsia has partnerships with various worldwide travel, lifestyle, and co-brand cards companies. Also, your bank rewards and additional reward point can be transferred to your big points.

What Is The AirAsia Promo Code?

AirAsia promo code will let you enjoy a 25% discount on the local shop if you shop via during your flights! For the latest promo code check your ticket or the respective AirAsia website.

How Good Is AirAsia Wifi?

AirAsia wifi is perfect for light tasks like texting and checking emails. It is not suitable for heavy tasks at all.

What To Do IF I have Any Wifi Related Questions?

You can enquire to anything related to wifi. They will reply to you within seven working days.

What Is The Speed Of AirAsia Inflight Wifi Service?

AirAsia inflight wifi speed can be up to 9Mbps. However, actual wifi performance can be dependent on how many devices are connected, no active users on the same flight, what type of websites and servers are being accessed & Speed of satellite connection.

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