Ethiopian Airlines WiFi Connection Guide

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Ethiopian Airlines (ET) or simply known as Ethiopian is the largest airline in Ethiopia. The ET was founded in 1945 and started operations in 1946. The Government of Ethiopia is the owner of this airline. In 2011 Ethiopian joined Star Alliance. It uses Addis Ababa Bole International Airport(ADD) as the main hub. The airline serves 23 domestic destinations and 116 international destinations. International destinations cover cities in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East & Asia.

Ethiopian Airlines has a total of 133 passenger aircraft in service as of Mid 2021. Ethiopian Airlines(ET) provides high-quality inflight Wi-Fi service for its passengers by using the latest broadband satellite technology (Ka-band).

So if you are planning to travel via Ethiopian Airlines then take a view at the table given below. Where you will find you necessary information about Ethiopian Airlines (ET).

Airlines NameEthiopian Airlines (ET)
Started operation1946
AddressBole International Airport, P.O. Box 1755, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
HeadquarterBole International Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Parent companyEthiopian Government
Main HubAddis Ababa Bole International Airport(ADD)
Frequent-flyer programShebaMiles
AllianceStar Alliance (since 2011)
Aircraft in service133 passenger aircraft
Average aircraft age7.8 Years
Destination23 domestic and 116 international destinations
Wi-FiPaid Wi-Fi available
Phone NumberAddis Ababa(global call center): +251 116 179 900 Central ticket office(Addis Ababa):+251 115 154036 United States:+1 909 328 6127(California) & +1 352 436 1902(Florida)
Social MediaFacebook
WebsiteEthiopian Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines (ET)

Ethiopian Airlines – Inflight WiFi

Ethiopian Airlines(ET) first provided inflight Wi-Fi service in 2019 on their A350 aircraft by using the latest broadband satellite technology that is known as the Ka-band. However, recently they have expanded their inflight Wi-Fi service to B777 and 787 aircraft.

So if you are traveling with any of these A350, B777 and 787 then you can enjoy a high-speed inflight Wi-Fi facility. Ethiopian airline’s inflight WiFi service is known as ShebaSkyConnect.

To get maximum Wi-Fi service, they recommend you not to update any apps while using the Ethiopian inflight WiFi. Inflight Wi-Fi service provided by Collins Aerospace, Thales Avionics Inc & SITA FOR AIRCRAFT.

Currently, there are three Wi-Fi data packages available on Ethiopian Airlines based on hours which start from $5 for one hour to a maximum full flight for $25.

You can buy any of the data packages from Ethiopian Airlines ticket selling offices, check-in counters, boarding gates, on board from cabin crew by paying the cash and using your personal credit card which includes visa, master card, PayPal, American Express, Diners Club, Discover Card, JCB, China union pay & Maestro etc.

Another Wi-Fi data package Available on Ethiopian Airlines is based on miles.

Ethiopian Airlines (ET) –  WiFi Cost

Wi-Fi cost based on hours

WiFi PackageTime LimitationPrice
1 hour Pass1 hour$5
2 hour Pass2 hour$9
Full Fight PassUnlimited$25

Note that: Platinum Sheba Miles members can enjoy a 1hour free data package on board.

They Recommend you not to update your apps while using the data package on board. Please deactivate your device’s automatic updates to use the maximum amount of the data package. For more questions about the ShebaSkyConnect Wi-Fi package visit this page.

Wi-Fi cost based on Miles

There are seven ShebaSkyConnect Wi-Fi plans available for A350 and B777 aircraft.

Package NameMilesAvailable
1 hour Pass2000 milesData package available for all flights.
2 hour Pass4000 milesData package available for all flights.
3 hour Pass6000 milesData package available for all flights.
4 hour Pass8000 milesData package available for all flights.
Full Flight Pass6000 milesData package available for all flights between Addis Ababa to the Middle East and Africa
Full Flight Pass8000 milesData package available for all flights between Addis Ababa to Sothern part of Africa/West Africa/Europe/Asia
Full Flight Pass10000 milesData package available for all flights between Addis Ababa to USA/Canada/UK/South America/Ireland

How To Connect Ethiopian Inflight Wifi?

To connect to Ethiopian Airlines (ET) inflight Wi-Fi facility please follow the steps given below.

  • Make sure your device is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Turn your device’s airplane mode on.
  • From the settings of your device turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Look for the WiFi Network name “ETinternet” and connect to it.
  • You will be automatically redirected to the Ethiopian Airlines Wi-Fi portal page.
  • From the available data package choose your desired data package.
  • A new tab will be opened where you need to provide your email address.
  • Then accept the terms and conditions of the package.
  • If you have not purchased any data package internet voucher yet then you can buy online via credit card or Shebamiles.
  • Once your payment is confirmed you can use the internet service.

Note: On the Wi-Fi portal connectivity page you will get information of how much time you have left.


Is There Any Wi-Fi Service At Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines(ET) provide inflight wifi service for the passengers who travel with them.

Is The Ethiopian Airlines Wi-Fi Service Free?

No, they only provide paid WiFi service.

Are There Any Limitations On Ethiopian Airlines Wi-Fi?

Yes, depending on the package you buy, there are time or data limitations.

How Many Devices Are Allowed To Connect To ET WiFi?

You can use and connect only one device at a time to ET WiFi.

How Do I Know if My Flying Aircraft Has W-FI Facility?

Before they take off, the cabin crew will announce whether your flight will have Wi-Fi availability.

What Should I Do If I Face Any WiFi Related Problem?

You can call their global call center number +251 116 179 900 if you face any Wi-Fi-related issues.

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