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Norfolk International Airport has complimentary free Wi-Fi service available in all terminals and other public areas. However, the Free Wi-Fi service of Norfolk Airport has time limitation which is sixty minutes. The free Wi-Fi service of ORF is suitable for sending and receiving emails and light web browsing. The Wi-Fi network SSID name of Norfold Airport is “TakeORFwifi”.

Norfolk Airport Paid Wi-Fi Facility

Besides free Wi-Fi Norfold Airport has different paid Wi-Fi packages available. These are as follows:

  • An hour additional Wi-Fi package at 2 Mbps speed for $3.95 or the whole day for $6.95.
  • 5 Mbps high bandwidth Wi-Fi package available for heavy internet browsing and video streaming. This Wi-Fi package will cost $4.95 for one hour of use and $9.95 for the whole day.

In case you face any Wi-Fi-related difficulties then call ORF Wi-Fi support number (866) 364-4408.

How To Connect To Norfolk Airport Wi-Fi?

Norfolk airport provides both free and paid Wi-Fi service. Free Wi-Fi is available for sixty minutes and there are two different paid Wi-Fi packages. Follow the steps given below to connect to Norfolk Airport Wi-Fi Service.

  • First turn on your device’s Wi-Fi option.
  • Check available Wi-Fi networks and then find and connect to the Wi-Fi network SSID of Norfolk Airport named ” TakeORFwifi”.
  • Congratulations you are now connected to free Norfolk Airport Wi-Fi for one hour or sixty minutes.

Mobile Charging At Norfolk Airport Wi-Fi

Multiple charging outlets are available throughout the Norfolk Airport Terminal, Concourses, pedestrian bridge, Arrivals and restaurants area.

About – Norfolk International Airport

Norfolk International Airport is located at 2200 Norview Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518, USA. In terms of total passengers served, Norfolk Airport is the third busiest airport in Virginia. The total area of Norfolk Airpor covers 1300 acres. It has a total of two passenger terminals and two runways. Popular Airline Delta Air Lines provide most passenger at the airport.

Airport nameNorfolk International Airport
Address2200 Norview Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518, USA
Owner/OperatorNorfolk Airport Authority
Airport TypePublic
ServesHampton Roads, Northeast North Carolina
Top AirlinesDelta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines
Focus city forBreeze Airways
Total terminalTwo terminals
Elevation26 ft / 8 m
Wi-FiFree and paid Wi-Fi available
Wi-Fi SSIDTakeORFwifi
Phone+1 757-857-3351 Email:
Social mediaFacebook


Is There WiFi Service At Norfolk Airport?

Yes, At Norfolk Airport Wi-Fi service is available.

Is The Norfolk Airport Wi-Fi Free?

Norfolk Airport has both free and paid Wi-Fi services available. Free Wi-Fi service is available for sixty minutes and is suitable for checking emails and light web browsing.

Is There Any Paid Wi-Fi Service Available At Norfolk Airport?

Yes, Norfolk Airport has paid Wi-Fi service available. These are: 2 Mbps Wi-Fi available for an additional hour for $3.95 and for all the cost is $6.95. Other packages are high-speed (5 Mbps) and will cost $4.95 for one hour and $9.95 for the whole day.

What Is The Name Of Norfolk Airport Wi-Fi SSID?

Norfolk Airport Wi-Fi SSID name is “TakeORFwifi”.

What Should I Do If I Face Wi-Fi Related Problem At Norfolk Airport?

Contact Norfolk Airport Technical Support Number (866) 364-4408 in case you face Wi-Fi related problem.

Norfolk International Airport – MAP

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