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Elmira Airport provides free Wi-Fi service for its passengers. Passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi service anywhere inside the airport area.

The free Elmira Airport Wi-Fi service does not have any limitations which means you can connect and use the free Wi-Fi service of this airport as long as you stay in the airport area.

You can enjoy social media surfing, sending and receiving emails, streaming videos, browsing the web and other tasks.

How To Connect To Elmira Airport Free WiFi?

Elmira Airport’s free Wi-Fi service is available in all the passenger areas and other public gathering areas. The Wi-Fi has no cost and time limit meaning you can use it as long as you stay at Elmira Airport. To connect to Elmira Airport’s free Wi-Fi follow these steps-

  • Turn on your device’s Wi-Fi option.
  • Find Elmira Airport Wi-Fi network and connect to it by providing a password as “flyfree”.
  • Congratulations you are now successfully connected to Elmira Airport’s free Wi-fi.

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Details You Must Know About Elmira Airport

Elmira Corning Regional Airport or Elmira Airport is located at 276 Sing Sing Rd #1, Horseheads, NY 14845, USA. Total area of Elmira Airport covers 1,000 acres which includes one main terminal and three paved runways. As a part of their services, Elmira Airport has free unlimited Wi-Fi service available around the airport area.

Airport NameElmira Corning Regional Airport
Airport Typepublic
Headquarter276 Sing Sing Rd #1, Horseheads, NY 14845, USA
WiFiFree Wi-Fi available
OwnerCounty of Chemung
ServesElmira, New York, Corning, New York
Terminal1 main passenger terminal
AirlinesAllegiant Air, SkyWest Airlines
Contact Number+1 607-739-5621 Contact: ecra@co.chemung.ny.us


Does Elmira Airport Have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Elmira Airport does have Wi-Fi facility.

Is The Elmira Airport Wi-Fi Free?

Yes, Elmira Airport Wi-Fi facility is completely free for passengers.

Where Can I Use Elmira Airport Free Wi-Fi?

You can use Elmira Airport’s free Wi-Fi mainly in the terminal area and other public gathering areas.

How Fast Is Elmira Airport Wi-Fi?

Elmira Airport Wi-Fi Speed is up to 20 Mbps to up to 50 Mbps which can be used for streaming Netflix, downloading any file size, sending and receiving emails and doing other web browsing tasks.

Do I Need Any Password To Connect To Elmira Airport Wi-Fi?

Yes, Elmira airport Wi-Fi requires a password for the connection. The password is “flyfree”.

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