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Oman Air(WY) is worlds one of the most luxurious airlines that were founded in 1993. It is also the national airline of Oman that is headquartered at Muscat International Airport (MCT). Currently, the airline provides service to 54 domestic and international destinations in 27 countries.

As of now, Oman Air has 53 passengers aircraft in service. These passenger aircraft are modern, attractive, and fuel-efficient. Also, the interiors of Oman Aircraft are very attractive and won many awards. Due to its high-quality inflight service, Oman Air is certified as a 5-star airline.

As a part of their high-quality inflight service, you can enjoy both free and paid Wi-Fi service when you are on board. In the below table we have gathered some crucial information about Oman Air and we think this information will help you if you are planning to travel on Oman Air.

Airlines NameOman Air
HeadquarterMuscat International Airport, Muscat, Oman
AddressP.O. Box 58 | P.C.111 | Muscat International Airport, Sultanate of Oman
Frequent-flyer programSindbad Frequent Flyer
Main HubMuscat International Airport(MCT)
CallsignOMAN AIR
Wi-FIBoth free and paid inflight Wi-Fi is available
Network SSIDN/A
Passenger aircraft in service53 (Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737 MAX 8, Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9, Embraer 175)
Average Fleet Age6.5 Years
Phone Number+968 71161676 What’s App: +968 71161676
Social MediaFacebook    
WebsiteOman Air
Oman Air(WY)

Oman Air – Inflight WiFi

When you are on Oman Air on board, you can enjoy both free and paid Wi-Fi service. However, free Wi-Fi service is available for only first-class passengers. First-class passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi service for up to three hours and up to 100 MB of data.

Other passengers can enjoy some certain paid packages that have both time limits and data limits. You can buy available data packages when you are on board. You can use any of your WiFi-enabled smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.

WiFi package prices start from $4 and you can start enjoying WiFi service when you are above 30000 feet in the air. By using Oman Air inflight wifi service you can enjoy sending and receiving messages, surfing the web, tweeting etc. Note that inflight WiFi service is available on only Boeing 787 and Airbus 330 aircraft.

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Oman Air – Inflight WiFi Cost

Data limitTimePrice
5 MBs30 minutesUS$ 4.00
10 MBs          1 hourUS$ 11.90
40 MBs3 hoursUS$ 24.9
150 MBsFull FlightUS$ 39.9

To enjoy the above Wi-Fi data packages fully please avoid streaming any videos and sending images. Also for less data usage, it is recommended to use apps rather than browsers. Do not forget to turn off background apps that you are not using and stay away from using VPNs.

How To Connect To WY Inflight WiFi?

To connect to Oman Air (WY) inflight Wi-Fi facility smoothly on your Wi-Fi enabled device please follow the steps given below..

  • At first, make it sure that your device’s flight mode is on.
  • From the settings turn on Wi-Fi.
  • View available networks and find and connect to the wifi SSID of Oman Air.
  • Open your device browser and purchase your desired WiFi plan provided by Oman Air.
  • Start enjoying your inflight WiFi service.

Mobile Charging At Oman Air

At Oman Air inflight passengers are allowed to bring a maximum of two power banks in their handbags. Economy class passengers can charge their devices on in front seat USB port and two power ports.

Business-class passengers can charge their devices on built-in USB ports(two USB ports available in every seat) in front of their seats. Also in each seat, a power port is available for laptop charging with a fully adjustable reading light mode.

Oman Air – Inflight Entertainment Facility

Oman Air provides a wide range of entertainment systems for its first-class passengers which are known as ARIA. By using ARIA you can enjoy the latest blockbuster movies and popular TV shows. You can also play games and listen to music as well. By using the Touch Personal Media Unit(TPMU)you can easily browse your desired playlist.

If you are traveling in business class then you can enjoy movies and tv shows on 17 inches personal monitor that has paired noise-canceling headphones. You can browse your playlist by using TPMU.


Does Oman Air Provide Inflight WiFi?

Yes, Oman Air provides good quality Wi-Fi service on board.

Is The WiFi Service Of Oman Air Free?

Oman Air provides both high-quality free and paid WiFI service on board. Although free wifi service is available for only first-class passengers.

Do All The Oman Air Aircraft Have WiFi Facilities?

No, Only Boeing 787 and Airbus 330 aircraft have Inflight WiFi facility.

Can I Purchase My Desired Wi-Fi Data Package when I Am Onboard?

Yes, when you are on board Oman Air, you can purchase your preferred wifi data package.

Does Oman Air Inflight WiFi Service Have Time And Data Limit?

Yes, depending on the package you buy.

How Many Devices Are Allowed To Connect To Oman Air WIfi?

You can connect as many devices as you want.

What Should I Do If I Need Help Related To Oman AIr WiFI?

If you need any wifi-related help on Oman Air then call +968 71161676.

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