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Helsinki Airport provides unlimited free Wi-Fi facility throughout the airport terminals, gates and other public gathering areas. The free Wi-Fi service of Helsinki Airport is provided by Finavia and Wi-Fi network name is “Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi”.

Also, the Wi-Fi speed of this airport is very high which is almost (100 Mb/s). You can use any kind of smart device to connect to the Wi-Fi facility for as long as you want to use it. To use free Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi you won’t need different user credentials.

Helsinki Airport WiFi Facility Details

Wi-FiFree unlimited Wi-Fi service is available throughout the airport area
Wi-Fi ProviderFinavia Airport
Hotspot Name(SSID)Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi

How To Connect To Free Helsinki Airport(HEL) Wi-Fi?

Connecting to Helsinki Airport’s free Wi-Fi facility is very simple as well as using the Wi-Fi. To connect to free Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi follow the steps given below.

  • First from your device Wireless & Networks option turn on Wi-Fi.
  • From the available Wi-Fi network find and connect to the Wi-Fi network SSID name “Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi”. For this, you won’t require any registration or recognition.
  • Now a startup page will open on your device browser.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Congratulations you are now eligible to use Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi.

Note: Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi speed is very high (almost 100 Mb/s) and can be used from terminals, gates and other areas of the airport. If you face any kind of Wi-Fi-related issue then contact to their team or call them at +358 200 14636.

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Helsinki Airport Overview

Helsinki Airport is located at 01531 Vantaa, Finland. It is the main international airport of Helsinki that was opened in 1952. The airport mainly serves to greater Helsinki and Uusimaa region. Flavia, a public limited company owns and operates the airport. Due to its geographical position, Helsinki Airport works at a major travel route among Europe, Asia & North America.

The airport has three Asphalt runways and one passenger terminal. Popular airline in Finland, Finnair uses this airport as its main hub. Daily the airport handles 350 flights operated by more than 50 airlines. Yearly Helsinki Airport handles more than fifty million passengers.

Helsinki Airport (HEL) – Brief Overview

Airport nameHelsinki Airport
Airport typePublic
Country Finland
Full Address01531 Vantaa, Finland
Airport Phone+358 200 14636
Hub for  Finnair, Norra
Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi facility available
Wi-Fi providerFinavia 
Social MediaTwitter 
WebsiteHelsinki Airport (HEL)

Mobile Charging – Helsinki Airport

Throughout the Helsinki Airport terminal(departure gates) you will find charging points where you can easily charge up your electronic device during your flight. There are also charging sockets available in the airport cafes and restaurants and other charging stations in which you can charge your device battery.


Does Helsinki Airport Have Wi-Fi Facility?

Yes, Helsinki Airport provides Wi-Fi.

Is The Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi Free?

Yes, Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi service is free and unlimited as well.

What Are The Perfect Places To Connect & Use Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi?

Perfect places for connecting and browsing Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi are terminal gate areas.

What Is The Name Of The Wi-Fi Network SSID Of Helsinki Airport?

Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi Network SSID name is “Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi”.

How Fast Is The Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi?

Helsinki Airport’s free Wi-Fi speed is up to 100 Mb/s which is suitable for watching videos and other kinds of web browsing.

How Long Can I Use Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi?

You can connect and use Helsinki Airport’s free Wi-Fi for as long as you need to.

What Kind Of Devices Are Allowed To Connect To Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi?

You can use any kind of smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other smart gadgets to connect and use Helsinki Airport Wi-Fi.

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